Chapter 6:

Samoa Incident: Helena POV

Wake Up, Lousy Agent

Present day.

"Helena, it's already late. Where are you going tonight?" asked a female classmate. "I'm going to buy something. Tell the others if I don't come back, I'm already at home, hehe. Enjoy your meal. Have fun, girls. See ya," I replied as I picked up my bag.

I put on my jacket and wore my pink scarf around my neck. Then, I exited the building, leaving my friends with their male targets.

Why did I leave them? It's simple. I don't like a mixed date.

I was just a bit bored, so I joined them. I mistakenly thought we were going to hit the restaurant, but to think they set up a meeting with the opposite sex, made me want to puke.

I wasn't in the mood, so I keep myself intact.

I love strong-looking men like my father, but it doesn't mean I'm an easy type that the perverts could capture.

They keep hooking me to the handsome, influential, and number one heartthrob male student at our campus, but duh! I don't like that kind of guy. Not even an inch.

Polygamy is legal in United Realm, so I fully understand the logic of why there are a lot of women who flock like chickens to these men. The majority of them is a son of rich people or possesses powerful strength. They are originally born somewhere in Asia.

Yeah, they got enrolled in the finest school and underwent military enlistment. They had a strong will and temperance, but duh, they were always depicted as badass. That's too generic and predictable anyway.

For example, this guy who looked like the main character in a manhwa is trying hard to act like an anti-hero protagonist. Does he really think girls like us will fall easily into a strong and rude man like him? Oh, yes. Maybe there is, he could hook stupid women from the corner, I guess.

Yeah, he's kinda cute or my type of guy, but c'mon, try harder next time fellow Mage.

Then here comes this handsome male student who acted like an Alpha in the group. Too handsome.

I heard from my friend that he was an ugly man back then. He awakened as a Ki-user.

He keeps hitting the dungeon to increase his level. Oh, well, I believe he's a Ki-user who put a lot of his attributes into his charisma. I guess men like him wanted to become popular. However, I don't want him to become my husband.

As I thought, the comics they have read from their country have greatly influenced their lifestyle a bit. I feel sorry for them. I believed they mistakenly believed women like us will become one of their mistresses here. Too bad. They were a lot of men who were more powerful, handsome, and influential than them.

Then this guy looked like a character in the anime. He's wearing black and acted like a stranger. Wow... just wow... Are you copying a strong harem protagonist? My goodness, they need to act like an adult. Have some shame, okay?

'I loathe my friends for dating this type of people. Can they find someone better than these people?' I sigh.

As I finally escape from the boring event, I happily walk alone in the street. The cold breeze coming from the South is hitting my nerves.

'My gosh, I'm 21 years old now. But this weather is sending me a cold response,' I cry inside my head.

But a familiar scent of an odor comes across my nose. Then, I halt.

I follow the smell until I find the source.

'OMG! This smell. I know this smell. This is not a simple odor of a man. It's a real man! It's from Instructor Walking Disaster. It's Instructor Walking Disaster! Kyaaa, why is he here? Is he looking after me because I joined my friend's stupid gimmick earlier? Is he stalking me because he feels threatened? OMG, you don't have to do that, you know. Your student is not a bitch that could easily fall in love with weak people. Why aren't you in your car? Where is your car? Are you here to pick me up? Or Are you perhaps planning to walk me home tonight? OMG, you don't have to worry! This is taboo, instructor. A taboo move. But I like it,' my pupils glistered upon seeing him in flesh. My heart pumps in and out too fast.

My face is turning red when he glares at me.

'Omg, he knows I am here. Even though we were only 500 meters apart, I am pretty sure he senses my presence. As expected to my instructor!' I beam.

'It's only 500 meters. I can move there!'

I use my [Blink] spell to get closer and closer to his direction. As I rush to his side, he quickly vanishes from my sight. And when I arrive, he was no longer there.

'Oh, no. He's testing me again. This is what my mother always tells me. A true man will always test your patience. So far, this is nothing! Nothing! I'm not an idiot. I know he's challenging me again. I believe he sensed me, so he's using this situation to pick me up or it is just a test to find him so we can walk together. Like we were always doing so before he became my personal trainer, I mean, public professor of our campus! Or I was just really an idiot. He's a dangerous hunter who loved to work. Maybe, he's currently on duty?' I check my phone, but there is no notification panel from it. 'No, I guess he's already done. Don't worry, instructor. I will find you immediately. So before you go home, walk me home instead!'

I clutch a hand between my chest as I wander my eyes to look after him.

"Hmm, where did he go? By the way, what was he looking at earlier anyway? Oh, it's a Samoa poster. OMG, I remember this island. This is the place where I witness his true powers!"

Five years ago, I was just a stupid and immature student who got luckily survived the hijack incident.

After the death of Walther the Hardcore, I went into trouble to open up with the male hunter who saved me earlier.

But whenever I found a chance to talk with him, he always disappeared out of my sight.

"Oh, no, I want to apologize, but it appears that person is trying to avoid me to do so," I clutched my hands between my chest in a gloomy mood.

I could hear the siren of the vehicles from the police, the medical team, and also the UN Special Task Force.

I heard a notification tune from my phone.

I opened it and read the content.

'STF wants us to avoid unnecessary movement, huh? Hmm, I wonder what will happen next.'

I slid down on the emergency exit of the plane, and I tracked down the trace of my savior.

Thankfully, he was only on the corner together with the two old men.

'Even he's too ugly to look, he looks mature in that stance,' I silently complimented inside my head.

The STF staff rushed inside the plane and carried the covered bodies of the criminals. Since it was none of my business, I headed for the spot of the three old men.

I was about to say a greeting, but it appeared the male hunter was quietly staring at the building.

'Hmm, I wonder what is he thinking right now,' I tilted my head in contemplation.

At this moment, I was certain that I had to make a move.

'While he is concentrating on something right now, I can use this opportunity too. I'll just stand beside him and wait for the right timing. Right, you can do it, Helena!' I made guts pose.

But as I stepped my foot towards my savior, someone interrupted our moment together.

"Ahem, I'm sorry, but can I have your moment for a while, miss?" asked the British guy.

My eyes shifted at his location with wrinkled eyebrows.

"No, I have no time for chitchat," I refused.

'Don't you see I am busy? Take a guess, will ya! Read the mood!'

"I apologize, but I hope you will listen to my story, miss. Please lend me your ears this time," the British guy scratched his head as he requested.

'Boooo! I hate this guy. Can you see I want to talk with my savior? Never mind. It won't take a while, right? Be grateful, this Helena here is a generous person, hmph.'

"Make it short, mister," I folded my arms across my chest and looked at him directly through his eyes.

"Good. My name is Rick Bond. What's your name?" asked Rick as he extended his hand to be shaken. "I don't give my name to a stranger unless they are an important guest or a relative of my family," I stood firm.

"Man... I didn't think it will be that easy, huh. Then, are you going to ignore this then?" Rick suddenly pulled out his phone and sent something. Then, I received a mail from my phone.

"What the— an A-class mission?" I was perplexed upon seeing it.

The British old man smirked.

"I guess, you're really a hunter, huh."

'Wait, why did I receive it? This is nonsense. Unless otherwise, someone with a higher rank will force the management to track down the hunters who are near the designated location.'

I gritted my teeth as I glared at him in disgust.

"W-who are you?" I asked angrily. "As I said before, my name is Rick Bond. Now, miss. I know you are no ordinary woman. Tell me your name now," he asked with a grave tone.

My body received heavy pressure.

'What a powerful bloodlust. D-d-don't tell me, he's a veteran hunter like my savior? I'm screwed. Helena, you bad girl. You're really an idiot!'

I held my breath and endured the pain for a few seconds.

"I-I apologize. I'm Helena. Helena von Adrielle," I gave in.

The British male hunter was surprised upon hearing it.

"Good grief, I didn't expect to meet in person a cute princess of the United Realm. Man, I guess this mission will be a piece of cake this time," Rick simpered as he scanned me from the feet to my face.

"Y-y-you can just read my profile by asking the HQ about me. Why do you have to face me, though?" I questioned. "Because it is more comfortable to know you in person. Got it? Do you want to work with someone you just read in the phone? No. So I made a gamble by talking with you in person," Rick answered promptly.

"I am only a C-Class hunter. What is your rank anyway?" I queried. "SS Class. I'm Killstreak, one of the Shadow Captains of Freedom City. Nice to meet ya," Rick introduced himself with a badass look.

'S... SS... SS-Class hunter? And a Captain? Unbelievable. So he's also an instructor of the Academy in our country!' I shuddered. It gave me a shiver.

"Hey, hey, you don't have to be frightened. I'm not going to bite you. Chill," Mr. Rick tapped my shoulder to calm me down. "Y-y-yes, instructor," I answered politely.

The British male hunter blinked his eyes uncomfortably.

"Good grief. Don't call me an instructor in this open area. It will only put my life in danger, you see," Mr. Rick heaved a tiring sigh. "Y-y-yes, instructor Killstreak," I subconsciously called him by his codename.

"C'mon, didn't you just hear me earlier? Never mind. My goodness, this will take a while, I guess. Okay, listen up. I just received a new mission from the HQ. And just read the description and the objective, okay? I don't need to discuss this in person. You can perhaps use the [Code] to talk with me," Mr. Rick instructed carefully. "Y-y-yes, sir!" I stood firm in respect.

"Hahaha, look at you, you're a funny, milady. Oh, by the way, don't tell your dad what happened here, okay," Mr. Rick tapped both of my shoulders. But it only made me tremble. "Yes, sir!" I responded with a shaky look.

Then, Mr. Rick went to talk with the male hunter next. It appeared he accepted the mission too.

'OMG! I'm so excited. This is what I liked. An adventure with veterans. My boring life is over. This is the real deal! Kyaaa, I love it!'

According to the record, Dr. Nafario was holding a weapon of destruction. The relic of the ancient civilization.

It stated that the power of this relic could change the course of the life of a single man. But it was only applicable to people who were born in East Asia.

One thing in common, there was a person named Kim Wuu- of something, or Zhang whatever his family name, who was a pathetic loser who got bullied by his classmates or had a terrible family life. Then, both of them received irregular powers. They called it a 'system' or an 'Awakening'.

They would often hear a voice inside their heads and read a text that appeared from the invisible screen.

Whether they liked it or not, they had no other choice but to listen to it. And they would never reveal it since they believed they became a better person. But little did they know, the system was a product of evil. It was a powerful relic made by a powerful demon.

OMG. The people who possessed the so-called system only hit the pathetic losers, you see. I read a lot of ancient textbooks in our family library, but it was really an unexpected turn of events.

That was one of the reasons I often made sure to avoid using the relics or became a loser. Yeah, you would become the strongest, but you would become a monster or a demonically possessed user. They believed they were killing monsters, but they were the monster who were killing their own fellow human beings.

My goodness.

The demon would manipulate you to believe you were in control, but you didn't realize you were just in suspended animation. The demon who owned that relic power was the one who was in total control!

They were classified as the 'living nukes' that could destroy a civilization.

The users who were salvaged through exorcists committed suicide after they discovered the truth.

'I'm not a master of the sect? This is fuckin' lie!' or 'I'm not even reincarnated in another world? Fuck!' - these were their last words recorded and passed down to the media.

'I feel sorry for them,' I heaved a sigh.

If this relic was here, no wonder the SSS class criminal like Walther would put his money to take this.