Chapter 18:

Serious accusations

Raifurori: My Legendary Weapon is a Loli With a Military Rifle!

Seventeen children have disappeared in total. All girls, between the ages of twelve and fourteen. This event reminded Kurone what his mission was in this world.

‘The orc attack was merely a distraction…’ However, ‘merely’ was not a word that could describe the event. Endless hordes of orcs, death of guards and adventurers, and yet the appearance of the ‘wave boss’.

Someone had planned all this to distract everyone and kidnap little girls without being noticed. What kind of Machiavellian mind planned this? Everyone present there came to the same conclusion: there was a culprit behind the kidnapping, and this was the same culprit that somehow attacked the village with orcs.

The young man reflected quietly in his wooden chair.

It was the evening of the day of the attack.

Currently, Kurone and the arrogant loli were in the guild office, the windows had been destroyed and there were still shards of glass remaining on the floor. Occupying the other chairs around the desk were:

Sophia, the ‘dark knight’; Edward, the marquis of those lands; Linda, the guild master; Orcus, the leader of the guards, and Ana, the adventurer with a Witch's Class. One chair was empty.

Everyone present there played an important role in saving the Grain village. The marquis Soul Za sent a messenger to the capital, the king got the message and paid Sophia to help in subduing the orcs and rescuing the villagers; Orcus led the guards brought in by the marquess, Linda calmed the villagers who were refugees in the guild, and Ana tied Sophia and Rory in the number of hordes slaughtered.

“I thought this was a closed meeting, why is that brat here?” Rory commented, looking at her former enemy, Ana.

“Brat? You're one to talk!”

If they were in a cartoon, lightning bolts could be seen coming out of their eyes.

“It may not seem like it,” Linda interjected, “but Ana is the highest ranked adventurer in this village.”

Rank B. From what Edgar explained, the Rank of adventurers ranged from ‘F’ to ‘S’, in more developed countries, one could see rare ‘SSS’ Rank adventurers roaming the streets.

“Not to mention that Ana helped a lot in the fight against the orcs, without her and her group, it would have been impossible to deal with so many monsters,” Linda added and sat down again, pleased to see Rory returning to her seat in silence. In fact, the little girl had intended to say something like ‘this brat is the strongest here? As expected from to a fucked up place like this’, but chose to remain silent.

“We're missing the point!” Kurone protested, seeing that the girls still looked at each other as mortal enemies. Ana hasn't forgotten what happened a few days ago, when Rory attacked the village.

“I completely agree with Mr. Nakano,” Edward said in his calm tone and closed eyes. “Someone set up this attack, judging from the planning, the culprit has been working on this attack for a long time and the breach that Miss Rory and Mr. Nakano gave was enough to achieve their goal.”

The bridge was being repaired and the guards were busy with paperwork, security was neglected after the duo's attack, assuming nothing else could happen.

“To summon such powerful orcs, the culprit would have to be a Rank A demon or Summoner... No! Rank S! I wonder if you have nothing to do with this, Ed?” Sophia mixed in her joking tone a serious accusation.

Edward shuddered from his chair, but didn't show any reaction, just kept smiling and his eyes closed.

“Lady Sophiette, need I really remind you that you were accused of kidnapping a child from Fallen a few years ago?” Edward asked, despite his tone and posture, the words were veritable verbal attacks loaded with quotes of dark truths.

“So listen to this, Ed, I heard that the king will pay for the repair of the village, the payment of the soldiers and a good bit of money for the ‘insurance’ that the nobles have... Quite convenient for someone who was denied a loan application last month, no?”

“We are not talking about money, I admit that lately my financial situation is not the best, but an attack that left so many victims is something too cruel to do.” The marquis sighed and then continued: “But your great-great-grandmother, Lady Sophiette, was a Summoner, right? You didn't inherit her abilities?”

“No... I inherited my grandfather's Warrior skills... What the hell do you mean!”

Curiously, Sophia left the black armor in her carriage, and at the moment, she was wearing a simple yellow dress, with no frills or necklines, but on the girl's large body, even this single simple piece made her look sensual — Kurone ‘examined’ the outfit carefully.

“Please…” Linda tried to calm things down.

“This is disrespectful to Sir Edward!” Orcus shouted.

“Even you!” Linda sighed, putting her hand to her face in frustration.

“Disrespect!? Disrespect is what the guards do with civilians! Ignoring a request for help, doing whatever they want, abusing authority…” Despite her noble and delicate appearance, Sophia had a sharp tongue and an informal position regarding her title of marquise.


“Remember that you are in front of the Marquise Sophia Sophiette Sophys III! I will not tolerate any offense from a lowly guard, who is no more than Ed's dog!” Sophia said angrily. Her voice was altered, her cheekbones red, and at any moment, she could punch Orcus.

‘She's at a disadvantage.’ Kurone knew. Everyone present lived in Edward's lands and knew the dedication he had to protecting the people, to be accused of doing anything against these people was...

“Why are you angry, Lady Sophiette? Don't tell me that I offended you when I mentioned those children of Fallen that you kidnapped…”

Sophia punched the table, producing a ‘plac’ and blowing a hole in the wood.

“Ed... Remember this is not the first time this has happened on your land.”

Kurone looked at the noblewoman, surprised by her remark. He had heard someone mention an orc attack once before. Seeing the boy's expression, Sophia continued:

“An orc attack ten years ago. It was the same thing, but on a smaller scale. ‘The people were saved thanks to Marquis Edward’, that's what I was told, but who's to say you didn't do it on purpose to take credit, at the time you were also in a critical situation and received a lot of support from the king…” Sophia declared, she was clearly annoyed.

A deadly silence filled the room. Sophia and Edward stared at each other, Rory and Ana stared at each other as well, Orcus glared at the Marquise.

‘How did the mood get so hostile?’

“That always happens when Edward meets Sophia... Ahhh…” Linda sighed.

The two stood and walked away from the verbal war zone.

“Have they ever had a fight or something?” asked Kurone.

“Edward's father wanted to arrange a marriage to unite the two houses, at the time the marquis was still seventeen and Sophia was twelve. Ahhhh... If rejecting him wasn't enough, Sophia challenged him to a duel and won, taking the marquis's clothes as a prize and the poor man had to return home naked…”

“You seem to know many stories from these lands…”

Despite her youthful appearance, Linda was older than Edward, already in her late forties. Kurone felt guilty for a moment, he was looking at the woman — precisely at her thighs and plump breasts — in an obscene way.

The pseudo-young guild master had long brown hair that reached waist high — from the front it covered her left eye —, full breasts that stood out on her slim body, sharp black eyes and a black mole on her chin.

Unlike employees, guild masters did not wear a uniform. Linda wore only casual clothes: a white dress that stopped at the height of her thick thighs and tights. At the bust, the dress had a ruffled neckline that showed the sides of her breasts.

“I guarantee she would easily beat any young woman in my city…” Kurone murmured softly.

“Ara, ara, boy, I'm single, but if the boys in the guild find out about this, they might want to kill you, I've had to turn down so many requests for dates…”

Kurone turned red like a shrimp. She was close, very close.

“But if you insist... I could make an exception and go on a date with you.” Linda rested her index finger on Kurone's nose and brought her face closer, feeling the heat emanating from the young man's face. It was too much emotion for someone who until recently had had almost no contact with a woman outside his family.

“Kidding…” She stroked the boy's nose.

‘Don't joke about that, I almost had a heart attack!’

“But maybe someday…” Linda said in a relaxed, but at the same time serious tone.

“Fuck you!” The guard's shout caught the attention of the pair flirting in the corner of the room.

Orcus stood up fuming with anger and slammed the door, Edward stared at Sophia, and Rory... She had her rifle pointed at the witch, who in turn pointed her staff at the delinquent loli.

‘I can't take my eyes off you for a moment that this happens!’