Chapter 21:

Positioning the pieces

Raifurori: My Legendary Weapon is a Loli With a Military Rifle!

The day began with the sound of hammers hitting and rubble being hurled. Bricklayers, architects, and construction professionals sent from the capital moved quickly through the village.

“Ouch, ouch... my back…” Kurone murmured as he watched the workers running around.

“Are you up already, Nakano?”

“What a fright! It's you, Sophia!”

“Excuse me, do you have a moment?”


“Let's go outside, I don't want to wake up the people who are still sleeping.”

Residents who lost their homes were housed in the guild. There wasn't enough room to accommodate everyone and the cold of the night crept in through the broken windows. In fact, it was not a suitable place to serve as a shelter, but it was all they had at their disposal at the moment.

“I was impressed with the way you and Rory can I put it… it was so...unique!”

‘You mean weird, right?’ thought Kurone as he looked at the rubble of the building of what used to be a pharmacy. “Where's Edward?”

“He left early for the mansion, apparently, he went to get supplies.” Sophia stopped walking. “Nakano…”


“That's what I want to talk about…” After a pause, she continued: “I have some advice for you: don't trust Ed too much, he's not what he seems,” the young woman spoke with a serious look on her face.


“That's all there was to it! I'm going back to my mansion to get other supplies as well, would you like to come with me?”

“I don't know... I don't really have anything to do here.” The young man paused to sigh. “All right, let's go! I'll call Rory and be right back.”

“Wait, Nakano! His companion left early with Ed for the mansion.”

‘Why didn't she warn me?! That arrogant loli always gets her way,’ he cursed the little girl in his thoughts as he accompanied Sophia back to the guild.

Upon arriving at the guild, Kurone realized that it wasn't just Rory and Edward who left early for the Soul Za mansion.

“I will accompany Sophia to her mansion, can you give this message to Rory and Edward when they are back?”

“Is this some kind of betrayal?” Brain spoke sarcastically.


“Haha, I'm just kidding…” Brain approached Kurone and whispered in his ear: “But don't trust Lady Sophiette too much, she's not what she seems....”

‘Didn't I hear that earlier?’, he thought about ignoring Brian's advice, but he remembered something, the night before, during the meeting. Edward said some things that made the young man rethink his idea about Sophia.

“We are ready!” Ana, the adventurer, shouted from outside the guild.

The Marquise recruited the witch to help in the transportation of supplies and to choose the most necessary ones.

“Right, I'm coming!” he shouted back and looked one last time at Brain: “Thanks for the advice, Brain, I'll be careful. See you later, Edgar!”

“See you later, Mr. Nakano.” The butler nodded back.

Of all the mansion employees who came to the village, only Edgar and Brain stayed behind, with the mission to help Linda. Edward, Amelia, Elsie and even Rory returned to the mansion while Kurone slept, why didn't they wake him up? Perhaps he would be more useful in the village than in the mansion?

The advice of the marquise and the maid made the young man somewhat suspicious. If indeed one of these nobles was involved in the attack on the village and the kidnapping of the children, both Kurone and Rory were in trouble, since both were useless apart from each other.

“Hurry up, Nakano!” This time it was Sophia who shouted from the carriage.

“Hey! Move faster!”

“I'm here, no need to shout so much... Huh? Where's the coachman?”

“Ah... Raul had to go to the capital to get my payment…”

“Shouldn't that be something you should do?” the witch asked.

“No, no, no. I don't like those people from the capital, with the exception of the princess Elisabella. But no matter! Raul has my badge, that's enough to deliver the reward to him.

Kurone didn't get to see this ‘Raul’, but from what Amelia told him, it was someone with the same strength as a soldier of the royal guard. What did the Marquise give the servants to eat?

“But don't worry! I will drive the carriage!” The noblewoman pointed her thumb at you as she took the reins.

‘Ahhhh… Sophiette mansion, here we come!’

The trio headed to Sophiette mansion, with the mission to fetch supplies, but they were unaware of the darkness that surrounded them...