Chapter 9:

Samoa Incident: Lixue POV

Wake Up, Lousy Agent

Present day.

My name is Lixue, the sole daughter of the Headmaster of the Mingxi Shadow Clan.

Due to my unique hair color, my parents named me after the ancient Chinese text which means "Pretty" and "Pure".

My clan is one of the six families that founded the Golden Circle. It is originally a group of infamous dark sects during the Qing Dynasty, but after the civil war in China, the families hid the original affiliation from shadow to Triads.

We're supposed to be a powerful shadow clan, but since the objective of the organization had changed, we went below the rank of criminals.

We ain't really that bad! It is the other five families who turned into monstrous corrupt animals.

I wanted to change the policy of this organization, but the root of evil had already consumed the hearts of the other five families of the organization. But one day, someone destroyed it completely without any remorse.

I'm already twenty-two years old. And I'm currently residing in an expensive condominium. Room 204.

I gently comb my hair and tie my ribbon to form a ponytail style.

According to my analysis, my target loved this kind of hairstyle. Hence, I spent a lot of years keeping my hair longer than before. Not only to mention, but I also poured a lot of money to buy an expensive cute outfit, accessories, and feminine make-up just to keep him in check.

Yes, it was my main weapon to get closer to my target! My only target!

'Hmph, I am always prepared to spray myself with luxurious feminine perfume to attract his attention!' I make guts pose.

Keeping myself dignified and cute in front of him is one of the weaknesses I found about him during my five-year-long observation.

He's the only person that my father admitted his defeat to, so I had to kill him by lowering his guard.

I clap my cheeks and hold my breath.

I am at the entrance of the building, waiting for someone.

Why am I here? Because there is someone I am waiting patiently. Every day, every night, I always do this.

It's not like what you think it is. I am only doing this as a facade, but there is a hidden meaning behind this act.

I am doing this for my sole mission. To kill Holmer Aldnoa, the number one Golden Circle's main nemesis not only in this country but also in the entire world! He's the one I was referring to — the person who ruined the reputation of the Golden Circle! Not only he made fun of us and put the six headmasters in their place, but also he even stole the important thing that I treasured the most!

For five years I tried to retake it, but I was still weak. I cannot do it because he's stronger than me.

That's why I keep doing this. Acting like a normal girl.

I don't love him. I hate him. No, I loathe his existence the most!

Mother always reminded me that men will always lower their guard down when they face a cute girl.

Because some men will fall in love with an emotionless cute girl. From East Asia's perspective, they are known as 'Kuudere'.

But I ain't a Kuudere. Yes, I am not. I wasn't even one though.

If he keeps playing dumb, I will kill him! But he's stronger than me. Too strong that I want to embra-- *cough. Damn it, no this is not right. I want to ki-- *cough*. No, it's not right either! Too strong that I want to use a powerful spell to bind him down.

'It's already 23:32 in the evening, my target is already late for two hours. This is bad. Really bad. My target should be here right now. Is he alright? Or Is he busy at his work and decides to work overtime? Or is he currently drinking with his coworkers? Or... ' I gulp my saliva.

"Or is he walking home with someone? A boy or girl? A... girl? Student? High School Teacher? And an adult woman with a child? Or an old lady who wanted to bear a child with an adult like him? No... no... no way!" my eyes changed gradually from lime color to purple. I clench my fists tightly and grit my teeth angrily. "No... is he going to do that this early? That bastard. I should have already killed him before he did that!"

My ears turn pointier than a normal size of a human, and my mana is bursting out of control.

As I already remove my apron with a logo of a heart in the middle, the automatic door opens with its notification sound.

"Gosh, it's too cold. Thankfully, it's yet the winter season," my target rubs his shoes on the map. Then, he massages his shoulder.

Without a hitch, I quickly put on my apron and keep a smiling face. My eye color and ears turn back to normal.

"Hmm?" my target notices me. "Oh, hi, you're late, but hello," I wave a hand with an emotionless facade.

"Good evening, Ms. Lixue. Why... why are you here again? Man, who am I talking? It's an ordinary and usual day, of course. By the way, it's already this late, you know," my target tilts his head with a confused look. "Don't worry, Mr. Aldnoa. I, uh, I just arrived tonight. Like usual. You know, I, uh, I forgot something, so I went outside to buy that important thing in the grocery store. H-h-how about you? W-why are you so late to come... home?" I questioned.

'C'mon, target. Tell me. Or else, you'll die. You'll die for sure! Your bounty worth a hundred billion dollars will be mine.'

My target's face stiffens upon hearing my question. Then, he scratches a finger on his chin.

'Wait, why are you worried? It is a simple question, though.'

"I, uh, I... it's a long story. Man, I... I just bumped someone earlier, and then, the authority confiscated my vehicle as compensation. That's why I decided to walk home this time," he answers promptly.

He looks innocent, but his response is really unconvincing. As a professional shadow hitman, I smell something fishy behind its meaning.

I sniff. Sniff. And keep sniffing around the air. Then, I feel relief when I don't sense an enemy.

'He's mine. Mine! No one shall take his life, but me! He's mine!' my eyes slowly turn darker than before. But it suddenly disappears upon seeing my target's face.

"Uh, eh, what are you doing, Ms. Lixue?" my target looks perplexed. "Oh, I'm just checking something. You smell so bad, so I believe you should take a bath," I answer with emotionless looks.

'Oh, I almost made a mistake. Thankfully, he didn't notice that I was checking his vitals to find his weakness. Yes, I was only checking for his weakness. It is not I am checking a woman's scent or something, you see. Yes, Lixue. You're only doing this to kill him!'

"Ah, great. I'm going to do that. Umm, your hand, please," my target points his lips at my arms.

'Ah, shit. I didn't notice I was holding his sleeves. I have to make an excuse!'

"Didn't you say you're hungry, did you? How about you... come to my place first?" I recommend it emotionlessly.

My target looks surprised, but he mutters something that only he could hear.

"That's not a bad idea. But she has a lover though. No, Holmer, she's only being nice. She's already a woman who is already in a relationship with a handsome rich man. Man, I want a girlfriend like her too, but there is no such thing existed in this world. Someone like me... Have nothing."

His face turned blank lifelessly upon saying it.

I tilt my head to the side whilst my hands are behind my waist.

"What are you whispering?" I ask, smiling. "Nothing. I'm only talking to myself," he responds politely.

"So... are you accepting my offer?" I query. "Umm, but... Never mind. But I'll only go there to eat and when I'm done, I'll head back to my room, okay," my target heave a tiring sigh as he worried.

'Great. That's good. It is really hard to keep you in check. But I'll make sure you will die tonight!'

"No problem. C'mon, let's go back to my room. I prepare special food," I cling my hands across his elbow gently. "Hmm, I wonder what type of cuisine did you make tonight. I cannot wait, Ms. Lixue," my target giggle.

'Damn it, I tried to lower his guard, but he was not even blushing! It's like he's already used to it or something. Did he date another female assassin and spent a night together? Someone... someone is stealing my objective! This is bad. Is there someone's chest bigger than mine? Then... I... I... I should kill her immediately!' I bit my lower lips in dismay.

My eyes gradually turn darker than ever.

I could feel the heart of my target is starting to pump too fast. But I know he's only excited. He's sweating a lot and his eyes look like a dead fry fish.

He's ugly, but I don't care. His only purpose now is to die at my hands.

I am the first female hitman who found him. The person who witnesses how he beat down my father in a one-on-one battle. I'm the only one who glimpses his impressive skills that put an end to the corruption of the other five families.

'He's mine. No one is allowed to steal my prey.'

I have already known him for five years!

Five years ago.

I was tasked to hunt down Dr. Nafario Ario, a German nationalist. It was my first job as a hitman.

Our objective was to retrieve the briefcase.

Our leader received the sad news that SSS Class commander Walther the Hardcore died. Thus, [Operation Samoa] has been activated.

The only intel that we received was Helena the Invincible Dark Mage and Rick Bond the Killstreak, a shadow puppet of the United Realm are riding in the plane. They were suspected to be the people who killed our companion.

The Golden Circle picked the best people for the job. And the Chairman gave us all our specific roles for this job. Then, we're dispatched immediately via a cargo plane.

Greg the Droneranger, commander of A-team.

Buggy the Fly, commander of the B-team.

And, I am the commander of the support team.

We're completely prepared to end this quickly. But unbeknownst to us, we were unaware that there was an irregular existence lurking in the place. Out of nowhere, he appeared to hunt us and decisively ended the era of three SSS-class elites of the criminal organization.

The monster in a flesh.