Chapter 17:

Kidnapping of children

Raifurori: My Legendary Weapon is a Loli With a Military Rifle!

The wooden club cut through the wind and touched the ground, producing a shrill sound. Without magic or techniques, all the monster had in his favor was his uncommon strength.

The orc raised his face in an expression of victory, but his eyes focused on where the crushed knight was — or should have been.

How did someone with such heavy armor dodge the powerful onslaught? Everyone wondered, staring incredulously at the crater. Even the ‘wave boss’ remained motionless. His keen sense of smell was not working.

“I'm here!” A high-pitched voice, muffled by the metallic layer, came from above.

Looking up, searching for his adversary, the orc saw the intense glow of the sun above, glinting off the knight's armor. The orc was blinded for a few moments. These tiny moments were enough...

With a ‘plac’, the sword went into the flesh of the monster that was trying to shield his eyes from the blinding light. Had he not placed his hand, it would have been his skull that would have met the deadly blade at that very moment.

Blood gushed into his eyes, and in an attempt to counterattack, the orc lunged with the hand that held the club.

The dry sound erupted in the air.

Wood crashed against metal. The club perished. Splinters and nails scattered through the dry air.

With no other choice, sacrificing his other arm was the only way to protect himself from the knight's onslaught.

‘Don't Newton's laws apply to this world?’ That was Kurone's impression. Only to him, it seemed like minutes had passed that the knight remained in the air, as if he were floating with such heavy armor, but that was a result of his sense enhancement given by Cecily. In fact, that all happened in a matter of seconds for the others.

“Hyaaaaa!” the orc screamed in agony as his two limbs were severed by the black blade.

Dust rose as the metal boots touched and sank into the ground. The dark knight propelled himself forward, squatting his thighs on the metal ankle to the edge. The knight pitched forward, like a spring.

This time, not even Kurone could keep up with the speed of the black armor's movements. The next thing he knew, the knight was already on the other side and the orc's leg lay on the ground.

“Hyaaaaa!” Another agonizing scream broke into everyone's ears. Without his left leg, the monster lost his balance, slipped on its own purplish blood, and fell to the ground on his stomach. Squirming like a worm, he tried to advance toward the guild.

The weight pressing down on his broad back made him stop. The black knight jumped on top of the monster, wasting no time, penetrated the sword into its neck and dragged it close to his hips, as if plowing the giant's back with the black sword.

“It was over!” As a coup de gracê, the knight jumped from where he was to the back of the orc's head. Using his tiptoes as a drill, he spun around and destroyed the monster's skull, just as he had done to his companions.

Within moments, seeing that their leader was dead, all the other monsters began to run in desperation.

Everyone's gaze was on the knight who was saying a prayer to his deceased comrades.

Rory came down from the guild building with a leap and headed toward Kurone. The villagers came out from inside the hall and were looking for their relatives.

Amelia appeared with a bruised arm, she was thrown by the monster and luckily fell on top of a vegetable stand. ‘Ah, the red spots are from tomatoes.’

The sound of heavy metal going toward them interrupted the reunion. Rory stood on guard as the knight threatened to approach.

“How can you point a rifle at the man who saved us!?” shouted Kurone.

“We don't know what he intends to do,” Rory responded in a cold tone.

The knight stopped when he saw the little girl pointing a strange weapon at him. The man dropped the giant sword on the ground and put his hands on his helmet, slowly taking it off.

“Ehhhh!?” all three shouted in amazement.

Underneath the heavy black helmet was not a scarred bearded man or an undead wizard. It was a young woman, in her mid-twenties, with short light pink hair and a smile tinged with red lipstick. Now the young woman's head without her helmet looked tiny amidst the vast black armor.

She tucked the helmet under her arm and continued walking toward the trio. Rory lowered her rifle, which indirectly implied that the young girl could get closer, but when it came to the little girl, it meant something more like: ‘Humpf, she's just a weak woman, I can kill her with no problem.’

Amelia shuddered at the sight of the approaching young woman's face and dropped to her knees the moment she got to where they were standing.

“Do-do you know her?” Kurone asked.

“She is...”

“Yo! Allow me to introduce myself,” the young woman, still a bit distant, said in an energetic voice before Amelia could speak, “I am Sophia! Sophia Sophiette Sophys III.”

The young woman placed her left hand on the breastplate of her armor and bowed her head, bowing to the three of them.

A long strange name, that was a sign that she was probably someone important like a noblewoman, realizing this, Kurone got down on his knees beside Amelia. Only the arrogant loli remained standing, showing no respect to the hierarchy of this world — she was doing the same to Edward.

‘Sophiette’, this last name served as a trigger for the young man to recall a recent memory. It was when he was being held under interrogation, Edward asked if he had been sent by the ‘Marquise Sophiette’. In that case, was she a person not to be trusted? An enemy of Edward? But why then had this girl come to help the Marquis' lands?

“Oh, no! Please, stand,” Sophia said, her pale face had turned red.

Kurone stood up and helped the coachwoman to her feet. Unlike him, the girl did not have a goddess-given body strengthening, she would not come out unscathed by being thrown from a high place, the proof of which was her fractured arm.

Rory glanced at Kurone and raised her rifle once more. It was as if Kurone had given her an order with just his gaze.

A chill took over the young man's body, his heart seemed to stop and then started beating incessantly again.

‘Damn loli! She can read my thoughts.’ The young man confirmed the suspicion he had had for some time.

Sophia raised her hands, showing no sign that she was going to fight.

“Stop it, Rory!” Kurone shouted, grabbing the end of the rifle and pulling it up.

They both looked at each other for a few seconds, as if they were in a telepathic conversation, and finally, the arrogant loli gave in by dematerializing the rifle, all that was left were blue particles in the air.

“No need to worry, I won't do anything to you,” Sophia said, waving her hands.

Instead of anger, the young woman replied in a rather melancholy tone, perhaps because the little girl didn't trust her? It would be even worse if she found out that Rory only did it because she read Kurone's thoughts.

“NO! Please, no!” A crying voice caught their attention.

It was the scream of a desperate woman coming out from inside the guild hall, she was punching non-stop at the guard who didn't show any reaction. The quartet ran towards the guild.

“What happened?!” Kurone shouted at the crying woman.

She looked at the young man, the expression of despair on her red tear-covered face was heartbreaking. “My daughter disappeared!” the crying mother screamed.

‘My daughter disappeared,’ the phrase resounded in Kurone's mind. Where did he see that scene again?

Yes. It was when Raika — the oldest sister among the three — got lost in the mall. Kurone's mother went into despair looking for her daughter, the mall security guards completely ignored her, and this angered the young man, who spent the whole afternoon looking for his sister.

Just as Kurone was about to give up, he found her. A woman was trying to calm her down with an ice cream, but the little girl couldn't stop crying. It was also on this day that Kurone met Miss Kanade — the woman who offered Raika the ice cream.

“Hey, listen, madam, she might be under the wreckage, we will only start the search after tomorrow, stop bothering us,” the guard spoke to the mother who looked at the young man incessantly.

Kurone saw desperation in her watery eyes, and she saw hope in him.

“Please... I know my daughter is alive…” the woman said in a hoarse voice.

“No kidding, hyahyahya!”


“It's impossible! It will be a waste of time! As I said, all the survivors are in the guild... If your daughter is not there, so…”

‘Again these shitty officers are disrespecting other people's feelings.” The young man clenched his fist.

“Guard!” Sophia shouted furiously.

Kurone was about to punch the guard. Sophia, realizing the young man's intention, intervened.

“Hey, stupid dog, don't cause us any trouble.” Rory, who was watching the whole scene, scolded Kurone.

‘Look who's talking…’

“We'll send a team to look for your daughter.” Sophia tried to calm the woman down.

“Sir Kurone!” a voice called out to the young man.

It was Edgar, the butler who had stayed to help with the bridge fight, next to him was one of the villagers.

“P-please s-sir... ihhh... help me, I ca-can't find my daughter... She was by my side when Mister Edgar saved me... ”

‘What?’ Two disappearances, this was no mere coincidence.

“Kurone, we have trouble!” Brain shouted.

Beside the maid were two women with eyes swollen from crying.

Kurone already suspected what they had to say: ‘My daughter is missing.’

After them came thirteen more desperate residents with the same story.