Chapter 25:

Interlude: Noah (part 2)

Raifurori: My Legendary Weapon is a Loli With a Military Rifle!

“Let's move!”

“W-w-wait, Lady Sophiette! W-we can't rush into anything!”


“The-They're very dangerous!”

“Don't worry, I am dangerous too.”

The short man had been arguing with the young woman in armor for a few minutes, trying to change her mind.

A woman from the slum gave up the drug lords for one hundred gold coins. Why wait? All that was needed was to eliminate all the scum from the slum once and for all.

“Marquis Sabastian, unless you are working with these drug dealers, you have no reason to stop me.”

“Ahhh! N-no, of course not! I was only worried about your safety!”

“I don't need your concern. Let's go, men!”

Marquise Sophia Sophiette Sophys III was sent to Fallen in order to capture one of the biggest traffickers of shellin, a type of drug, and stolen items in the region. Even though she was only seventeen, the girl was one of the most respected warriors in Andeavor, called by some the ‘Saint of the Sword’.

It took ten minutes from the nobleman's house to the entrance of the slum. The dark alley was deserted at that time of night, and the only noise heard was that of rats scurrying through the dirty standing water.

“Proceed with caution!” the young woman ordered the soldiers. The capital sent fifteen men to help in the operation, but it would probably be like last time: Sophia would do all the work.

The men spread out into the darkness of the alley. Some climbed into houses that could collapse at any moment while others went through the stinking puddles of sewage.

“Hey, hey, hey. Where do you think you're going, young lady?” shouted a balding, big-nosed man coming out of the pitch dark. “Whoa! Hey bitch, I asked you a question!”

“Where is ‘Ruthy's’ hiding place?”

“You're a little out of line, aren't you? Nobody can say the boss's name like that. Come on, answer my question!” The delinquent, who sounded more like a vulture with a hoarse voice, pulled a rusty knife from his waistband and threatened: “Spit it out or I'll kill you!”

“How violent. If you must know,” she gestured to the guards hidden in the darkness not to move, “I've come to capture some drug dealers.”

Before he could strike the young woman in the face with the old knife, the vulture received a kick on his big nose and went to the ground. It was amazing how Sophia could move so fast in that heavy armor.

“Now I ask the questions…”

“I-I'm not going to say anything... Huh! Stop, stop, stop!”

Three fingers cut off were enough to make the vulture with the broken nose open its mouth.

“I thought the bandits in the slums were tougher…” From experience, Sophia knew that criminals only start talking after they lose eight fingers and two teeth.

The house pointed out by the man who could now only count to seven — if he knew how to count — was the biggest of all in the slum. There were three tattooed and muscle-bound rascals at the entrance and others probably hiding in the shadows, as well as the soldiers.

“Who are you?”


The two rascals were hit by arrows that came suddenly out of the darkness. The last criminal survived, jumped inside the building and rang a bell as loud as he could. In a moment, about thirty grim-faced men appeared from the darkness.

“Come out!” At Sophia's command, the hidden soldiers also appeared.

There were thirty against sixteen, but the young woman could handle at least twenty of them.

“What the fuck is going on here?” A firm female voice echoed from inside the house. The owner of the manly vocal chords was a girl with a dusty face and a well-defined body covered with tattoos.

“We came here to take you. If everyone cooperates no one has to die.”

“Ehhh? Are you kidding? This has to be a joke! Or are you that stupid?”


“I would, but I made a promise to someone, so it's not happening!” The tattooed delinquent pulled out a medium-sized cleaver from who knows where and pointed it at the young woman in armor. “Come on up, I've got better things to do!”

The criminal's words were firm. She was sure she would defeat Sophia and find the person she had made a promise to. Seeing those determined eyes, Sophia bowed.

“I see that you are a worthy opponent, so allow me to introduce myself. I am the Marquise Sophia Sophiette Sophys III, known to some as the ‘Saint of the Sword’, although I think that title is too much for my person.”

Saying the name out loud while bowing to the opponent was one of the greatest demonstrations of respect in that world, but for Ruthy, a delinquent, it meant nothing.

“Huh? Interesting! I am Ruthy! Just Ruthy! And here I am known as the ‘Foreskin Shredder’!” The girl looked excitedly at her opponent.

The men laughed at the statement of the criminal showing her abnormally sharp teeth — those fangs had already made many victims.

“Let's stop fooling around! I'm in!”

Ruthy propelled herself up and jumped on top of Sophia. The plan was to split the Marquise's head open with a blow from the cleaver, but... Metal hitting metal produced sparks in the air. The criminal's blow was stopped by the gleaming sword.

“This is going to be fun!” Ruthy shouted, clenching her pointed fangs.

The men on both sides could not interfere, after admiring the fight for a few moments, they advanced towards each other. The battle between Ruthy and Sophia at the top of the old house was leaning towards the marquise's victory. Every attack was defended and the rare hits caused nothing but superficial wounds on the young Sophiette's skin…

Thirty minutes later, there were only two sweaty bodies fighting. The shining armor was dirty and missing some pieces while the dealer's tattoos were covered in blood.

“Fuck!” Ruthy cried out panting.

“If you give up now, I won't kill you.”

“You nobodies know nothing!!!” The cleaver that had been halved during the battle was swung at Sophia's feet and she jumped quickly. “Die!”

Wasting no time, Ruthy cut the air and threw the weapon against the chest of the Marquise, forcing her to use her hands to defend herself. The sharp blade penetrated the metal gloves and tore some of the flesh from the Marquise's hands.

“Tsk, you are tough…”

Staring at the metal armor in front of her, Ruthy noticed something: where was the sword? Sophia was carrying a medium sword that couldn't be hidden so easily, so...

“Damn it!”

As she did, the marquise also threw the weapon, but not directly. Sophia threw it as high as she could and at that moment it was falling at full speed towards Ruthy.

‘Clack!’ Blood splattered on the dirty walls as the criminal used both hands to fend off the blade that almost pierced her chest.

“Too slow!” Sophia's powerful kick threw the offender against the wall, causing her to spit out dark red blood. The audible sound of breaking bones echoed through the dark alley.

“Yikes!” Even though she had broken a few bones, Ruthy tried to stand up, not caring about the excruciating pain coming from below.

“You don't have to struggle anymore…” Sophia said in a calm tone.

“Y-you don't understand... I have to... protect…”

“I understand... That's why you can't leave this world, it's unfortunate.”

Ruthy's blurred vision was searching for a weapon. Anything that could be used as a weapon. A wooden stick would do... even a stone.

“All right…”

There was nothing else to do. The marquise's sword was already ready to strike the delinquent's coup de grâce. She was too weak. She had always considered herself the strongest of all because she had never met a monster on the level of that noblewoman. “Sorry... Noah... Raul…”

“If you surrender now…”

“N-no... Just get it over with... Tsc... I still... have... pride…”

“I understand.”



“You seem like a trustworthy person…”

“Do I?” The Marquise frowned.

“Damn, this is humiliating... but... do me a favor...?”


“Save Noah and Raoul…”

“Noah and Raul?”


Ruthy slowly told Sophia everything, and in the end...

“I'll do what you asked,” said the marquise.

“Hey... please... could you give me the... coup de grâce and a prayer?”

“I thought you didn't care about the sacred code of the knights.”

“Tsc... Maybe this will improve my chances of not going to hell…”

“Whatever you say.”

“Sophia, right?… If I meet you in the afterlife... I'll want a rematch…”

“I won't lose.”

Ruthy's eyes slowly closed, her fracture-ridden body clamored and awaited the final blow coming from Sophia's sword. It was a painful thing to do, but the marquise closed her eyes, clenched her fist, and drove the blade into the deliquent's chest.

After burying the criminal's body with the help of the cleaver and saying a prayer, Sophia proceeded to the indicated house to save the little girl named ‘Noah’...


The man's head rolled beside the frightened little girl and blood splattered on her new dress.

When Sophia got to where the little girl was, she had to get blood on her hands twice. It was always like this. She had to bathe in disgusting liquid to protect the innocent, and sometimes, the blood was from a person like Ruthy, someone with dreams and family to protect.

“Easy, I won't hurt you!” The marquise stopped in front of the kneeling girl. “Your sister, Ruthy, asked me to save you.”

Sophia held out her hand to Noah. That was the hand she had waited for so long, the hope for a better future. It was all thanks to the sacrifice of the young woman she considered an older sister...

“My name is Sophia, it's a pleasure to meet you, Noah.” The swordswoman held out her right hand, covered with blood. Noah hesitated for a moment, looked at the heads lying on the ground... And then she made up her mind…

“H-hi, Sophia…”

At that moment, in the grip between the trembling hand and the bloody metal glove, the mother-daughter bond of the Marquise Sophia Sophiette Sophys III and the little girl, Noah, emerged.