Chapter 8:

Samoa Incident: Rick POV

Wake Up, Lousy Agent

Ten minutes earlier.

I went for the left corner to defend it. As I approached the area, the footsteps of an armed group were coming closer.

I quickly made a fighting stance to engage the enemy's position.

Without a second thought, I used my Ki-power of agility to slice their throats before they could react. Four of the enemies were easily decapitated and fell down on the ground.

Blood lay scattered across the hallway. The surviving members tried to shoot me, but since they were slow to react, I cut their hands one by one and then, stabbed their eyes with the hidden blades on my jacket.

*Bang* *Bang* *Bang* *Bang* *Bang* *Bang*

I heard a lot of gunfire where my comrade was currently protecting.

'What a great ally. I'm glad an irregular is at our side. This will take a while. I'll back you up after I'm done here, mate.'

Two of the heavily armed units aimed their rifles at my position. Then, they fired at the command of their Captain.

"Shit!" I rolled down and used the body of their comrade. Then, I waited for the right time to kill them.

When they changed their magazines, I tossed two knives in their direction. One of them got hit, and the other member only received a fatal wound in his shoulder.

Then, I jumped side by side from the wall and used my Ki power to strengthen my feet to make me faster than before.

In just a blink of their eyes, their bodies splashed out a lot of their blood.

I did everything I can to defend the area. But after five minutes, my body was almost reaching its limit.

'Wait, this ain't right. I should be able to keep up for more than 4 hours,' I sensed something odd.

I shifted my gaze from left to right. Then, I saw some flies setting a small portion of the blue neon gem.

'Wait, a blue gem? Oh, fuck. That's the same crystal that suppresses the power of the Ki-users and mages!' I sliced in half all of the flies that I could find in every corner.

But the enemies keep bothering me.

'I have to stop the insects here. Who would even use this type of insect? D-d-don't tell, it's Buggy? Buggy the Fly!' I gritted my teeth in anger.

"To think the Golden Circle will send a high-profiled hitman. What a blast. Good grief. If the insects successfully placed those small pieces of gems around this building, we'll definitely lose our chances to fight back," I slammed a hand on the wall.

Another unit was approaching. I had no other choice, but to pull back a little. The fight was getting out of my calculation.

Only that bastard could use these insects too efficiently.

Buggy the Fly should be here somewhere. But man, I didn't want to face him head-on. No, I wasn't ready to face him one by one!

He's considered an extremely dangerous opponent, and he claimed one of the top spots for reaching the highest rating for killing a lot of our agents with SSS certificates in STF. His bounty was approximately at six digits, you see.

I immediately went into hiding upon seeing a flock of flies moving faster in my direction. Thankfully, it appeared they weren't ordered to hunt me down.

From my current position, a loud sound of an explosion crossed my ears.

'Are they nuts? Don't they even realize the public media nearby will see it? Wait for a second,' I noticed something odd.

As I took a peek at the broken window, I used my Ki-power to change the color of my pupils from blue to dark blue. Then, I found a cylinder-shaped machine floating like flying insects.

It activated a sounf proof barrier and an illusion, so the public won't even noticed what was currently happening in the building.

'Oh, that's the reason for being aggressive this time. They are using drones to cover the place. As expected by Golden Circle, they are fully pouring everything to take the item from our client,' I rubbed a hand on my jaw as I focused on the machines in my direction.

"Enemy spotted!" an enemy reported. "Ah, shit!" I quickly made a side step to avoid the bullets.

Five men on the right. Six men on the left.

I was already cornered, but since I was already used to this situation, I used my ki-power to make a flashing step.

Flashing steps was a common ability that only the strong people of the organization often taught in the academy. And when you trained harder than the others, you would become an unstoppable machine!

"Futile!" I smirked and then I vanished from the eyes.

One by one, I stabbed and sliced the vital parts of their bodies. No one succeeded to give me a scratch or hurt me a little.

But I could feel the effects of the tiny gems nearby. I was starting to feel tired and dizzy at the same time.

'Fuck, this is bad. Their dirty tactic to suppress our powers is slowly moving according to their plan. This is pretty bad for us,' I placed a hand on my chest and leaned my arms on the wall.

My eyes were starting to shed tears of blood. And I was coughing blood out of my mouth.

'Shit. The side effects are hitting me hard. Sooner or later, I will die from this fuckin' power.'

Thus, I deliberately stabbed my right arm to keep my mind stable.


"Damn, I guess my comrade is hitting them harder than before. If he's still fighting, then so do I. I'll fight until the end!" I stood up firmly and slowly moved to the safe position whilst waiting for the enemies to come.

I picked up the FAMAS rifle and its seven loaded magazines. Then, I put on an armored vest.

I pulled out a box of Tobacco and picked up a stick. I flicked a finger to ignite it through friction.

After that, I blew out a cloud of smoke.

"Man, the next wave will definitely push me to the edge, huh," I shifted my gaze in the direction of the several heavy footsteps.

I tossed a grenade at their position and I took cover in the bearing wall.

A loud explosion and cries of fallen enemies burst into my ears.

Before they could detect my position, I swarmed them with bullets.

Four of them died and the rest retreated to the safe position, waiting for an opening.

I hid behind the wall again and changed my magazine quickly.

But my body was starting to feel heavy. My eyes were pouring out blood.

I coughed blood again.

"Fuck... Fuck... *Cough* Fuck!" I clicked my tongue as I tried to keep my mind intact.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.

'You can do it, Rick. You're fine. You're definitely fine. This is nothing. Take a deep breath. Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale. You can do it!'

I made a sidestep and aimed my gun. Then, I showered the enemy's tight position with my bullets again.

I kept doing it until I managed to decrease their numbers from 8 to 5.

"Nice. I'll try to hold them off until the extraction team arrives," I cackled.

But my facial expression changed from rejoicing to mourning. The reinforcement arrived and their numbers increased to ten people.

'Fuck, they multiple!' I gritted my teeth.

'My comrades are doing their role seriously. I have to hold them off!'

I changed a magazine and rolled them down to shoot all.

But the blood from my eyes blurred my view, so the enemies luckily hit my right leg before I reached the safe corner.

My whole body was almost reaching its limits.

'Fuck, fuck, fuck! I'm Killstreak. This is nothing. As one of the shadow Captains of Freedom City, I will protect the client at all costs!'

When I was about to greet the enemies with my bullets, a platinum short-haired masked woman appeared in front of me. Then, she hovered her hand and closed it.

'A, a girl?'

"You're nothing, but a weak and lousy hunter," the woman hit me hard into my stomach. "Goaaagh," I was pushed back into the corner, but the second I almost controlled my stand, she used a blink to hit my face with a powerful leg flip.

My body hit the wall and fell down on the floor pathetically. My body left a large crack on the wall after I bumped into it.

I coughed out.

'Fuck.... A mage...,' I tried to lift my body and opened my eyes, but my body didnt listen to what I wanted to do. But thankfully, I glimpsed a small part of her features.

I saw her sharp ears like an elf in the movies. Her outfit was covered with mana, but her presence seemed too majestic to look at. It was like a powerful deity appeared in front of a low-life mortal.

"W-w-wait, an elf?" I blurted out as I was surprised to see it myself. "Every person who meets me in person always mistook me for that mystical race. I'm no elf. I'm a human mage," the woman walked closer to my position with an emotionless voice.

I tried to stand up, but she used a spell to bind me down.

"Stand down. You're already subdued completely, STF hunter," the woman cast another spell to add another layer of her magic to bind me completely. "I... I can still fight," I resisted.

She looked down at me and heaved a tiring sigh.

"You're already defeated," the woman used a passive spell to ease my pain from the power of the gems.

'She's completely unaffected by the effects? But how? D-d-don't me she's an SSS class criminal? But I've never heard about her.'

"Looking at you, you're trying to find out who am I and how I am still unaffected. I guess some people don't know my name yet, huh," the woman knelt down on one knee and she lifted my chin up.

"W-w-who are you?" I asked promptly. "Do you really think I will tell you, STF hunter? I believe you should find someone else to chat with," she refused to answer.

"What... what is your rank?" I questioned. "I'm still unranked," she responded without a hitch.

'Say, what?' I opened my eyes widely.

"Then... you're an irregular too?" I muttered aside that only the two of us could hear. "Maybe, my mother told me that I possessed a rare ability and because of that, my body was starting to change a little bit," she mentioned with a grim look.

"Miss, reporting. The left side is completely wiped out," the minion reported. "Hmm? Wipe out?" the woman asked without looking.

The minion gulped his saliva.

"They were completely wiped out. Commander Greg the Droneranger died!"

'Greg the Droneranger? Fuck, yeah! Nice one, comrade!' I made guts pose inside my head.

The woman was a bit perplexed upon hearing this.

"But it is not important. Since this area is already completely secured. Commander Buggy told us to proceed to follow him at the edge of this building. He even told us that he already tracked down the location of the target, miss," one of the minions reported. "Hmmm," her gaze shifted to the person who spoke.

"Miss, s-s-should we head out now?" he asked with a shaky tone.

The woman remained quiet for a few seconds. Her companions were starting to feel worried.

Their bodies stiffened when she stood up.

"Go ahead. We're done here. Rendezvous with Buggy the Fly quickly," she commanded emotionless. "Yes, miss!" they saluted and saluted.

"How in the world that person died?" she questioned. "Heeh~, you guys are underestimating us. You didn't see it coming, right? Good grief," I grinned.

She looked upset upon hearing my joke.

"What do you mean by that? I completely read the files of the people inside the plane. Only you Mr. Killstreak and the Invincible Dark mage are the protectors, though," the woman was a bit confused.

"Miss, miss!" a sound of a panicked voice came out of her radio.

"Yes, what is it?" she asked as she pressed a button. "Miss, the drones. The drones!" the minion's voice was shaking a bit.

"What is wrong with the drones?" she questioned emotionless. "The drones are killing all of our comrades! Please help us! Aaaaah!" the minion screamed before the transmission cut off.

"What's happening?" her body trembled with cold sweat.

'I have no idea too.'

Then, a sound of a flying object appeared from the transparent mirror wall.

Both of us were surprised to see a human hanging on a small drone.

"W-w-why are you still alive? What on earth is going on? I thought I killed you," she muttered with a trembling voice.

His eyes looked at her with bloodlust.

"Kill," my comrade spoke a direct order whilst holding the drone tightly. Then four big drones slammed into the wall mirror, and directly attacked her.

The bind spells disappeared and I quickly rolled to the safe point. She cast a barrier spell, but the impact resulted in her getting tossed into the wall.

"Man, just how strong you are? Not only beaten a notorious Gang leader, but you even controlled his drones without a problem? Unbelievable... I guess machines... are the only thing that could be useful against these scumbags. But thank you for helpin' me. Oh, uh, oh? He's... gone." I placed a hand on my shoulder and leaned my body on the wall.

'I better keep goin' before she wakes up.'

I decided to retreat and rendezvous with Helena and the client. Then, I used my remaining strength to chaste my comrade. And when I almost reached him, he beheaded Buggy the Fly without a scratch.

It was a smooth and clean cut into his vitals.

"You keep crying that it was an accident when you killed that son of a bitch in the plane. Acting like a loser in front of the princess to save your ass earlier. I'm glad I am not stupid enough to fall into your act. After all, I'm also a professional swindler. But man, you're stronger than I thought," I shuddered upon seeing him completely beat up the enemies by himself.

'What a monster!' I slightly smiled.