Chapter 4:

Tatsuro A Mystery

École de magie

Everybody nodded at each other. Izumi came forward.

"The bracelet is glowing red coz it has accepted you as owner and this means you can summon a creature as partner"-Izumi

My bracelet started glowing more and more and a book was summoned and Izumi said to me to read the spell written in the book. The book was really thick and looked ancient.I opened the book it was written in a weird language.How am I supposed to read this weird language but wait.......!? I think I read this.I started reading it

"zure Jainko eskatzen dut me a egoztea merezi trustful bazkide izatea"

A magic circle was formed automatically and my body's temperature got hotter and hotter.
It felt like I was in another dimension it was painful.Everything around me started to go black and I wasn't able to feel anything or sense anything if it was like I was a living body.I saw someone.He said something but I wasn't able to understand what was he saying I feel that I am dead.The person in front of me made such expression as if I am a non required presence, I felt like crying but I can't coz I don't have tears and I am a puppet but before I could see any further in the dimension I saw another person which fought against that person.My eyes felt drowsy and I fell asleep.......

Huh!?What happened here......
I was lying on the sofa of the council room.I jerked up! They all looked kinda surprised. I asked them what happened.They didn't say anything Riko came forward and said: "You should look at your book you will understand."I took my book and read the spell again but this time it was something different.

"zure Jainko eskatzen dut me a egoztea merezi trustful bazkide izatea"

A magic circle again appeared but I didn't go to a different dimension I was in the same world.A bright light was emitting from that magic circle and it got brighter and brighter and bigger and bigger.A dragon summoned it was a white dragon.

It said, "Nice to meet my owner can you give me a name". I think that's a lot of formality just call me Akira, I said. This creature sure for looks magnificent.......what name should I give.I feel like I should name it as Tatsuro

[ Tatsu means dragon in old Japanese and ro from word Shiro which means white ]

How about Tatsuro...?Since you are white in color.I asked.Tatsuro nodded in agreement.

Poof! What was that sound!?Tatsuro changed into a mini-sized doll dragon.Huh, it can get disguised.
It looked cute though.Huh, wait, what cute!?How could I say that term?////Blush/////Well, Leave it aside.

"Congo"-Everyone said in a rhythm.

Except for Izumi. Loves to be out of the group.I bet we won't get along.Who cares.

"Oh!!This is my summoned partner or you can say it Eroki"-Aoi

It was a snow leopard.It was really magnificent to see that.Hiroki showed me his Eroki.He had a black jaguar.I thought those would have some easy going Eroki from their behavior but... They have a hidden mask.Ko's Eroki was a red phoenix and Riko had a yellow phoenix.

"Its the first time"-Ko
"Huh First time"-Me
"Yeah, first time"-Aoi
"Actually, whoever was ever was in Diamond class never had dragon"-Hiroki   
"But aren't people in the same class supposed to have same species of eroki?"-Me
"No, Not really.If both people in the class has good compatibility they can be sorted in the same class but having the same type of species is a bonus and a negative point.You will get to know about it later."-Riko
"Izumi Can I see your Eroki"-Me

It was a blue dragon.It looked as magnificent as Tatsuro looked like but it seems to have more experience.The blue dragon looked deep into my eyes as if reading my past.Tatsuro and the blue dragon came in front of each other.It looked like they talked to each other by looking into each other's eyes.

"Tatsuro.... U have experience.How do you have experience if this is the first time Hayama ever summoned you."Izumi
"Somethings are supposed to be kept secret Izumi"-Tatsuro

"Now the thing that I need to make clear is why there are granted people in this world.The thing is we all granted people of the same class would duel against each other so that the Benitoite crystal would complete one of our wish the winning pairs wish.So the head committee that is unknown sends an invitation to us the granted to fight in the fest which is held and the last stage is when you defeat all people in the fest and will be allowed to ask for a wish but there is a condition the Benitoite crystal must accept you enough worthy and strong to be able to grant your wish."Izumi

So we fight for our wish to be granted.I wonder what would they want as their wish.they all looked so serious about this matter.As if they have staked everything on it.

"So the first thing you must start to do is try unlocking spells as many as possible.The fest usually happens in December and it is October.The fest still has 3 months to go.The Granted people would like to duel with us so that they could remove the thorns in their path to get their wish granted from Benitoite crystal so we need to be alert every second.We will start the training from tomorrow.Come to park near the school at 5:30 am."-Izumi

I left the council room with Tatsuro hiding in my bag in his disguised form.It was such a tiring day.I reached my flat.I wore boxer and shirt and lied on my bed and before knowing I was already asleep.

"Akira!!!Run Run!"
"No, I won't"
"I will take my revenge Akira.I will come"

Uh...What was that?A dream.It is 5:00 am better hurry up......Weird dream.

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