Chapter 28:

Reencounter with the goddess

Raifurori: My Legendary Weapon is a Loli With a Military Rifle!

There she was.

After telling Noah to go first, Kurone followed the priestesses to the large building, located in the center of the capital. The only one to enter the empty cathedral was the young man walking slowly down the nave.

‘Enter and you will find her.’ Those were the last words spoken by Inri, the chief priestess.

Indeed, Kurone found her there.

A slender body in a thin dress, the long blond hair and big eyes were exactly as he remembered. That was the statue of Cecily, the goddess who reincarnated him in that strange world. The statue seemed to have made her a little taller, with a more serious face and enlarged breasts, that was proof of the fetishes of whoever carved the stone statue.

“We meet again, Cecily.” The young man stopped in front of the statue of the goddess. “Do I need to kneel down and say a prayer?” The last words of debauchery echoed through the nave of the church, even speaking so softly, how was this possible?

Kurone's vision gradually blurred and a headache suddenly came over him, forcing him to sit beside the statue with his hands on his head.

Within seconds, the scene in front of him was transformed. The wooden benches disappeared, the light coming in through the windows was turned off. Kurone's soul was transported to another place, a world separate from the one he had been in a few seconds ago.

That seemingly infinite world was familiar to the young man, as was the slender, cross-legged woman sitting on the golden throne.

“Every time we meet you are on the floor, do you want to see the panties of a goddess so badly?”

“What kind of goddess are you?!”

The young man got up from the floor that was neither cold nor hot. In that world — if it could be called that — time passed differently and the very laws of physics did not work there.

“We don't have much time, so I'll get right to the point... You're fucked!” Although she spoke as usual, the goddess had a melancholic expression on her face. It was like a soldier going to give the news to a family that their son died in the war. News like this always began with an apology...




“I really, really, didn't imagine that so many things would happen like this... I should have suspected that they were also in Andeavor.”

“I don't understand anything anymore, Cecily.”

“It's simple: the attack of the orcs, the kidnapping of children, the false accusation of the Marquise Sophiette, the disappearance of the princess, the explosion in Marquis Edward's carriage, the crisis in Fallen and other cities... Do you know what all this has in common?

Noticing the young man's silence, she continued:

“All of this is the fault of the demons.”

Kurone swallowed dryly when he heard ‘demons’. He knew that at some point he would meet a being of this race, but he hoped they would be the peaceful type.

“I told you, didn't I? That world is under attack by the Demon King. The only kingdom that was not attacked by them was Andeavor, because it provides no strategic value. It is a kingdom ruled by corrupt people and would soon bring its own destruction. I sent you to Andeavor because I thought there was no way you could get involved with the demons and the ‘Council’... but I was wrong. Sorry.”

“You mean that everything that has happened so far is their fault, the demons?”

“Unfortunately yes. This is beyond what you and I can do.”

“What do you mean, you're not a goddess? Normally, it is goddesses who send heroes to defeat the Demon King!”

“Ah, that's Annie's job! I am Cecily, the Goddess of Time, the one who has the most compassion for humans!”

‘What self-esteem, even in that situation… I wonder if she knows about the title Goddess of Heretics?

“Again, sorry! I want to apologize for the trouble I caused you. I'll give you another chance, even if I get my ears yanked…”

“Another chance?”

“Yes! I will reincarnate you again! But this time, in a kingdom definitely far from the clutches of the Demon King.”

“Can you do that?”

“I told you, I'm the Goddess of Time, nothing is impossible for me! Unless you don't want to... don't you?”

The young man swallowed dryly at the goddess's question. If he said ‘yes’, he could start over again. Would the orc attack happen again? Would Sophia be falsely accused? Considering that the orcs' attack was his fault, maybe the villagers would be safe the second time and the children would not be kidnapped.

“By the way, this time Rory is not going with you...”


“Unfortunately, there are certain restrictions concerning Rory. Can you believe I got a spanking from the boss because I sent her with you, unbelievable, right?”

“She's not going?…”

“Don't be like that, I think it's about time I told you some of the truth. This is not the first time that Rory has gone to Andeavor... She has her own goals, and she used you as a plaything, but don't be angry with her, okay?”


“I think even she would agree with the idea of reincarnating you once more... Her last companion died because of the demons…”

“I see... Cecily, where is Rory at the moment?”

“I can't find her. It must be a place protected by demon magic, but she is alive.”

“So, probably Rory was kidnapped by the freak who controls orcs and she might be his victim…”

“Don't worry, at some point he will get tired of Rory and kill her. Anyway, don't be sad, Rory is used to suffering. She would probably get mad at me for worrying you... But so, let's start the preparations right away?”

“Of course…”

“Perfect! Let's see where I'll reincarnate you…”

“You don't understand.”

“Eh? What?”

“I'll save Rory.”

“Are you kidding? Didn't you hear what I told you? Rory used you to achieve personal goals, not to mention her soul is immortal and yours is not, if you die in Andeavor…”

“You're an idiot?”


“From the moment we arrived in Andeavor,” the young man clenched his fists, “that little girl's name changed to ‘Rory Nakano’, that means she's my sister!”


“She used me to try to ‘achieve personal goals’? So what? Screw this!” He raged, flicking his bangs to the side and showing hostile eyes. “That's what older brothers are for! They help little sisters to achieve their goals, without demanding explanations or logic!”

“Huh? T-This means that…”

“I'm going to save that tsundere loli! No matter if she was captured by a human or a demon, I'm going to break the face of whoever makes her cry! I definitely won't lose another sister because I'm too weak!”

Despite declaring his own weakness and that he could possibly end up dead, Kurone's voice, along with his pose, made him sound like a cool hero from fantasy novels.

“Wow! Cool... I'm sorry, I underestimated you.”


“Uh! Never mind. You've chosen a path strewn with thorns, Kurone Nakano. That little girl you claim to be your sister is like a daughter to me, if you're claiming you can help her, then I hope you'll do it, otherwise I'll send your soul to the Hangar of the Dead.”

“Done! I will certainly save her.”

“What a determined boy, so I'll give you another treat, even if I end up getting another ear pulling.”

“What are you going to do?”

“Stand there! I didn't give it to you before because I'm sure you weren't ready to use it yet, but it's an emergency... I'll give you... the ‘Holy Eye’... name cool, right?”

“Holy Eye?”

“Yes, but I warn you that it will give you a headache to use. This ability will allow you to discern demons from humans. So as not to kill you, I'll give you only one of the Eyes.”

“Eh? From the name I was expecting something more useful!”

“Do you want it or not?”

“I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I accept.”

“So... close your eyes... and don't open them, okay? If you do that, I'll be very, very angry!”


The young man, who so far had few skills, closed his eyes. Although he had said this, any skill at that moment would be useful, even if it was a skill to peel onions or talk to animals.

He could not see, but felt that Cecily was standing in front of him, preparing to do something.

“A-are you ready?”

Shaking his head affirmatively at the young woman, Kurone prepared himself for what would happen next. Cecily, who was completely flushed, also prepared to begin the ritual.

The woman moved closer to the young man's face. Closer and closer, she was so close that Kurone could feel her warm breath. The Ritual to learn the ‘Holy Eye’ began.

A soft sensation. That was what now described what Kurone's lips felt like.

‘It can't be... Don't tell me what!?’

Disobeying Cecily, the young man opened his eyes and saw the goddess in front of him. Right in front of him. Their faces were joined by their lips touching.

“EHHH? I-i-i-idiot! I told you not to open your eyes!”

Kurone was thrown hard by Cecily who turned back quickly.

“D-don't think wrong! This is just to finish the ritual!!”


“W-what are you still doing here! Go away! You already have the ‘Holy Eye’... D-don't tell me you want to humiliate me even more?”

“I-it's not like that! It's just that…”

“Time's up! Time to go back!”

A hole opened up beneath the young man and sucked him in, causing him to free fall through the darkness.

Waking up was painful. The feeling was like having fallen from a three-story building — once, in a past life, he came close to falling that high. The young man rolled down the nave of the church, holding his belly instinctively, even though he felt no pain. Was this a punishment from Cecily for disobeying and opening his eyes?

Kurone looked at the statue of the goddess in front of him. He was back in the cathedral. The memory was slowly returning. He remembered that he chose the hard way, accepted the ‘Holy Eye’ and was kissed by the goddess. That last part made the young man's head hurt, as if a blushing Cecily was punching him in the skull at that very moment.

“Damn! What a strange goddess…” The young man remembered the scene while touching his own lips. “So, what do I do now?’

“I think I can help you, my dear fellow countryman.” Who surprised him was Inri, the chief priestess of Cecily's sect.


“We don't have much time, but I have a plan given to me by the grace of the goddess. And for some reason, the great Cecily also asks to slap you.”

After a well-taken slap on the young man's face, Inri went on to explain the ‘plan revealed by the goddess’.

“First of all, take off your clothes…”