Chapter 3:

Hijack: Helena POV (2)

Wake Up, Lousy Agent

A few hours ago before I board the plane.

I received a phone call from my father.

"Good day, dad. What business do you want with your beautiful and cute daughter, hmm?" I asked jokingly. "Hello, my dear. I'm glad you're still acting in the same way. Are your targets satisfy your boring life? I hope so," my father sincerely responded.

I smiled a bit with open teeth.

"Oh, daddy. Your daughter is a little bit satisfied when I killed them all. Even though the payment is no better than a price of a cheap sports car, I still couldn't find the fun in the job, you see. I hope you sent me a file of top-class criminals this time, hehe~" I conceitedly answered. "Oh dear~, don't you think it is a little bit dangerous for a sixteen-year-old girl to roam around the world to fill up the gap of her boredom? Helen~, I won't give you something that will put you in a high-risk situation. Your mommy will kill me if I send you a highly valuable target higher than your current rank, you know," my father explained with a worried tone.

'Oh, daddy, you're underestimating the power of Invincible Dark Mage~' my eyes downturned.

"You know what. I'm not going to board your plane," I pouted. "Wait, my dear. Why?" my father's voice perplexed a bit. "Because you're not going to send me a top-class target! I want a higher class, dad. Higher than A-class!" I demanded.

"My dear daughter. Don't do that. The world is not a playground like you always imagine. Be careful about what you're asking. You will definitely regret it," my father warned with a hoarse tone. "I don't freakin' care, dad. Humans outside of the United Realm are a piece of cake for your eldest daughter," I declared angrily.

"Helena, this is not what you think it is. Listen to your father, board your plane right now. Helena? Don't you dare hang up on me, my daughter? Helen? Helena?" my father scowled.

— Then I hung up.

I turned off my phone to make sure he won't trace me.

After I bought a ticket through my connections, I successfully sneaked into my designated plane.

"Welcome to Air Asia Pacific. Please enjoy your stay," the beautiful but old flight attendant welcomed me. "Y-yeah. Thanks," I was agitated because I didn't know how to treat these commoners, though.

"Wow, this girl looks like a high school student. I guess, she might be an exchange student," the flight attendant murmured, but I still could hear it from my spot because I had good hearing.

'Number 24. Number 24. Ah, I see. This is number 18, 20. Oh, there you are.'

As I walked towards my sit, I bumped into an average-looking citizen.

"Hey, watch where are you going, mister?" I scolded. "Oh, sorry. I didn't... mean to," the middle age man replied politely.

He looked like a Mexican from the north based on his facial feature.

"Step aside. I need to sit. Shoo~."

His reaction was very late to respond. That was no good.

It appeared he didn't understand what I told him earlier, so I translated my words into Spanish.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I am no Spanish, and I understand what you told me earlier. You don't have to translate it," the middle age man responded in broken Spanish.

My eyes opened wide, and I clicked my tongue.

"What on earth is wrong with your tone? If you can understand my English, then speak it earlier. By the way, your Spanish is broken," I argued as I tapped my finger on his chest three times. "Oh, I'm sorry, Ma'am. I didn't mean to. It is not Spanish. It is Chavacano. A Filipino dialect or more like a Spanish creole, you see," the middle age man responded briefly.

'Ma'am? Did this stupid ugly man call me Ma'am? How rude he is!'

"Oi, there is a limit on my patience, mister. Don't call me, Ma'am. I'm still a high school student, so watch your words carefully," I pushed him out of anger.

I was already in a bad mood earlier, but another one interjected that increasing my anger.

"Woah, woah, miss. This lad doesn't mean any harm when he called you like that. Chill out, will ya," the British guy explained to ease the tension. "Oh, really?" my left eyebrow raised up in a curious pace. "Yup, miss. So forgive this mate, okay," he thumbed up.

"Man, I guess I have to study the culture of America when I arrive there," the middle age man murmured.

"Did you say something?" I shifted my gaze at the rude man. "Oh, nothing. Nothing. Go on," the man excused himself and never appeared in my sight.

"Man, we're not yet on the air, but the passengers are getting hyped for something ludicrous reason," the British guy scratched his cheeks as he slowly left our side.

'I don't care about his position, his looks, his manner. I want to sleep. Fuck my dad. There is no way I will end up in a dangerous place.'

That was what happened before. And now, I regretted what I said earlier.

'So... so this is what my father keeps telling me? I rip what I sow. I'm so sorry father. I'm so sorry, daddy!' I cried inside my head.

My eyes were getting wet from my tears.

'I'm too young. I don't want to become a mother yet. I don't want this scumbag to become the father of my firstborn child too. No way! No way! No way! No way! Daddy, I'm scared! Help me, daddy!'

"Oh, this little girl is crying. What a shame. What rank do you possess, Ms. Hunter?" asked Walther. "C-c-class," I responded politely.

The scumbag giggled a bit, and his lips curled up in a crescent moon pose.

"Oh, what great news to hear. I'm glad it is not a bad product to produce some stress," Walther sneered a bit. "No... please. Don't... I'm beggin' you. Don't," I cried like a baby in front of this scumbag.

He lifted me and held me like a maniac.

'Noooo! Let me go!'

Then, suddenly, I opened my eyes when I heard gunshots from all directions.

'What... what in the world just happened?' I looked at the eyes of the hijackers including the maniac.

"What the fuck? It is from the toilet. Goer, Roper, check that place out," Walther commanded. "Yes, boss," his two lackeys followed.

*Bang* *Bang* *Bang* *Bang*

All of his minions died on the spot.

The curtain that covered the next passenger room fell down, and everyone including the scumbags was surprised at the terrifying image of the middle age man.

'Is... is that the bastard that I bumped earlier?'

He was drenched with blood. His eyes resembled a hired killer in a horrifying movie.

"W-what the fuck?" Walther pointed his gun at the murderer who killed his comrades.

He spoke words that I couldn't understand. His body looked plain and weak. His presence looked pathetic, but he was producing a terrifying aura behind his back.

'Don't, don't tell me. He's a —'

"Y..y.. you, what are you?" Walther held my neck tightly.

"Man..." His voice sounded like a villain who appeared in the comics.

My body trembled upon hearing it. Where the heck the pathetic loser appeared earlier? Who was this guy in front of us?

"I'm just here for a... hunt," He heaved a sigh of terrifying sound.

'Yiiiek! Hunt? This guy looks like a serial killer. He's not only ugly, but he's terrifying!'

Even Walther was standing still like a boss in this situation, he couldn't hide his fear.

"But to think this will happen," the murderer's gaze looked directly at us with bloodlust.

It almost made me puke. Too powerful! He's more terrifying than my father.

'Is this a powerful spell? Or a special technique of Ki's power? But he's looked unaffected by the power of the crystals? Just what is he?'

"I'm so sorry. I'm just a job... hunter," his introduction gave me a chill.

What a powerful pressure coming out from his face. I was right about what I guessed earlier. He's a hunter.

"You... you... you're a hunter! How on earth did you manage to sneak here? Hunters should live in solitude in that fucking place. I thought I was able to escape from there but to think the government will send you here. Just to kill us. How dare they?"

'Wait, is he that powerful? Walther won't react like this if he wasn't. In other words, he's an undercover special agent of the government? Wait, the United Nation's special task force will only send the best of the best unit, though. Don't tell me, he's a higher rank hunter? But to think they will only send one man. Just one man. Unbelievable!' I was impressed.

"Man, I think you are confusing me for someone. I'm just a job... hunter. Not a regular hunter, though," the male hunter raised up his hand like surrendering to his opponent.

'Wait, don't tell me. Not regular? An irregular? They are the most terrifying being on record. OMG. He must be using a powerful defensive spell to control his power. That method is the basis of the basics! His acting is very convincing. He looked very weak and pathetic, though. Like an ordinary man who only wanted to work abroad. But if he was on the same level as my father, he could act like this professionally.'

"Stay back. Don't make a move or else. I will kill this woman!"

'No, please. Don't. As expected to SSS class former hunter Walther the Hardcore, he knew it was a bluff.'

"Chill... Relax, sir. I'm just an OFW. I'm not here to hurt... you," the hunter bluffed again.

'Liar! I don't know what the OFW stands for. But don't make a move. I will die. I know I was a bitch earlier, but please have mercy on me!' I begged inside my head.

"Liar! Do you truly think I will believe you? Don't make a move, you goddamn hunter!" Walther trembled as he argued about it.

'Whatever you do. Please don't let this man kill me!'

"Okay, I will move away. Do your thing. But don't hurt her, okay? Like I said, relax."

'Wait, he's going to do it. N-n-no way. [Slow]' I activated my spell on my eyes.

"I'm not going to hu—Opps," the male hunter slipped down deliberately and performed his intentional act against Walther.

I used my spell to see it through.

He did what pathetic losers in a movie always did. Like he accidentally stumbled on an object behind him. But deep inside his head, it was a bluff to distract his opponent.

As he fell down, his naked foot finger grabbed the gun under it, rotated it like a gunslinger, and on the brink of time, he pulled the trigger in a quick shot.


Walther the Hardcore died on the spot next to me. It was a clean headshot.

At that time, my life felt satisfied. A strong man who was pretending to be pathetically helpless filled up the plate of my boredom. It was a portion of delicious food on the table that I ate this time.

"I, I, Incredible... A slipped shot by using his feet. That's so cool," I spoke honestly.