Chapter 20:

Interlude in the capital

Raifurori: My Legendary Weapon is a Loli With a Military Rifle!

A fly, an insignificant insect, was flying back and forth in the classroom. Despite having more than twenty people, the fly produced more noise than anyone else in the room.

It had been more than ten minutes since the insect had become the target of someone's gaze. The heavy-eyed girl stared at the small animal flying from side to side, sometimes landing on the hair of a sleepy girl.

The voice coming from the blackboard did not reach the ears of anyone in the back of the room, or simply, no one really wanted to hear.

The last period class was always the dullest. One of the main reasons was that Mrs. Ryth had a voice that caused inexplicable drowsiness in her interlocutor. It was not a good idea to leave this woman in charge of the advanced arithmetic class.

The sound of the giant book closing with a ‘pup’ announced the end of the class.

The girl who had been following the odyssey of a fly stood up, throwing her long hair back and bidding farewell to her fellow insect in her thoughts. That fly was agile, avoided the attack of all the students in the class, and survived for another day to continue spreading disease. A true adventurous fly.

‘Adventurer.’ To the girl, that word was a synonym for freedom.

She rubbed the still drowsy ones and yawned. There was no one else in the place, even the slow-moving Mrs. Ryth had already gone to the teachers' lounge.

“Ahhhhhh… Okay, time to go.”

The girl slowly crossing the hall was wearing the standard school uniform: a red blazer and a white shirt with long sleeves underneath.

The blonde locks stood out in the red of both the blazer and the bow that tied her hair into a ponytail.

Her sleepy eyes contrasted with her slender silhouette. ‘The eyes are the window to the soul. The beautiful eyes of the people I know must be damaged,’ she thought as she washed her face with water from one of the water fountains in the hallway.

Outside the building, a carriage was waiting for her. She could see the impatient coachman through the window.

Certainly, the man was annoyed for waiting so long, even more so after seeing all the others leaving and only he was left to wait for his passenger.

After leaving the building, the girl climbed straight into the carriage, without speaking or making eye contact with the coachman. The man was probably used to this by now.

“Iahhhhhh!” With the coachman's shout and the sound of the reins jerking, the carriage began to move, slowly as always. It was the girl's preference. If she could, she would walk home, but she knew that if she did, she would not return home.

“Although a kidnapping would be exciting…”

The melancholy girl looked at the people, the tents, the adventurers, and everything around her with her arm resting on the carriage window. Her gaze on the landscape was filled with a feeling of envy.

Her eyes slowly lowered. She couldn't sleep at all last night, signing papers non-stop.

‘All this because of Edward's land.’

Far away from there lived a nobleman named Edward Soul Za, he was someone important and very close to her father, the king. This noble's lands were far away from the capital and rarely did anything happen there, but...

‘Two attacks in less than two days, that's too much even for the capital!’

If it wasn't for her father, she would have run away from her responsibilities long ago, it was too much for a teenager of only sixteen.

‘No, there are too many vultures circling around him.’

After the death of her mother, it was the girl's role to take care of her father, but her father believed that after the death of his wife, it was his role to take care of his daughter, even in the midst of so many problems.

“Hmmm?...” The tumbling of the carriage woke the girl up, almost entering the world of dreams.

The coachman knew that she preferred to walk through the forest that extended to the entrance of the castle, there she would not run the risk of being kidnapped and would have time to think while enjoying the landscape. Today was different.

It was hard to be a princess when you don't want to be a princess.

‘Please pass that responsibility on to someone other than me,’ she thought daily, but her older sister, Kastella Andeavor, thought of it first and ran away when the girl was only twelve. With no other relative, she was forced to play the role of regent princess.

Thoughts were her refuge, when she was immersed in them, time passed at a different speed than outside. Her landscape face showed when she was traveling in this other world.

“Strange…” She stared at the landscape she was not used to, it was a part of the forest she had never explored before.

The carriage suddenly stopped.

“Please read this.” The coachman passed a letter through the carriage opening.

The envelope contained the initials ‘S.S.S.’.


The content of the message was direct, yet written in a formal manner. The content was as follows:

‘Dear Elisabella, I fear that the attack on the marquis Soul Za's lands is only the prelude of what is to come, some nobles do not agree with your actions and wish to remove you from the throne, please be cautious and listen to everything the coachman is going to tell you, he knows who is the real culprit for the last attack, and that culprit is also the leader of the ‘Crows’...’

“What has gotten into the Marquise Sophiette?...”

The girl's heart began to palpitate in a disordered rhythm, her trembling hands incessantly helped to tear the letter.

“The nobles have been investigating this for some time, apparently the nobles of a faction calling itself ‘Crows’ have been acting behind the scenes and their target is the princess of Andeavor… but this shit doesn't matter!”


“I have waited a long time for this day…”

“Who are you?” the girl asked in a serious tone.

Despite the clothes, it was unusual for her coachman to wear a hat that covered his face, and his body also seemed thinner, without the presence of muscles.

The coachman removed his hat, revealing himself to be none of the castle's subordinates.

“I know you, you are…”

“I'm sorry about this.”


Something was thrown into the carriage, causing the girl to fall asleep instantly.

“Sister... master... Crows... Our revenge has begun!” shouted the coachman as he clutched a Sophiette house badge.