Chapter 19:

Loli cheater

Raifurori: My Legendary Weapon is a Loli With a Military Rifle!

Miraculously, Linda calmed the mood in the office. At that moment, only Sophia, Edward, and a messenger from the capital were arguing inside.

The guild master, Kurone, Ana and Rory were crossing the glass-shattered corridor to the reception area on the first floor.

“Edgar? It's been a long time!” The woman waved to the butler coming in the opposite direction, on his way to the office.

“Do you know Edgar?” Kurone asked.

“We were in the same party when we were younger.”

“Ah, so you were adventurers?”

“Yes, Edgar was a swordsman and I was a mage... By the way... what is your Class, Kurone?”

“My class?...” The young man looked at the ground, thoughtful. “I don't know, I don't believe I have one.”

“Impossible! Everyone inherits or awakens a Class at birth, it is stuck to the soul and it is impossible to get rid of it, no matter how much you dislike it.”

‘That doesn't apply to Japanese,’ Kurone thought.

“So how can I know what my Class is?”

“Hmmm... There is a machine in the guild that can do this, follow me!” Linda shouted, heading for the stairs.

“So, if you'll excuse me, I'll be going.” Edgar waved his hand and headed for the office.

The hall on the first floor was almost deserted. Brain and Amelia, sleepy-faced, were waiting for the group at one of the tables.

Elsie was sleeping with her head resting on the counter; she was exhausted after healing so many people. The hardest part was healing Amelia's arm, luckily, she had the help of Kurone — someone with medical knowledge.

“Kurone! Rory!” Amelia greeted them with her arm still bandaged.

“Littlery!” Upon hearing the name of the arrogant loli, Elsie stood up quickly, awakening from her deep sleep. She went to meet the little girl, like a dog after noticing its master coming home.

“One second…” Linda picked up an object from the other side of the counter. “Normally, beginners pay to know their Class, but today I am going to make a free consultation, as a thank you for your help in the battle.”

‘As a thank you?’ The orcs would not have attacked the village if Kurone and Rory had not destroyed the gate, but that didn't matter anymore.

The golden object resembled a typewriter, in the center there was a space to put the hand and next to it a lever.

“You first.”

Kurone put his hand on top of the machine, the woman lowered the lever and the sound of gears starting to work could be heard. A piece of paper came out from under the machine, written in characters unknown to the young man. It was similar to a receipt that comes out of a credit card machine at the end of a purchase.

Linda picked up the paper and began to read it, running her eyes.

“Your Class is... ” The guild master glanced at the boy and then turned her attention back to the paper.

Brain and Amelia waited anxiously for the answer. On a curiosity level, the Classes of the two were respectively: Enchantress and Coachwoman. Unlike ‘coachwoman’, ‘maid’ was not a Class type in this world, it was simply a common job.

“Your Class is... Missionary?”

“Ehh?” all three shouted. Even Linda looked confused.

“What would be ‘Missionary’?”

“Hmmm... It's not a Class you see every day, usually you find missionaries among the religious authorities in the capital. Here.” The woman handed over a card that came out of the machine and Kurone passed it to Brain.

The maid translated the characters for the young man. It listed his status:


Name: Kurone Nakano

Age: 20 years old

Gender: M

Class: Missionary


Strength: 69 Mana: ???

Defense: 81 Endurance: 115

Technique: 10 Speed: 15


[Prayer], [Body Strengthening], [Exorcism], [Mana Sharing], [Self Recovery], [Faith].


“Something that caught my attention... is that, as far as I know, ‘Body Strengthening’ and ‘Mana Sharing’ are not Missionary skills,” said Linda.

“So many useless skills,” Rory commented.

“Can you read?”

“Of course. Now get out of the way, it's my turn.”

The arrogant loli pushed the downcast young man aside and put her hand on the machine. Linda lowered the lever and another piece of paper came out of the machine, this time larger than Kurone's.

“How much paper…”

“W-wait!” the guild master shouted.

The sound of gears intensified, at any moment that machine was probably going to explode. The paper kept coming out. Linda lifted the lever quickly before burning the machine — an object was not so cheap and easy to get.

“So, what's my Class?” Rory said, not caring how much paper blew out of the machine and onto the floor.

“Y-your Cla-Class is... Mercenary?”

“Mercenary? Damn, that doesn't sound cool,” commented the little girl.

Mercenaries. In the games they were a class of warriors who rendered services for a prearranged fee or salary. If money was involved, they were up for anything. In short: they are elite rogues.

One would expect something like this from Rory.

The little girl's card was almost illegible in the skills section and almost all the attributes had three digits, except for one...


Name: Rory Nakano

Age: ????

Gender: F

Class: Mercenary


Strength: ???? Mana: 50

Defense: 999 Stamina: ???

Technique: 999 Speed: 999


[Mana Sharing], [Summoning Weaponry], [Space Pocket], [Explosive Magic XVI], [Float], [Eagle Vision], [Stealth], [Mind Invasion], [???], [Drain Vitality], [Persuasion], [Resistance to Debuffs], [Demonic Magic], [Resistant Body XXX], [? ??], [Translation III], [Enemy Detection II], [Drain Mana V], [Accuracy IX], [???], [???], [Healing Magic II], [Conceal Aura], [Intuition ???], [???], [???]/\/\/\/\/\


“Huh? ‘Rory Nakano’? I'm going to have to argue with ‘She’ about that last name…” Rory looked at Kurone out of the corner of her eye.

“What the hell!!! You are very cheater!”

Everyone in the hall was surprised.

“Tha-that's impossible! I've never seen anyone that strong in my life!” Amelia exclaimed, reading and rereading the little girl's attributes.

“I've never even heard of half of these skills, and there are some that even the machine can't identify,” Linda commented.

‘Damn, this loli is going to screw it up.’

Concern gripped the young man. He needed to change the focus of the subject quickly, but it was hard to ignore the monstrous status of his companion.

“Isn't this machine broken?” Brain asked, not believing her eyes.

“I guarantee it isn't!” Linda said, holding up the machine. “I have to notify the guild in the capital of this.”


If she notified something so extraordinary to the capital, it would only be a matter of time before Rory became a target of the elites. A military weapon? A hero who can defeat the Demon King or a subordinate of the Demon King?

The possibilities were endless, and at best, the pair would have to flee the kingdom until the dust had settled. Luckily, this is not a globalized world like Earth. They would not become headlines on twitter or the midnight news.

The sound of the rifle materializing was already recognized by the young man's ears. Rory pointed the rifle toward the guild master.

“Let's keep this a secret, shall we?”

“W-What?!” Linda froze instantly. Her pretty eyes widened. “C-calm down, we don't have to be so hasty... L-listen... I can't ignore what just happened…”

A rifle shot whizzed past the woman's thick hair and hit the edge of the counter. It was a warning.

“Let's keep this quiet, and I'm not open to negotiation,” Rory said in a serious tone, still pointing the rifle at Linda.

The guild master tried to stand her ground, but knew that it was impossible to persuade the little girl. She was at an impasse, but she would prefer to get out of this negotiation alive.

The woman looked at Kurone for help, but Kurone turned his face the other way. He was on Rory's side. He couldn't risk exposing his companion to the world and deviating even further from his goal.

So what that she could kill the Demon King?

From the beginning, Kurone only agreed to come to this world to fulfill his mission and return to Japan. The Demon King was not a lolicon noble — not that he knew it — so he was not the young man's target.

Brain, Elsie and Amelia also agreed with the idea of not reporting anything to the capital. No one there liked those lands or the marquis who ruled them, it would be nice to have Rory all to themselves. The little girl would be useful in battles like the orc attack.

“In any case, it will only be a matter of time before she is discovered, and the capital guild will be all over me when that happens!” Linda shouted, her eyes watering.

“Don't worry, we can bribe everyone,” Rory said arrogantly, oblivious to the fact that she was penniless. The young man tried to say this, but an angry look from the little girl made him silent.

“It's okay... I won't notify anything…” The guild master crumpled the paper on the floor.

“I think it's good.” The delinquent loli dematerialized the rifle.

“Hey, who are they?” Kurone shouted when he saw ‘they’.

Before another conversation could begin, six people entered the guild, all wearing black hooded cloaks, and walked straight past the guild counter, saying nothing to the onlookers. Rory frowned at the strangers.

“Hey, they're having a meeting upstairs,” Linda tried to warn them, but stopped when she saw Edgar on the stairs signaling them to come up.

“Who were they?” asked Kurone.

Silence was everyone's response, not even the guild master expected hooded strangers in the building.

Four hours later, Edward and Sophia were back. The hooded men left in a line without saying anything else and the marquis escorted them outside the guild. There were now seven hooded men — one of them had arrived late and was wearing a different cloak.

All were fast asleep. The men passed slowly, careful not to wake anyone, but nothing went unnoticed by Rory's keen senses. The little girl stood up and followed the nobles through the shadows.