Chapter 27:

Welcome, Missionary!

Raifurori: My Legendary Weapon is a Loli With a Military Rifle!

How many times has he traveled by carriage since he arrived in that world?

Kurone went from one place to another in a short interval of time. Certainly, he spent more time in a carriage than anywhere else.

At first, he felt a bit nauseous and dizzy when looking at the landscape, but by now his body had become accustomed to it. Considering that his last carriage rides were not with Amelia, he did not feel any hint of nausea due to the speed.

The young man and the maid, Noah, were on their way to the capital for Sophia's trial that would take place soon. Almost two days had passed. Considering their speed, they would arrive in the capital with time to spare.

And then, what would they do?

It was a closed trial in which only a specific number of people — nobles, to be more specific — could participate. A maid and a stranger would not even be able to enter the building, let alone help the marquise Sophiette.

Even if it was something to be solved with brute force, Kurone would be useless for service, after all, without Rory, he was just an ordinary Japanese .

‘Prayer’, ‘Body Strengthening’, ‘Exorcism’, ‘Mana Sharing’, ‘Self Recovery’ and ‘Faith’. Excluding "Mana Sharing," He had no idea how useful the other skills were. The young man still carried the paper handed to him by the guild leader. Since he could not read the writing of that world, he transcribed a copy into Japanese with the help of Amelia's translation.

“Hey Nakano... What do you think is going to happen?”

“I haven't the faintest idea.”

“What can I do to help Lady Sophia?”

“I have no idea.”

Noah's tone of voice had become melancholy since she had entered the carriage. Her feeling of helplessness increased as they approached the capital.

“But we can prove that we were with Sophia these last few days, that's something, isn't it?”


“I can see the capital from here!” announced the coachman.

Putting his head to the window, Kurone saw the wall they were approaching.

At that moment it was just dawn, and yet several carriages were coming and going, and some adventurers were also entering the forest to fulfill missions. The road to the entrance of the capital was lined with monsters, all of them completely different from those the young man had seen so far. Some resembled three-horned boars, others were giant ostriches with colorful tusks and feathers. But despite their menacing appearance, the monsters ran in fear from the vehicles.

“These are special monsters.” Noah began to explain to the confused young man. “These giant birds are called ‘strouths’, their eggs are widely used in cooking, not to mention that their feathers are essential in clothing for the elite.” The maid pointed to two men carrying eggs to a cart. Like the birds, the eggs were huge and colorful.

“Those are ‘aprums’ over there.” She pointed to the pseudo-wild-boar and continued: “Their skin is used in clothing for adventurers and their tusks can become weapons. The meat is also delicious.”

“Unlike the other monsters, aprums and strouths reproduce very fast and don't usually attack humans. These two have become the symbol of Andeavor for bringing prosperity to the capital city. In compensation, some rules have been applied regarding their hunting.”

Kurone listened attentively to Noah's explanation. It was at this point that he saw the difference between the ecology on Earth and on this world. His body had also changed since he had been reincarnated in this one, using magic was something unthinkable for the young man until a few days ago while he was in the college.

The carriage was stopped by the guards at the gate. The explanation given by the maid made him forget the passage of time and entered again in his moments that he forgets everything around him while he is thinking.

“The entrance fee is one gold coin per person.”

“Are you stupid? Don't you see the badge on the carriage? We are from Sophiette Manor.”

“A-ah, I'm sorry! You may pass immediately!”

“Hey Noah, you didn't have to be so aggressive!” Kurone whispered to the maid at the window.

“Humpf! I have my reasons for disliking people from the capital. Not to mention that this will teach him not to make any more mistakes.”

Just as on Earth, in that world the elite were also exempt from taxes. A badge was all they needed to get the best room in an inn with no vacancies or the first place in a queue with over three hundred people. ‘That is the true power of a nobleman's influence.’

“What happened!?” shouted Noah.

The carriage barely moved when it was stopped again. They were still a few yards from the gate. Noah opened the door angrily. This time she would teach the idiot guards a lesson.

Although she had her personal reasons, this anger towards the guards was due to nervousness. Kurone noticed this when he saw how quickly the tone of voice changed from melancholy to anger. The maid had arrived in the capital and in a few minutes she would attend her master's trial, but someone was standing in her way...

“Ehhh… Nakano…” The girl's voice called out to the young man in the carriage.

There were about twenty people, all kneeling and wearing identical clothes. One could say that they were important in the capital and had their own building… but they were not guards standing in the way, as Noah thought.

“You have arrived!” One young woman stood up while the others continued kneeling, with their hands joined and eyes closed — as if they were praying.

The women's clothing, black robes and headdresses, indicated that they were from some religious order from that world, just like the nuns from the Catholic Church in the Kurone world... Looking closely, they were similar to the clothing of the village priestess.

“You have arrived” The young woman repeated.

“I-I-I think you're making a mistake here!” shouted Kurone.

“‘She’ is never wrong... The Great Goddess revealed to us that the missionary would arrive in the capital soon.”

Missionary. That was the unknown Class of the young man. According to Linda, it was a Class restricted to church members, did this have any bearing on what was happening? The key words were ‘great goddess’ and ‘missionary’. Somehow these women knew a lot about Kurone.

“The goddess directed us to guide her missionary to our holy church.”

“Hey Noah, who are these people?”

“From their robes they look like those weird heretics who worship a goddess... Oh yes! They're from the Sect of the Goddess Cecily!”


“Nakano, you'd better stay away from those people... Nakano!”

Ignoring the maid, Kurone got off the carriage and went toward the young woman who was standing. He took the hands that held the symbol of her sect: a medal with a golden pentagram in the center. Kurone brought his face closer.

“What is your name?” He firmly squeezed the woman's hands, making her blush.

“It's-It's Inri, dear brother.”

“Inri, take me to Cecily!”