Chapter 7:

Samoa Incident: Helena POV (2)

Wake Up, Lousy Agent

I followed the veterans and the low-level STF staff inside the abandoned airport.

One of the officers left us to secure the perimeter. I had no clue what would happen next, so I walked beside my savior.

Since I possessed a beautiful face and sexy body, I made a decisive move to open a topic. I was certain that this type of person wouldn't mind talking with a beautiful girl like me.

However, every time I talked about something related to the job, he was not even looking at me. I sensed something like this person had zero interest to the opposite sex.

'Hello? I'm cute, you know. Hey, hey, are you a member of a community that you don't even look at this cute and beautiful lady, mister?' I pouted as I tried to get his attention.

If they were the same boys at the Academy, they would immediately open their phones to take my number, you know.

But this man was too serious! He's stoic like a stone.

But suddenly, his feet stopped moving, and he looked at the transparent wall with a grave-looking gaze.

"Fuc.. kin' useless, pricks. They... didn't see what will comin'," my savior quoted with a badass position.

'OMG. Is this what you call an event? Stating those quotes has a deeply special meaning!' I was amused.

I slowly approached him with my hands behind my waist. Out of curiosity, I interrupted his concentration.

I acted like a clumsy or foxy-type woman.

"What? There is another disaster that will come, huh? Precognition? To think you have the same ability as my father," I greatly questioned with a curious look.

I was expecting to see his blushing face, but out of my expectation, he looked at me with disgust.

"Huh?" my savior glared at my eyes angrily.

'OMG, he's resembling my tsundere dad! That look. I am certain. He's interested. Or I got his attention because of it. Mother always reminded me that boys who looked at you with disgust or angrily are interested in you. Okay... Okay, I'll play safe first. Let's keep this way professionally,' I smiled with open teeth.

"Hey, hey, how did you do it? How did you beat them? I didn't sense any magic or Ki-powers, though. How?" I kept pestering him with three consecutive questions.

My savior continued to walk and played dumb.

"No comment," he replied without looking back.

'O-M-G. He's interested. I'm pretty sure he's a tsundere type. How childish. But I like it. Hehe~, I got you now. Be grateful that a beautiful princess like me is talking with you despite how average you possess in your feature, my savior. But talking to me is priceless, you know. This is my payment for saving me. Hehe~.'

Despite how uncaring type he was, I was sure I could keep up with him. I would show him how a true fox like me could unlock his hidden side.

"Wow... How rude~. As expected of a high-ranked Hunter, he's not easy to read. He said that we were useless. Does he mean, there is another group who will make a drastic move?" I commented as I tried to act clueless.

But our conversation was interrupted by someone.

"Shit, Ms. Adrielle, you have to protect me, or else the world will meet its brutal end," Dr. Nafario interjected and moved between us.

My veins popped out from my forehead. But I was in the mood, so I had to act professionally in front of the customer.

"Don't worry, we got this!" I gave him a thumbs-up to reassure him.

'You filthy pervert-looking businessman. Step aside! I'm in the middle of an important talk with my savior! Step aside, will ya!' I chided inside my head whilst keeping a poker smile.

As I pushed the customer's face out of my sight, I found my savior was talking with the staff officer. Then, instructor Killstreak talked with him in private.

'Kuuuu— Why is everyone stealing his attention? My goodness, this is making nuts!' I gritted my teeth out of anger.

But thankfully, I found a chance to talk with him when Instructor Killstreak mentioned a [Code].

"Sorry, please excuse me for a while. I need to report something. Where is the toilet, officer?" asked Instructor Killstreak gravely.

'I'm going to call someone. Stay alert. I'm going to scan the place,' according to the [Code] book.

"That corner. Turn left once you arrive in the hallway," the staff officer mentioned.

He meant in [Code], 'We will. That place is a possible route for the enemies.'

'Enemies? Seriously, are we going to fight them head-on?' I was surprised.

"Thanks. Hey mate, watch the client for me," Instructor Killstreak gave a light punch on my savior's chest.

In the code translation, he meant, 'I'll go alone. Let's kill them all, partner.'

'I was very confused. I believed we were only going to escort this guy. Are they giving me a hint that we're going to fight the Golden Circle in this place? For real?'

I tried to use my ability to scan the area, but I couldn't feel any living thing within my radar.

Then, suddenly, my savior turned serious in a few seconds.

"Shit, I need to hit the toilet too. Please excuse me," he declared as he put his luggage on the corner.

Leaving it behind meant he's dead serious.

According to the hunter Code, it translated as: "The enemies are here. Get ready!"

'Eh? Eeeh? I don't feel any hostility nearby. Seriously, the enemies are here now? But where? That location? Or are you really guys going to hit a toilet to take a pee? My savior, I'm confused. What do you mean? Tell me, give me a hint!' I was very worried and wary at the same time.

If he was using a [Code] then I would do the same thing!

"Wait, sir. But we are not supposed to split up right away. Sir Bond ordered us to stay here with the client, though," I asked.

It was translated as 'Tell me, savior. How did you find out that there is an enemy approaching the area? Are you telling me Killstreak's life is in grave danger? Then, I'll come too!'

"Naah, step aside," my savior pushed me aside.

'But I want to come too!' I moved in front of him again.

However, a powerful force of Ki's aura gravely put me in a stern position. I couldn't breathe properly.

"Eh, oh my goodness, they are here. I sensed a group of Ki users in that direction. Are you sure you can handle it?" I asked as I tried to open my mouth.

"What the heck... are you talking about? I'm only going to take a shit. Back off," my savior used an [Code] again and gently pushed me aside.

It was translated as 'SS or SSS class? They are nothing to me. I'll deal with them by myself.'

"S-sure~," I held my breath.

"As expected of high-ranked hunters, taking them out is just dumping shit on the toilet, huh. We will stay here and wait for the result," I surrendered.

'I don't know how powerful he is. I want to help, but I might stand in their way when he goes all out in this place. Is Instructor Killstreak in grave danger? I-I-Incredible. What a true companion he is!' I was amazed.

Ten minutes later.

I heard the sound of gunfire in all directions.

"Quick. Get the customer to the safety!" I commanded. "Yes, miss. Right away!" the staff officer guided us to the safe route.

'Stay alive everyone. Be safe, my savior!' I prayed.

Then, I received a mail from Instructor Killstreak. He told me what the extraction point was and where our escort plane will land.

"How long should we wait until the plane will arrive?" Dr. Nafario shivered as he hid behind my back. "We're going to stay hidden here while my comrades are dealing with the enemies. Our priority is to stay here and stay on guard," I instructed strictly.

"Are they capable to stop those people? Golden Circle has a lot of Ki-users and mages at their disposal. Not only that, their leader won't stop until he stole this item from me," worried Dr. Nafario as he tugged my sleeves. "Yes, sir. They can. Just believe the veterans. They got this," I assured.

'Gosh, I want to help. I want to toil, but these people are hindering my activity!' I clenched my fists tightly.

We're running for almost ten minutes away from combat. And we finally reached a place where we could relax for a bit.

However, I didn't expect a sneak attack coming from a notorious hired hitman.

Our customer swallowed his saliva as he found a small fly next to us. His eyes opened wide as he recognized it.

"Shit, that's not an ordinary fly. Ms. Hunter, kill that fly quickly. Aah. Never mind, I'll do it myself!" Dr. Nafario smashed the insect with his briefcase. Then, he used the case as a shield.

'Umm... what? OM—G!'.


I small portion of the explosion hit the room where we were hiding.

'Shit!' I gritted my teeth as I stood up from the broken floor.

Luckily, we received minor injuries. But the wall next to us collapsed, giving an opening for possible snipe assault from any direction.

"SSS Class Buggy the Fly, this is bad," I murmured.

He's a menace. He's one of the infamous Ki-user who could tame a lot of flies at his disposal. For the record, he's an unbeatable and undetectable criminal.

He killed a lot of SSS hunters from our country.

'I have to put the client in a safe place again. To think this scumbag is here. This is really bad!'

"Found you all. To think you're hiding like an insect in this small room. I'm very disappointed," his acerbic voice crossed our ears.

A man in his black combat suit went down to check our condition. As I struggled to stand up, he folded his arms across his chest.

He's looking down at us and treating us like an insect. It was none other than, Buggy the Fly in his custom-made Fly shape outfit.

"Man, my employer will be happy about this, people. Not only I found the item, but also I didn't expect a famous princess of my former country will pay a visit to this island to do an international side quest. Unbelievable," Buggy the Fly mocked.

'Good grief. How unlucky we are! We're really screwed!'

"I won't take your time. The briefcase is secure. It is nice to meet you in person, princess. But a job is a job. Since you're here anyway, why not I take the bounty for myself? You're worth a million US dollars, you know. I believe it is necessary that I have to kill you first. Farewell," Buggy the Fly sent his insects to kill.

"Tsk, [Barrier!]" I cast a spell, but only two layers of the magic barrier were formed to deflect his attacks.

"Futile!" Buggy the Fly formed a large spear on his palm by using his flies, and he made a stance.

He then released it and threw it in my direction.

My barrier collapsed at the first spear, but since I was still recovering from the last assault, I was unable to build another barrier. Thus, I closed my eyes, accepting my impending death. Or so I thought.

As I opened my eyes, the spear was almost an inch in my eyes.

'S-savior? H-how did you get here?'

My savior was holding the weapon with a bare hand. His other hand was holding a small missile rocket.

His body was drenched with blood, and I could feel the sense of anger coming out of his body.

'What... W-w-what just happened? What on earth just happened? It happened too fast! How about the scumbag who tried to kill? Hu— OMG?' I covered my mouth in fear as I witnessed the head and the body of the SSS Class Ki-user slowly separating from each other.

"H-h-how did you kill me? *Cough* Oh, fuc—k" spoke Buggy the Fly's last word upon seeing my savior.

His headless body fell down on the surface and his head rolled down in front of our client and the staff officer.

Every single one of us couldn't hide our shock.

I won't ask anymore. All I witnessed was the end of the era of an infamous criminal.

— SSS Class Buggy the Fly was brutally murdered by my savior!