Chapter 0:

My Prologue

Wake Up, Lousy Agent

Present Day

"Halt! Don't move!" one of the police officers commanded, aiming his stun gun at the robber.

Instead of stopping, the robber jumped over the fence and rushed for the next alley to leave their sight.

"Hahaha, screw you, bitches. This 20 million bucks will be mine. Mine!" the robber giggled as he ran towards the next block.

'Oh, money. I'm rich. Fucking rich! I will become the next millionaire of Freedom City. I am the protagonist of this story. My name is -' the robber saw a bright light coming towards him, and he was unable to escape it.


And now, his amazing story ended. He died in a brutal incident - hit by a car.

"Oh, my goodness. So sorry, man. I didn't mean to. It is an accident! An accident. What on earth you're thinking when you jump over that fence? Oh my. I did it again. Wait, isn't he the top 10 robber from the news? Man, I screwed up," I scratch my head as I recognize his face.

Oh, who is this person who killed the robber accidentally? Who is that person who is wearing a casual uniform in the middle of the night? Oh, well. That's me. The narrator of this short chapter.

Yeah, I have an average face. Too average that females won't even bother to add to their list of Handsome boys.

By the way, before we begin my story. Greetings, people.

My name is Holmer Aldnoa. You can call me Hol which means 'Empty' in my provincial hometown.

Well, my parents were unable to come up with a good name, so they chose it without realizing the meaning of my first name. Bruh!

Who am I? Just a regular public servant of this city. Regular! Wait, I just got promoted earlier, so I am now a Captain! Senior Inspector.

What's my story? Okay, I will make it short. Let's start from the beginning. Maybe from 5 years ago when I was 30 years old.

I was a former Filipino accountant, who graduated with BSBA Major in Financial and Management Accounting, but due to the Great Recession, I lost my job and become jobless for more than five years.

Oh well, that was from the past. I am now one of the special agents of this hell, I mean city.

My rank is supposed to be at the lowest peak, but due to some misunderstanding, I receive a promotion earlier. My God, what is wrong with those people?

Man, I want to retire. How many people have died because of me? Ever since I joined this organization, I killed a lot. A lot!

Special Agents are the hunters who hunted the criminals of this independent city. That's all. They fought bad guys in secret.

By the way, who am I now in the eyes of the public ever since I joined this department? All I can imagine is this. A country bumpkin with a dogmatic tone, a liar who often makes excuses and false stories to feel better, and a scumbag who has a sharp tongue and/or worst, an introvert without a girlfriend.

Bruh, that's too harsh for the public if it really happened, right? Well, it can't be helped. I am just a public servant in the number one corrupt city of the United Realm of the Pacific.

Man, why on earth did I even take this profession? I'm so dumb back then. I was supposed to work in the United States, but I ended up in this goddamn place!

Man, I want to die. But I don't want to die. Fuck, I'm contradicting myself again.

I want to go back in time and fix this. Oh, God. Why am I here? Just to suffer? I want to retire!

I wanted to see my parents, but this city rejected it!

I am still single and ready to mingle. But the women here are scary as shit!

Oh fuck. I forgot. My story has not yet begun.

It was five years ago. Five years before the disaster started to change my quiet life.


Back then, social activity was the activity that I want to do the least. I was a poor and unemployed human being, so I lost my confidence to face the world. Therefore, finding a decent job was too difficult, you know.

Despite the backlash from my parents and my two elder brothers, who were always pestering me to get at least a girlfriend, I escaped from them and continued my journey to become an employed man.

Thankfully, I found a vacant job in a local branch company in Makati City, Manila. It was a US Tech company that could be found in the center peak of the city.

I passed their test, the strict interviews, and their evaluation. As time passed, I received a white envelope that contained a golden ticket (VIP), a letter, and my passport with complete details.

I checked the letter first and read the content from the top to the bottom peak. It was a congratulatory message or notification or briefing.

Bruh, I didn't know because I only knew a few words in my vocabulary. All I could see was a direct order that I should pack my things because I was selected as one of the applicants who will undergo a one-year probationary training in Los Angeles, USA.

'Finally, I can work abroad! I'm now an OFW! Booyah!'

I jumped so high in an ecstatic way. That I didn't notice that I peed my pants due to extreme excitement. Thankfully, I was inside the bathroom. But who cares!

I couldn't believe I will have a chance to fly to America.

It is always a Filipino's dream to work over there. Not because we like America as a country, but because it has a good Gross Nominal Income, lol.

Of course, money is the main reason for this journey! Money and its diversified food culture!

Oh, my. You can drop my story if feel like I am becoming a fan of America. But I ain't! I just love it, the American dollar. That's all!

It was the place I wanted to pay a visit to. It was already on my bucket list outside of my country. Well, I beat my brothers who only visited the famous local cities like Baguio City and Vigan. Not only that, this moment was my first international flight.

At first, my mother was against it before because I was unworthy to move out, but thankfully, they agreed.

My mother didn't care if I went to abroad as long as I didn't ask for money, lol. She mentioned to me that we should pay a PHP 200,000 for one way ticket, lol. My face turned blue upon hearing it.

Thankfully, the agency paid it all without taking any compensation.

"Holmer, you're already an adult. So we will support you as long as you don't ask us for compensation in return. Go on now. I will try my best to convince your mother. But don't forget to send us some money. Of course, it should be in dollars! Good luck, son. I will believe in you that you might work properly," my father pat my shoulder once and passed me. "Pa, I don't know if I should be sad or play dumb upon hearing it. But don't worry. Your son will bring you 1% of my money. T, t, thank you very much, Papa!" I lowered my head in respect, and I rushed for my room to pack up my things.

"Stupid, send us 30%. Due to inflation, the US dollar is higher than the Philippine peso today!" my father reminded me. "O-o-of course," I slightly lose my energy upon hearing it.

'Pa, Ma, I am not your retiring fund. Never mind. I swear to God. I will never let you down. I will become the greatest Customer Service Employee! America is a safe place and this plane is the start of my first journey toward my future!' I declared.


"Freeze, nobody move!"

——C'mon, give me a break, will ya? Did you just hear what I just declared inside my head, fuckers? Oh, my goodness. Fuck my life!

Chiba Ritsu