Chapter 12:

Samoa Incident: Lixue POV (2)

Wake Up, Lousy Agent

An hour and a half minutes earlier.

At the secret base located approximately 203 miles away from Samoa.

One of the commanders of [Operation Samoa] was talking to someone on his phone.

"Fuckin' Hardcore. Why did he die?" Greg kicked his leg on the empty can angrily. "Damn it, I hope no one will find it out."

"What are you talking about?" Buggy was curious. "The cube. The fuckin' special cube! The ancient relic that he took from Taiwan. But damn it, he should've just left it behind in Taipei, and he shouldn't be brought it with his team when they proceed with the mission. Fuck, fuck," Greg was very mad upon recalling his past conversation with our dead companion.

"Man, he really screwed up big time. If he brought it with him in Manila, it will take a while to find it, though. But man, we're lucky enough to find it inside the plane once we check its cargo, right?" Buggy commented. "Man, I hope so too. But shit. I won't be able to test its ability in my next activity in Serbia tomorrow if I failed to find it there, you know. That's an expensive God-tier treasure with the heart of Anubis!" Greg pointed out.

Buggy flinched upon hearing it.

"For real?" his eyes looked shocked.

''Yes, for real!" Greg nodded.

His comrade scratched a finger on his chin. Then, he slapped both of his hands on his cheeks.

"Man, aren't you at fault, Greg? Don't tell me you asked him to bring a treasure that contained the most dangerous material in the entire world, the [Heart of Annubis] also known as [Evil God Soul Eater] in the biblical philosophy books? That's a fuckin' God Tier spiritual orb of the past civilization. You fuckin' bastard. You should've told him that. But man, he's a fuckin' idiot!" Buggy couldn't believe it.

"But man, I'm glad I still have a sample of the drone, though. Look this is the ring, this thing will emit light according to my will. With this thing on my finger, I can still locate where the bastard hide it," Greg boasted. "Well, that's great, man," Buggy smiled wryly.

'Are these two really my seniors? They acted like a child, though,' I placed a hand on my forehead and heaved a sigh.

"Buggy, buggy, I need something to calm me down a bit. Do you have a cigarette?" asked Greg with a ghastly voice. "I'm sorry, Greg, but I don't smoke. Find someone else," Buggy replied politely.

"Gosh, this is kinda hard to work without it, you know," Greg scratched his head with a worried face. "Why don't you ask the other minions? I'm pretty sure they have one inside their pockets," Buggy suggested.

The tall musclehead shifted his gaze in the direction of the people behind him. He closed his eyes and sighed.

"I don't want to take a single stick with low-life thugs like them. Never mind, I guess I can find a vending machine in the airport once we arrive there," Greg surrendered and moved closer to my position.

I was standing still whilst my eyes were focused on his face.

"Good grief, why are you looking at me with an impassive look, rookie?" questioned Greg, lips pursed.

I remained quiet and shut my eyes instead.

"Are you deaf, rookie? I don't know how did you manage to convince the bosses, but I am still unconvinced whether you are a capable person or not, you know. Tell me, what is your specialty?" Greg queried. He folded his arms across his chest as he looked at me with a sharp gaze. "Assassination," I respond with a single word.

Buggy and Greg flinched upon hearing my answer. The two of them exchanged glances and laughed.

They mistook it as a joke.

"C'mon, rookie. Everyone can do the same thing, you know? Assassination is one of the basic combat training in our organization, you see. Everyone who experienced a lot of hardship knows no bounds other than murdering someone according to the will of the top bosses. My goodness, how did you even pass the evaluation of the bosses really? You're hilarious," Greg tapped my shoulders multiple times whilst mocking me straight in the face.

'I know,' I remained stiff.

The other commander pulled out a box of his insects, the flies.

"Even my little pets know how to do the trick, too. Anyways, I can tell by your looks that you specialized in magic. Why did you even answer with a single word?" asked Buggy the Fly as he jeered at my response. "Because you already know the answer, seniors," I gave them a cold stare eye.

Both of them raised their left eyebrows in surprise.

"Greg, I think the rookie is insane, huh? Hey, listen here. Don't stare at your seniors with a funny look like that. We're not simply a small time human beings here that you can show a disrespecting face," Buggy the Fly pressed a finger on my forehead. Then, he flicked me.

'E-endure it. Endure it,' I bit my lower lips, holding my anger.

"Yeah, Buggy is right. Know your place, rookie. Well, be grateful. We're not those crazy bastards who will throw a rookie into the trash bin because of your stupid mistake," Greg laughed it off.

'Endure it. They will leave you afterward, Lixue. Endure it,' I kept my cool until they were done scolding me.

"Tsk, boring. Greg, we should enter now our rides," Buggy the Fly picked up his luggage and carried it. "Yeah, I better. Rookie, don't mess this up. Or else the enemy might slice your neck instead. See ya soon," Greg reminded.

"Men, let's go. It's time to pull yourself together. Stand up and move your assess now!" Buggy instructed.

"Follow your leader and enter your designated rides, lads. Make haste!" Greg added.

The two twin propellers began to spin, and the support team including me rushed into our ride too.

The two commanders gave a farewell salute to each other and entered happily inside their cargo planes.

As per command, everyone followed and entered with cold pressure inside their cargo planes.

An hour and fifteen minutes later.

"Hey, she's sexy," one of the passengers whispered to his friend. "Yeah, dude. She's thick," his friend whistled on his lips whilst he was trying to peek at my legs from his position.

'Fuckin' perverts. Do they realize they are looking at a minor? Gosh,' I glared at them with a cold gaze. But instead of shutting their eyes off me, they kept staring at my chest like a dog.

Not only the two of them were looking at me with interest, but the other men around me were quite amused at my body and face.

Thankfully, the red light alarmed us to be ready.

"People on board, we're about to reach the island. Please prepare to land," the pilot announced on his radio.

I unbuckled my seatbelt and picked up my parachute like the other people.

The plane had serial numbers on its patch together with a logo of Golden Circle in its hull, 401, 407, and 318.

I was in Cargo plane #318 together with the 23 armed men who were wearing a complete pack of combat gear.

"Okay, listen up, people. Before you jump out, take a look at your phone. The HR department sent us the list of the main targets. The white hair old man is Dr. Nafario Zaragoza, a German scientist. He's carrying a valuable item that could change the course of the history of mankind. Our objective is very simple. Steal the package that he's keeping safe inside the silver briefcase. On the other hand, we have also a secondary objective: hunt down Helena the Invisible Dark Mage and this British Guy."

Greg instructed. All of us received a notification panel on our phones. Then, we pulled it out from my pockets to check the pictures.

"Please memorize the face of the main targets. All personnel is allowed to shoot civilians if necessary. Focus on the mission and disregard the humanity inside your hearts. Don't show any mercy."

I nodded like everyone else.

"By the way, listen up, rookie. You're the commander of the Reserved Team. Please gather your men when you guys land in sector 3 of the newly-constructed airport. It is empty and makes sure to provide full support to B-team in the rear," Greg commanded. "Affirmative," I nodded.

The hatch was slowly lifting down. All of my minions were about to hop out.

The red light signaled a loud alarm, turning its color to green light.

All of us began to jump out of the plane.

As I dived down towards my designated landing zone, I spotted a tiny dot from my location, 2,000 feet above sea level.

I put a [Eagle Sight] on my eyes, a passive Tier 7 spell for clairvoyance.

"It's a civilian? Too bad for him. I'll end his life to make no witnesses," I gathered mana inside my body, poured it on my finger, and pointed it like a gun at his position. Then, I released the tier 8 spell, [Howitzer].

It was a direct hit.

'It's the first collateral damage in this mission.'

"Team, we landed safely on our target place. Proceed to kill the hostile enemies inside," Buggy the Fly reported.

"This is A-Team, we're about to land as well. I set out all of my drones to drain down the Ki-powers and mana of our enemies. Don't worry, lads. As long as we are wearing the [Ungas], we're definitely fine as healthy as it is," Greg giggled.

"This mission is a piece of cake, right?" Buggy burst into laughter. "Of course, we're about to take the heads of notable people and take the bounty for ourselves," Greg did the same thing.

The transmission was turned off.

We believed we could finish this mission successfully, or so we thought.

But the tide of the wave changed its course. Our lives experienced a bizarre event.

I opened my eyes and found myself covered with the dust and debris of the wall behind me. I slowly stood up like a struggling cat in this place.

'Damn it, that's a pretty good attack from those huge drones,' I tried to stand up, but my stomach received a fatal injury. I had to heal it immediately.

I opened my tiny medkit and drank a healing pill. I slowly regained my mana around my body.

'Tsk, what a bunch of idiots. Greg, your toy machine turned against us!' I slammed a fist on the floor.

I pulled out my phone and opened my mouth like a dried fish.

"The... the two commanders are dead? That's impossible!" I shivered.

Then, I received a text message from the HR department.

My pupils trembled upon reading its content.

I gritted my teeth and closed my eyes in dismay.

Message: [Mission failed. All survivors withdraw. Use the red whistle as per instructed.]

"Whoever you are. You're going to pay for this. I'll find you, I'll hunt you and I'll kill you. I swear to God. I swear!" I pulled out the object and used it.

My body slowly scattered away from my position.

Then, I vanished instantly out of the place.