Chapter 4:

Hijack: Rick POV

Wake Up, Lousy Agent

My name is Rick Bond, alias Killstreak.

I am a forty-six-year-old British married lad. Father of two cute daughters.

I am a very assertive and dominating person, and my friends, who know me very well, always commented that I could hook a high school student at because of my looks, you see.

I am currently riding in a car with the two special agents inside

Why am I here? Because we are chasing Rob the Foggy Balddog.

Rob is a notorious robber who is on the top 10 list of the criminal underworld. A lot of organizations including the 'El Commisioneres' place a bounty on his head.

'The suspect is spouted in the Red District of the fourth block. Two officers spotted the suspect in the fourth block,' the Hunter HR service provider reports our target's location.

"Oh, great. How on earth did he manage to reach that place? That's almost two miles away from the bank," I click my tongue and blow a cloud of smoke out of my mouth.

'Man, that bastard is too quick. As expected of an SS class thug, he manage to escape from our trap.'

"Hey, lad. Do we have plenty of hunters like a C-class or an A-hunter nearby?" I ask. "Yes, sir. We sent a request to the HQ to create an immediate request to inform the other hunters," the male driver reported.

'Suspect killed four officers. The suspect is armed. The star has raised from 2 to 4. All units are allowed to use lethal weapons.'

'Man... This kind of thug needs a beating,' I sigh.

"Man, let's hurry up before some civilians got hurt by this scumbag," I reload my handgun, and ready myself.

'Suspect is found in the First Block of the Residential Area of Ruby. All units proceed to the designated location immediately.'

"We're doing it right now. Ah, damn it. I hate these people already," I sigh again.

But my mood suddenly changes upon reading the notification update from my phone.

The face of Rob the Foggy Balddog has been crossed. His background which was in green color has covered with red background.

'D-d-don't tell. Fuck, he did it again!' I breathe out a heavy sigh.

The HQ sends me the location of our target's location. And when we arrive, a black-haired man who looked like a member of a Mexican Cartel is looking down on his victim.

'Holmer... Holmer... What have you done this time? Why are you so merciless to this criminal? Man, I have to clean this up.'

I walk closer at his side, and I find the corpse of Rob in a lousy position. His body is smashed into pieces.

"It's... It's an accident, sir. He just jumps over the fence and then, that happens," Holmer explained. "I know. I know. You don't have to explain it," I feign ignorance.

Holmer Aldnoa is really a savage hunter. To think he neatly murders the scumbag and turns his body into a meat bag. He deserves the nickname of 'Irregular Class - Walking Disaster'.

"It... it is a coincidental jump into my vehicle. That idiot murdered himself! Trust me, Mr. Bond," Holmer lies. "I know... I know. You don't have to say anything anymore. I'll clean this mess again," I wave a hand to shoo his lies away.

'Holmer, you don't have to lie anymore. You killed him like the others, though. Man, you're really good in this act, huh? Thankfully, I have supervised your career for the past five years, so I know when you want to hunt.'

"Holmer, please hold back next time," I request. "But I didn't mean to. It's an accident, sir!" Holmer cried.

'Liar,' my eyes turned sharp.

"Holmer, you're an irregular special agent. I know you follow the rules honestly, but the HQ only permitted us to use lethal weapons earlier. They didn't say to kill him, though," I place a hand on his shoulder and gently scold him. "Sir Bond, it's an accident, for real," Holmer heave a tiring sigh.

"Never mind. We will dispose of your car. Man, you have just been promoted to Captain, Holmer. Keep yourself intact, okay? Now, go now. Turn off your phone, and I will send you the reward tomorrow," I push him aside to make way. "T-thank you, sir. But I don't want the money though," Holmer smiled wryly.

'I won't fall to your acting, Hol,' I place a hand on my forehead and grab the radio from my minion.

Man, he is always like this. But I am glad we have someone like him here. Because of him, the crime rate in this city is gradually decreasing every day.

A man who kills when it is permitted.

A man who moves according to the principles of the United Nation.

The man, the myth, and the new legend of Freedom City.

Holmer The Walking Disaster.

Rank: Irregular (S Class Hunter)

If he keeps doing this kind of humanitarian action, I have no doubt the government wanted him to become the SSS-Class hunter of this realm.

I'm still confused why he won't accept it. He keeps whining and complaining about our system.

But it is just acting.

Just like what happened during that plane incident five years ago.


In just one clean shot, Holmer killed the SSS-class criminal.

What an incredible performance!

'This lad, I thought he was an ordinary citizen. To think he manages to kill his S-Class minions without using magic or Ki. That's a great achievement. I cannot even do anything because of those fuckin' crystals.'

After the plane landed for an emergency request at Samoa International Airport, I went to the toilet and reported it.

The UN Special Task Force or STF, together with the Samoan government, went to check the passengers and performed their duty to treat us quickly.

I told them what I witnessed, but as usual, they didn't believe it.

Hence, I called my little friend in the HQ who might get interested in my story.

Veronica loved to hear about this kind of event, though.

"Instructor Bond, there is no way a civilian can do a trivial performance. Are you high?" worried Veronica. "Oi, oi, I don't do drugs. I'm not that high. But believe me, I witness it with my two eyes. Two eyes!" I explicitly responded.

My student remained quiet for a few seconds before she replied.

"My goodness, I don't even believe it. There's no way someone like that exists you know," Veronica doubted it. "I know, but trust me. I saw it. He performed a spectacular performance against the SSS class," I crowed.

"I doubt it. It might be an accident. By the way, why are you on that plane?" asked Veronica as she changed the subject. "I, uh, I lost it," I scratched my cheeks.

"What do you mean you lost it? My sister owns it, instructor! Where did you lost it, instructor?" Veronica chided. "Uh, eh, you see. You see, I was on a mission. Then, the son of my target found me. I, uh, you know. I got... I got almost killed when they placed a bomb on my ride, you know," I shuddered as I explained my side.

"Say, what? You meant your target's son destroyed my sister's plane? Your wife's expensive plane, Instructor!" Veronica burst into anger. "Veronica, my dear. Calm down. Don't tell my wife. Please don't tell my wife! I'm beggin' you," I whimpered.

"No way, I will report this to my sister. You're screwed, instructor. You're totally screwed!" Veronica hung up. "No, no. Hey, hello? Hello? Moshi, Moshi? No, Veronica, you bastard, did you just hang up your teacher? How dare you? Oh, fuck. Fuck. Fuck!" I placed a hand on my face in dismay.

'I just want to share an incredible experience. Why the fuck did it turn into a horrifying end?'

As I kept shouting inside the toilet, I didn't expect someone to be behind me.

"Mr. Bond," a mysterious stranger pulled out something. "Yes?" I shifted my gaze at his location.

That time, my intuition about Holmer was correct. It solidified my statement that he's just like us.

"Mr. Ayalodeio sends his regards," he pulled the trigger.