Chapter 10:

Samoa Incident: Holmer POV (2)

Wake Up, Lousy Agent

'Fuck, fuck, I fucked up. I fucked up really hard!' my body shuddered upon seeing the corpses of the armed units on the floor.

One by one, I avoided my shoes to step on the floor that was completely flooded with their bloods.

All of them received a direct hit from the gun that I tossed into the trash bin earlier. They received a fatal wound in their bodies.

'Umm, uh, eh, I'm innocent here. It is just a mistake. A fatal one. I don't mean any harm, but man, you guys are at fault here too, okay.' I apologized inside my head.

"Oh, shit. Fuck the gun. I am just a victim. A victim, too. I am not a killer. It's really not my fault, right? Yes, I'm no murderer!" I declared as I clenched my fists tightly.

I had to move away from this place. No, I must escape from this building right now.

'Ah shit, forget about it. I better keep moving before their friends found me here!'

I rushed for the fire exit and slammed open the door with my arms. I shifted my gaze from left to right, making sure no one was around.

'I don't want to die. I don't want to kill. I am not a protagonist in a comic, a novel or animated series. I am not physically and mentally fit for this situation. My school didn't teach me how to fight these kinds of people. It should be the police, military, or authorized personnel who are trained to the death. Yes, it should be the handsome people or a harem protagonist should experience this. And not me. I am just an ordinary future OFW who was only going to work abroad. I'm just nobody!' I cried inside my head.

I almost approached the exit, but I halted. I heard a loud drop sound of a heavy object.

'W-w-what the fuck is that? It sounds dangerous!' I worried.


I wasn't sure what kind of object dropped down behind the door.

I hovered a hand on the doorknob nervously, but since there was only one door to escape this reality, it left me no choice but to open it.

Slow, but careful.

I stuck my head out, and scanned the environment. Then, I found a huge black cube with a small finger scanner in the open field.

"What in the world is that thing? A cube? It looks something made of titanium alloy," I examined the cube from a distance out of curiosity.

'Never mind. Hehe~, I won't touch it. I will definitely not. I read a lot of comics and novels that have encountered a similar event like this. This type of object will only lead a weak civilian and disposable NPC like me into the pit of hell. Hence, I better ignore this. Sorry, but I have to go now,'' I shrugged it off and walked carefully away from the dangerous thing.

I heaved a sigh of relief when I encountered no one.

Hayzzz. I was finally freed from the dome of chaos. No, I flocked down my dead flag.

Luckily, I sensed no danger nearby. And you could only glimsped the beauty of the beachhead with its sky-blue sea.

Finally, my story had come to an end. I could finally go back to the old days. An ordinary OFW.

'I have to find the others. I have to study again and build up my strength. I hope I won't miss the next flight. US dollars, your daddy is coming there now!' I smirked as I moved a step.

But suddenly, a purple light scanned my back. And when I turned around, a small spherical flying object appeared in front of me.

'A drone?' my eyes and ears twitched.

"Scan completed. The user looks helpless, weak, and pathetic. But temperature is normal. Reviewing the stats, I will proceed to check his vitals and his powers," the object spoke as it opened its artificial eyes to scan my eyes next.

'Huh?' my left eyebrow raised up.

"Scan completed. Strength is F. Agility is F. Magic is Zero. Ki-power is Zero. His life is overall useless. The user's face is not only average but looks ugly. Based on his condition, the user looks normal outside, but he is pretending to be weak. The user is hiding his true strength," the object giggled as it completely mistook me to an overpowered human being.

'Huuh? I am really weak! ' I corrected inside my head.

"His motivation to live is less than five. Overall, the user's lifeless existence needed to be protected," the flying object's eyes shot my index finger with a laser beam. Then, it slowly formed a ring instantly.

"What the fuck are you doing?" I was infuriated. "What do you think? I am scanning you, human," the flying object responded promptly.

'I know, but do you have to stay closer to my face? Give me a space!' I complained inside my head.

We exchanged an eye to eye contact for a short period. But I decided to let it go.

"Nevermind, I have to go," I waved a hand and said my regards.

But the flying object blocked my way.

"Oi, what are you doing?" I folded my arms across my chest. "Step aside, robot."

The flying object scanned my face again.

"Human, where are you going?" it asked. "I'm going to the airport, you see. Now, step aside. My future awaits me," I blatantly responded.

The flying object looked surprised upon hearing it.

"Wait for a second, aren't you tasked to hunt down someone?" the talking drone confused. "Naah, you got the wrong person. Just wait there until someone picks you up," I continued to walk without looking back.

But my path was blocked again.

'Not again,' I sighed.

"Scan completed. According to my analysis, the user's hand is drenched with a lot of human blood. I am programmed to follow the best among the best in this hunt, human," the talking drone told emotionlessly.

"Too bad. I'm just a civilian," I answered the truth. "Liar, you're a hitman, human," the talking drone responded bluntly.

'Oi, oi, I am not a hitman! I'm a future OFW!' I cried inside my head.

"I believe there is a mistake. I'm not a hired killer you are talking about, robot. Take a look. Didn't you scan me already? I am just a nobody. Just an NPC," I placed a hand on my hand as I belittled myself.

'I'm an introvert. A member of No Girlfriend Since Birth (NGSB club), I am born to be like this, you see.'

I sighed.

'If this is a series, a lot of readers would definitely drop it with a bad review. Plus, they would rate it 1 out of 5.'

Why did I expect that? Because they wanted an overpowered MC and not a pathetic loser. I was one of them too, you know.

Who would even read a series with an mc without powers? No one! Maybe some, but it would never click to the mass!

"There is no mistake in my calculation. You're definitely a hitman who is tasked to hunt our target and the one who revived me, human. Why are you making a lot of excuses?" the talking drone tilted its head to the side. "Hey, hey, listen here. I'm not really here for that kind of job. I'm not lying as well. Look at my eyes. Look, do I look like a murderer?" I pointed an index at my face.

The robot took a second before it answered.

"Looking at your average face. Yeah, you looked like one. You're ugly enough to become one, you know," the talking drone conceded with a harsh comment.

I coughed out blood inside my head.

"Gough, I think I received a critical hit. Please stop it already. I know I am not handsome, but you don't have to tell it straight at me, okay?" I requested. "Well, you asked for it, human," the talking drone deflected.

'Fuck you, I know. So don't blame me, you shameless nonliving thing!' I shed some tears inside my head.

"By the way, what are you really?" I changed the subject to avoid talking about it again. "Hmph, you looked like a veteran and playing dumb, human. But I guess, the people who programmed your existence forgot to add some adjustments into your life, human," the talking drone snorted.

"Oi, just answer my question," I kept myself cool and continued to question his existence. "I'm one of the ancient relics of the past civilization. But I am tasked to assist the person who will find me first in this area, you know. Didn't you listen to the instruction of your comrades? Stop playing dumb, human," the talking drone heaved a tiring sigh.

"I am not playing dumb here. Like I said before, I am a civilian. I believe you should go back inside your chamber and wait for the person who is tasked to pick you up, okay? Okay, let's end this here. You and me, we're done. Done. Period. I have to go now," I pushed it aside to move away. But suddenly, I remembered an important thing.

The robot behind me looked curious. I slowly bent down on my knees and compressed my head with my hands.

'Aaah, fuck! My luggage! I forgot my luggage!'

"I am kind of tired of waiting, human. I want some souls to absorb. I don't want to work with anybody, too. But since you have some tasty human souls within your body, you're qualified to use me as you, please. You're better than the muscle-head drone user in that organization earlier," the talking drone articulated.

I stood up slowly and shifted my gaze at the fuckin' object.

"I don't give a shit. Fuck your organization. Fuck the person who created you. I'll better cut their throat and left it without a trace," I responded with murderous intent.

The robot was astonished upon hearing it. Its purple artificial eye focused on my pupils.

"Oh, now I fully understand it. Do you want to destroy them? What a wonderful idea. I'm into it!" the drone rejoiced.

'Say, what? You have a screw loose inside your head, robot!'

"An enemy's magic spell inbound. Activating Tier 8 Shield."

Then, my view blurred because of an explosion.

I opened my eyes and found the whole area was covered with burned soil except my position.

"The organization shot you first, huh? I guess it left me no choice but to pick your side. Then, let's give them a hellish welcome party, human," the flying object giggled.

'What the fuck are you talking about?' I shivered.

The cube released four dozen flying spherical objects out of its body. Then, the four huge rectangular heavy-duty drones were transformed after the cube was divided into four.

"I activated my clones. My children will cover the whole area now," the flying object reported. "I don't care. W-w-what the fuck did just hit us earlier?" I asked with a worried look. "It's a powerful artillery spell. But it is useless against me, you see," the robot proudly proclaimed.

I shivered.

'T-t-this is not good.'

"Please choose the difficulty, human," the talking drone inquired for instruction.

'This thing is dangerous. If it can deflect this kind of power. He will.... He will definitely-'

"Massacre them all like armed people that I found dead earlier," I blurted it out subconsciously. Then, the ring on my finger released a purple light.

"Confirmation completed. The user's order is massacred. The Golden Circle is now considered a threat. All clones proceed to eliminate all hostile living people inside and outside the building. Initiating Magic and Magnetic Pressure," the talking drone instructed its minions.

"W-w-wait, you gotta kiddin' me? I didn't order it. Don't kill them. Don't murder the pink-haired girl, the British guy, the businessman, and the staff officer!"

"Noted!" The drone followed. Then, it proceed to kill the armed people who were about to land in front of us. One by one, I saw a lot of parachutes coming down without a body.

They were vaporized into ashes by its laser beam.

'Nooooooo!' I cried out loud.