Chapter 13:

Two Cultivation Systems?

Legend Of Yuki: The Wrath Of The Tailed Asura

As night fell, Yuki was able to find a hollowed out tree to stay in. It was more than three times the size of her width wise all the way around, so when she climbed inside she found it to be quite comfortable. She made a small fire pit in the middle of the area and got a fire going before pulling out the tri horned deer she killed earlier and, using her sword, she cut a few pieces of meat off and stabbed some sticks through it. Only then did she set them to roast slowly and decided to take a better look at her current condition.

Her body was filled with cuts and scrapes. Her feet were the worst. She undid her transformation technique to inspect her tail which she saw was a total mess. Her poor tail, which she had always taken the best of care of, was now all ratty. She sat in front of the fire and slowly ran her fingers through her tail. She combed it for almost an hour before finally being somewhat satisfied with how it looked. Only then did she redo her transformation technique. But as she did, she realized something….. Meridians! She had way more meridians than before! In fact, she now had all one hundred and eight! She did not know if this was a blessing or not, but she really did have one hundred and eight meridians. She even counted them a few times just to be sure!

After confirming this, Yuki quickly checked the rest of her body. It was only then that she realized there was one more thing about her body that was not the same as it was before. She now had two dantians! She was a bit confused as to how this could have happened. All she could think of was that that crazy old man had done this to her. This did not make her not want to kill him. No, she had only caught a small glimpse of the old man’s face, but she remembered it well. It is imprinted into her mind and something she will never be able to forget. If she ever runs into him again, she will do the same thing to him as he did to her. An eye for an eye.

With these new discoveries, Yuki gripped her fists and closed her eyes. She looked into her space and saw the two tattered books. One was the one that Elder Eijiro gave to her, and the other was the one she picked up from the cave. She flipped her hand, making both appear, and looked at them. One was the Heavenly Fox Cultivation method. She knew this was something that had been passed down in her family for generations. Who created it, she did not know but it seemed to be created especially for her clan.

As for the second tattered old book, Yuki looked at it and frowned slightly. The name on the cover was the Transcendent Demonic Cultivation method. She was about to toss it into the fire but paused when she thought for a moment. She now had two dantians. This meant she could cultivate both, did it not? After thinking about it, Yuki opened the demonic cultivation method up and looked at what needed to be done.

As she ran through the pages, the early stages were the same as her other cultivation method. Once you passed the body fortification stage, you had to take in the demonic qi to reach the first evil star. According to the wording, the strength of a demonic cultivator was much stronger than that of a righteous one. But Yuki did not know which side either was from or if they were both from different sides.

She thought back to what her father said about not taking in the demonic qi, but if she could truly cultivate both, then wouldn’t it be worth it? She would have the strength of two types of cultivation! She continued reading and saw a slip of paper on one of the pages. On the paper was a method of hiding one's demonic aura. It could be hidden from even Astral star cultivators! Yuki had no idea what rank astral star was, but she knew it must at least be past the twelve fate star realms.

It can hide the aura and keep her from being discovered as a demonic cultivator. If this was the case, she could utilize both strengths in battle…. Yuki weighed the pros and cons. But the more she thought about it, the more the images of the things that had happened to her popped into her mind. Her cold eyes stared at the two tattered books, and a slight flash of determination flashed across them.

While it was risky to start demonic cultivation, from the way this demonic cultivation worked, it was no different from the way her spiritual cultivation worked. She just had to draw in the black wisps along with the white ones and just direct them to the correct dantians…. With this thought in mind, Yuki decided that this would be the best way to truly become strong.

With her thoughts straightened out, Yuki ate the roasted tri horned deer meat and began cutting up the rest of the body. She had just cut the stomach area and was cleaning out the insides when her sword touched something hard. Furrowing her brow, she reached in and pulled out a small lumpy rock. This was not something one would see in a rank one demonic beast normally, but she knew what it was. A demonic core. These were rich in demonic qi. This was only the size of her palm, but it was still about three or four pills worth of demonic qi. Since she planned to dual cultivate the two systems, she decided to save it and put it into her space.

She finished cutting up the dear and tossed what she was not planning to eat out and saved the rest in her space. She put everything into her space except her heavenly cultivation method and set it aside. She could not use the other until she reached the peak of body fortification. But before she did anything, she wanted to try to heal her wounds. She took out the porcelain bottles from her space and began going through them. She found food pills that Elder Eijiro told her about, which she could not use until she reached her first fate star, qi pills which looked to be a much higher quality than the one she got from Elder Eijiro that day, and lastly, green pills. She had no idea what a green pill was, but when she sniffed it, she could smell medical herbs within. She even spelled a few she knew.

Yuki pondered for a moment before taking one of the pills and closing her eyes. After counting to ten in her mind, she stuffed the pill into her mouth. It instantly melted and turned into a liquid and flowed down her throat. She then checked her wounds, and sure enough, they were actually healing.