Chapter 13:

Samoa Incident: Baku POV

Wake Up, Lousy Agent

10,000 B.C.E.

I remembered the ancient times with my first master.

He's just an ordinary human being. He's the third son of a peasant family. Single and ugly-looking human. But despite his looks, he could still attract a lot of beautiful women. Most of them were a bit obsessive and ready to kill their competitors just to marry him.

However, marriage was the subject that he prioritized the least.

My master found me in the corner next to the pavement of an abandoned house. I looked weak and pathetic from his viewpoint. I was the only survivor among the six siblings who died together with my mother.

I was the youngest, but I possessed a powerful trait to keep me alive. It made me the strongest among the animals within the realm.

I was about to give up, but my master gave me hope by adopting me as a pet. Instead of putting shackles or a chain around my neck, he gave me the name 'Baku' and treated me as a brother. More than as a companion.

Baku came from the root word of the ancient text of Austronesian scripture which meant 'Great Companion', and it also came from the name of an ancient Dragon known as 'Bakunawa' the Dragon of Death or Evil God Soul Eating Dragon. By modern standards, it was also called Leviathan.

After he finally reached adulthood, he moved out of his old town. He believed he could receive a better life as an attendant of a merchant than becoming a farmer like his father.

He was scammed by his employer and due to that, he took revenge and killed him.

"Oops, it's an accident," he commented with a cold sweat.

But his action was discovered by a dark guild, and as I expected, he was recruited.

"Baku, look. I was employed as a collector. See? We can finally reach the true meaning of life!" my master rejoiced.

However, this single man looked positive, but deep inside, he was suffering a lonely life. This Austronesian snapped back to reality.

He was killing a lot of targets, but he kept insisting it was an accident. He was always promoted to whatever position they appointed for him.

"Baku, take this, okay," my master gave me a piece of raw meat.

I took a bite and consumed it.

"Baku, I wonder if there is a place where we can find a perfect job for us. People keep believing I am a hired killer or something. But I am no really. How unfortunate. I wish to become someone useful, you know," my master looked up at the sky and smiled wryly.

'What are you saying? We are living happily here, master,' I also followed his gaze and looked at the bright star above us.

"Baku, I am always misunderstood by everyone. I didn't kill anybody, but they keep pestering my life. I want to run away, but to where?" my master's lips downturned. He bent on his knees and covered his face with it.

'Human, the world is vast. Stay positive.'

I placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Baku~, you're really my only family left. I always pray at night that someday I will be able to live in a world peacefully. But my wish is not coming true. Is there a universe where everyone is equal and civilization has reached a great height? I... I wonder if I still live like that," he looked again at the sky.

That was the dream of my master.

Despite being unblessed with his looks and talent, he kept living according to his will.

As I grew older, I decided to follow in his steps and assisted him behind the scene. But I was later discovered.

"Baku, what are you doing?" my master was startled when I cracked the neck of his victim. "Woof!" I barked.

'I want to help you, human master. I want to help you!' I wagged my tail side by side.

"Baku, please don't kill. Don't kill anyone. The Waraostic church will discover you by the smell of souls that we killed accidentally. They'll be going to put your soul as a sacrifice for the birth of a new courier or something," my master embraced me and petted my back.

I had no idea what's he talking about. But I already killed a lot of people every single night.

'Your enemies were trying to hunt you down. As your loyal friend, I'll keep doing this. I'll protect you, human!'

Ten days later, we were only going to stroll out to hunt for food, but a Waraostic follower found a dark soul inside my body. Then, the Head priests ordered an attack upon receiving the revelation without hesitation.

"Anubis!" the priest screamed in joy. "Take that dog. That's Anubis, the Evil God's pet. Kill the owner and take the dog!"

Our hunt was stopped because of the scumbags.

My unlucky master tried his best to escape. But an arrow hit his leg.

"It's okay, Baku. I won't let them harm you. You're my brother. The true brother who is always at my side at all times. Please trust me. We're going to hunt again after this. Now go!" my master blocked the sword, and I quickly ran away to escape them.

'I need to run. Human is protecting me. Human is strong. Too strong. But,' I halted. Then, I shifted my head back to his location. 'I... I am his best friend. His only friend. I have to go back. Human, human, I'm coming back. Wait for me!'

But I found my master's body lying down on the floor.

As I slowly approached his body, I rested my head on his chest. I closed my eyes and read his pulse.

The sound of his heart... was beating too slowly.

"Ba--ku~, I... told... you... To.. run...," my master coughed blood. "Why did you... come back?"

'Human, human, what's happening to you? You're strong right? Don't give up, human. Don't give up! You're stronger than anyone else. If I am just strong. If I have the ability to become your sword and shield, this won't happen. Please don't give up. Don't give up!' I barked multiple times.

"Ba~ku~, I'm... sorry... But thank... you... for coming... back. I guess... we won't be able.... to hunt... anymore... I pray.... that... we'll meet... again, but .... God will... never... let it... be. I'm... sorry, buddy. Please.... escape," my master slowly closed his eyes with a shed of tears dropping down from his eyes.

'Master? Hello? Master, no! Let's hunt. Let's hunt. Don't go! Master! Noooo!' I cried out loud.

"Aaawoooooo!" I howled.

'What's the meaning of life? Why did my master die? Master! Master! Master! Human! I want to hunt together with you! Why?' I tried to wake him up, but his pulse had already stopped beating.

"There it is. The dog of the Menace! Capture him!" the priest found me, but since I was mourning my master's death, I surrendered without a fight.

I was captured and suffered tortured by the priests.

They put a lot of dangerous substances and chemicals into my mouth coercively. Then, I slowly lose consciousness.

My body turned rotten, but my soul was alive.

For a thousand years, my soul was always transferred in different crystals until the last Head Priest put me inside a powerful purple diamond crystal.

Then, the Persians came into power, and I was sent as a gift by some slaves.

Later on, I was awarded as collateral for Alexander the Great. He used me as a weapon against the tribes of the Mughals, but he died because of malaria, lol.

Two hundred years later, I was sleeping comfortably inside a small chamber of the huge library of Alexandria. But some idiots disturbed my slumber, and the building was scorched down because of the Roman invaders.

But since I was a powerful weapon, the Roman attendants salvaged me and sent me later to their Emperor.

Five to Six hundred years later. I was handed over and over to the new Emperors as a sign of their authority until I reached Ceasar the Great.

But this great human was too unlucky.

Why unlucky? He got backstabbed by his fellow senators who were against the formation of an Empire. But unfortunately, it only triggered the event faster than before. The Roman Republic became an Empire.

After he died, I was passed down to Cleopatra as a gift. Then, this slut fucked the friend of Ceasar, lol.

'I wonder why this sluts existed in this world? Thankfully, my first master didn't suffer a heartbreak.'

Since I felt the world turned too boring this time, I decided to put myself into suspended animation.

Then, I opened my eyes and discovered a big Eagle in front of me. I found a man in a black uniform with a logo of the Peace sign of the Buddhist Temple in India. This anti-hero-looking lad was scanning my whole body.

"Hey, doctor. Doctor, what the heck is this?" asked the stranger. "This is the [Heart of Anubis]. It's a powerful God Tier crystal that could change the world. This relic is a holy treasure that symbolized death and the misfit against the enemies of the Holy Roman Empire. That'll be the greatest weapon that will turn the tide for our Third Reich. The Fuhrer will be rejoiced to see this, you know!" the scientist responded in ecstasy.

'Greatest thing? Nah, they were a bunch of idiots. I am only a crystal. But who cares. Put me into the sword, a bow, or a spear. I'm pretty sure you will succeed. But never mind. I won't lend you a hand. But I'll keep you guys company for a bit.'

As I studied their languages by listening, I discovered that it was already May 12, 1945.

I was a bit surprised to learn the truth that I already reached this era during my suspended animation.

The war was about to come to an end. The facility got attacked by a red army.

The scientist salvaged me and decided to run away. Then, he later decided to move to Taiwan in 1970.

'This era is too boring. Master, I want to see you. I want to see you again. I want to hunt like we always do, human!' I heaved a tiring sigh and put myself into suspended animation again.

As I opened my eyes, it was already the 21st century. I woke up inside a huge box.

'I wonder what kind of dumb idea is this? I wonder what kind of gimmick they will put me next. I want to hunt like in the old days. I hope I can see you, master. Baku wants to see you badly, human.'

I later discovered that I was at the Taipei Secret Nuclear Facility of the Golden Circle.

"Make sure to finish putting the [Heart of Anubis] inside the drone. With this unlimited supply of mana, my friend will definitely pay us a billion US dollars, you know. Now, make haste," the bald guy instructed.

"Do you have any idea what kind of relic did you even give us as a material? This is a dangerous crystal!" the scientist who was wearing a white uniform complained. "Of course I am. Now make it!" this bald guy pointed a gun and coerced him to finish it.

I was slowly put inside the cube.

"Here... Take this to Greg. Make sure to use the ring to control this at will, Walther," the scientist handed me over. "What the fuck? This is too small!" Walther bickered.

'Man... I wish this era will give me a bit of an exciting hunt. Now that I have a body to use. Whoever is the first human who discovers me. I'll lend him a hand.'

Since I heard that the scientist gave a small portion of my nano skin to this Greg, I decided to use my soul to find him there.

I kept listening to this man, but I believed this Greg guy won't give me hype.

Then, I decided to pull back and returned to my original body.

'Aaah, I guess we're on the human vehicle that they called a plane, right?'

"Kyaaaa!" a loud scream of humans crossed my ears.

'This era is boring... Too boring... I guess I'll just go to sleep ag—'

"People, it's an accident! I didn't kill them!"

My purple eyes emitted light upon hearing a familiar voice.

'What's this? It sounds familiar? Why? Why? Why did I recall my first master? That... that's impossible, Baku. That's impossible!'

I slowly released a small portion of my body out of the cube. Then, I climbed up to check the place.

My eyes opened wide as I slowly moved closer to the owner of the familiar voice.

At that time, my boring life came to an end. My single eye was emitting a bright purple light upon seeing him in person.

I scanned his body behind his back.

I kept following him behind, spying on him until he rush to the toilet, and watched this man kill his enemies with his powers whilst I was in invisible form.

'Yes, yes, this is how you kill. This is how you hunt!' I rejoiced.

'His powerful allies were coming closer. I wonder why he's with their targets. Is he acting alone like in the old times? Like him?'

I used a combined power of the Ki, nanotech, and magic to teleport my body from the cargo of the airplane to the exit where he was heading to. I waited for him outside the airport. Then, he found my main body first before anyone else.

'He's the first one. I knew it! He'll be the first human to find my invisible body. No matter how. You still have a keen eye for your surroundings. We'll always meet for a hunt. You'll always find me when I lost track. Finally, he's really the one that I've been waiting for!'

I wagged a nano-tailed form out of my body like a dog. After a thousand years of waiting, I found him and met him at last.

'Master!' I cried in joy.