Chapter 11:

Samoa Incident: Holmer POV (3)

Wake Up, Lousy Agent

That time I glimpsed the power of the advanced technology of humanity.

This drone happily demonstrated its abilities to me. However, there were still a few survivors who landed safely in the building.

All of them immediately rushed in our direction to stop the machine.

The drone looked dissatisfied with the result, so it opened a holographic monitor in front of my eyes.

'What's this now?' my eyebrows twitched.

"I apologize if some of them survived. But let's skip the demonstration for a while. Let me give you a short briefing, human. Do you want to take command in this operation?" the talking drone commented. "I. Don't. Want. To," I hid behind the wall since I knew they were after the machine.

'I'm not going to jump into the war because of you!' I shook my head horizontally.

"I'm sorry if you are a bit disappointed, but hear me out first, try to understand the situation," the talking drone apologized and changed the menu to game mode. "I feel flattered to receive such a high-class gift, but I am not your owner. Find someone else. I'm not into that. Fight them however you want, but don't involve me," I shifted my face to the corner.

"It's your duty to become my owner. You are the human being who found me first, though. According to the protocol, the user should handle me with care, you know," the talking drone explained briefly. "I apologize if I made a mistake. Just clear your browser inside your data. I'm not going to adopt you. I'm just an ordinary civilian!" I refused and changed my position to avoid the bullets coming in my direction.

'Stop buggin' me. They are now after my life too!' I cried out loud inside my head.

"But I'm not a pet, human. Why are you going to adopt me?" the talking drone looked confused. "C'mon, use your 'sentido common', will ya? Of course, you ain't a domestic pet in the market. You're a machine. A war machine. So back off," I pushed him away and luckily dodged a lanucher missile when it deflected by its force field shield.


The rocket hit the barrier that was just created earlier by someone.

'Wow, that was close!' my pupils trembled upon seeing it.

"Wow, that was a close call, human. How did you manage to dodge it?" the talking drone was amused. "I, uh, I have no fuckin' idea," I was perplexed at the moment.

Then, I sneezed and luckily dodged the bullets out of the FAMAS rifles. Then, the drone sent its clone to cut the shooter into a slice of half meat. His body splashed with blood, but it only turned the situation worst than before. His comrades were very mad when they witnessed their comrade's death. They continued to rain us with more bullets.

"There is no way you can do that with just a stroke of luck, you know. Why are you hiding your great agility?" the talking drone questioned as it looked amazing. "What on earth are you talking about? I'm not hiding anything. I'm a fuckin' normal human being," I tilted my head to the left, and my cheek sensed a heat passing through.

"Wow... you dodge it again. You have good reflexes," the talking drone made a clap sound. "Huh?" I tilted my head to the right and another hot object passed through my cheek.

The flying object and his four huge minions made a clap sound.

"Are you still playing dumb again? I really don't understand why are you acting like that. Never mind, do you want to do a tutorial to understand my powers, human?" the talking drone inquired. "No, but I want to find a safe route to pick up the luggage that I left inside the building. By the way, how about you focus first to erase that survivor first, so we can talk properly?" I pointed my lips at the enemies. "Ah, I see. Now I understand why are you so mad. That's because of them. Let me clear this place first," the talking drone commanded his four huge minions to hunt down one by one the upcoming enemies.

It took him two minutes and a half to end it.

"Reporting. There are remaining enemy units inside the building. The cooldown period will only take a few minutes of recharge. Do you want to study my function for future reference, human?" the talking drone inquired again. "No, I don't want to. Tell that to your true owner," I wave a hand to reject it.

The flying object looked sad.

"Are you perhaps trying to say that I am a worthless piece of junk, human?" the talking drone looked gloomy. "No, but you're a dangerous weapon of destruction. Don't feel bad about it. Don't take my word since I'm a normal human," I heaved a sigh as I approached the exit door.

"But I feel like you're trying to abandon your responsibility," the talking drone worried. "That's because I am not your owner!" I slammed open the door.

Then, a large explosion welcomed us. Luckily, I survived because of the force field shield again.

"I guess, I have to earn your trust, so you will finally accept your role," the talking drone sighed. "Naah, don't bother. It is more convenient if you choose a veteran hitman or a hunter. Oh, right. Choose the hunter then. They are way better than those criminals," I suggested.

'I don't know what kind of role is he talking to. But please, stay away from me. Fuck your creator. Why did he even invent the war machine with a simple function: follow the first human who will find you? What kind of nonsense is that? That's fuckin' unreal!'

I slammed a hand on the wall, but I hit someone instead.

The drone looked surprised and quickly decapitated the person that I hit.

"That... that's a lucky punch. Don't be too surprised, robot," I slightly stated. "Liar, you just sensed him. Then, hit him first before he could kill you unnoticedly. Stop lying, human," the talking drone doubted it.

'Susmaryosep! W-why is everyone assuming I am a strong being? I'm not really! Fuck off, I'm just an OFW!' I cried inside my head.

"Man, I need to get my luggage and escape from here," I murmured that only I could hear.

The flying object kept protecting itself from the invisible enemies.

"Human, the enemy launched a powerful insect to place a small portion of [Gilas] around the whole building," the talking drone reported. "So...? I don't care," I snorted.

'Gilas? Is that our national team this time? What a coincidence. We have one with the same name, but in a different category, lol,' I laughed it off.

"Wow, I guess you are the strongest person I ever met. You're stronger than the sharp-ear woman and the Chairman of the Golden Circle. The SSS class that I collected when I hacked the International system of the world. The side effects of the gems have zero effects on your body. You seem to possess zero weaknesses. Great acting skills. As expected, I made the right choice to make you my owner," the talking drone proudly complimented. "Huh? Keep it to yourself," I heaved a tiring sigh again.

'Side effects? I have one. Society turned me into a useless prick for five years. The side effects of being introverted in this world. Weaknesses? Yeah, I have one. I have zero friends. No money! No wife!' the color of my pupils turned blank.

I kicked the rifle with a burst mode set up angrily, and it bumped into the trash bin. Then, it shot randomly in all directions.

My jaws dropped down upon seeing a ton of corpses collapse one by one in their hiding spot.

"Bruh!" I pressed both of my hands on my face. "Wow, what a great tactic!" the talking drone complimented.

'Shut up! It's just an accident!'

"Thank you for the souls. But you should hold back a little, human. Let me do the beating, whilst you can do a humming instead," the talking drone advised.

'I am not even trying!'

Suddenly, a tall human being with thick muscles appeared. He had a mustache on his face and a skull tattoo on his right shoulder.

"Oh, I cannot believe we missed an important intel. To think the STF will dispatch new blood in this place. Hey, didn't your parents teach you... not to steal the toy of someone else?" the mustache man quipped. "Well, they taught me. But don't worry, lad. I didn't steal anything," I assured.

'I'm not dense. Based on his looks, his body and mind are already specialized in military close combat. In other words, he is a hitman with tremendous experience!' I smiled wryly.

Whenever I sensed danger, I subconsciously curled up my lips because of fear.

That was one of the reasons my brothers would pick a fight to make me suffer. They mistook it as a provocation.

"Are you making fun of me, boy? You looked too confident," the mustache man was upset. "Yes, he is," the talking drone confirmed.

'Say, what? I am not!'

"Not only you stole the ancient relic from my hands, but you have the guts to face me head-on, huh? Well, then, let me introduce myself. I'm Greg the Droneranger. What's your name, boy?" asked Greg as he pointed his weapon at my face. "You don't have to... know," I replied with a shaky tone.

Then, Greg's head was cut off easily.

"Un... unbelievable," his head rolled down smoothly on the floor. His headless body splashed out some blood before it fell down.

"Bruh! What have you done, robot?" I complained. "Because you ordered me to. I read some files that if the user stated a word, 'You don't need to know', I should attack though. It is already in my protocol," the talking drone shrugged it off.

'That's not the point! You killed him without remorse!'

"Oh, man. It's already done. Do as you please," I shook my head in disbelief. "Affirmative. Initiating sequence. User allows freewill. Preparing for the massacre of the remaining members," the talking drone's eyes turned red.

The ring on my finger lighted out, and it pulled me onto the drone.

"W-w-wait, what are you doing? Let me go! Someone kill it!" I resisted. "User's command, 'Kill it'. Permission is granted. All clones attacked the remnants in sector B," the talking drone happily instructed.

'No, no, no, stop!' That's not what I said!'

Then, my body floated, and the talking drone dragged me in all corners.

'Someone help me! Help me!'

My whole body was soaked with human blood. I smelled like shit.

I heard a lot of gunfires in the next hallway where the British guy went to. I saw him bonded down by a magic seal.

As we slowly observed it first, the talking drone was scanning the pointy ear masked man.

"She's a rookie. My protocol is only allowed to hunt down veteran hunters and high-key targets. Not an unranked human. What should we do about her?" asked the talking drone with a worried tone.

'Unranked? Rank? Hitman? Hunters? I don't fuckin' care anymore! Somebody kill it. Kill this fuckin' creature,' I begged inside my head.

The woman's body trembled when she finally noticed us.

She was whispering something when she glared at me directly.

'Yes, I understand. You're shocked because of it, right? Wait, you're a mage, right? Kill it. Hear me out, kill it!'

"Human, I believe she was the person who released that artillery spell at our location. Should I subdue her?" the talking drone inquired for further instruction.

Because I was too focused to send my request to the woman. I absent-mindedly spoke a word that I regretted for the rest of my life.

"Kill," I affirmed with an emotionless look. "I will not go to kill a rookie. Never mind. I will only subdue her and left her alone afterward," the talking drone commanded its four minions to attack her.

"I better find the other one. Your luggage is not here. Buggy the Fly has already found your luggage. We need to pursue him and stop him at all costs," the talking drone happily used its unique nano abilities.

We rushed to the location where the fourth exit could be found. Then, I saw a human fly.

Without hesitation, the fuckin' son of a bitch used a [Nano Blade] and [Nano Flash] to split his head from his body!

How did I know its ability? That's because the machine was in auto mode. And since it was that sequence, I could see the used abilities in the transparent monitor in front of me.

I appeared in front of the wounded pink-haired girl, and a spear stuck in my hand. I subconsciously grabbed it tightly when I was trying to hold my head off.

I inadvertently saved a life, but at what cost? My normal life!

"Mission completed. The luggage is secured. Let's do this again, human," the talking drone happily declared.

My pupils lose their color, my soul slowly appeared out of my mouth, and I finally snapped out of reality.

— 'No more!' I begged inside my head.