Chapter 30:


Raifurori: My Legendary Weapon is a Loli With a Military Rifle!

Let's go back in time a little...

Five days before Sophia's trial. The location was the adventurers' guild, the day after the disastrous meeting in Linda's office. After the meeting, a suspicious group appeared in the guild. One of those hooded men caught Rory's attention, so she followed the group, but ended up bumping into Edward.

‘Let's talk tomorrow,’ was what the marquis said. But where was he?

Kurone and the others were fast asleep at that moment.

“Have you waited long for me, Miss Rory?”

“I was just about to come in there and pull you by the collar.”

“Sorry, sorry for making you wait too long. Miss Linda said that some of the residents are getting sick, so we are going to the mansion to get supplies. I didn't want to postpone our conversation, so would you mind accompanying us to the mansion, Miss Rory?”

“I don't mind…” Rory narrowed her eyes at the marquis' suggestion. It was not unusual, Edward was such a suspicious man that he was constantly the target of the little girl's sharp eye.

“Where is your companion, the Mr. Nakano?”

“Sleeping, I suppose.”

“Your relationship seems complicated…”

“Master Edward, the carriage is ready.” Who interrupted the conversation between Rory and Edward was the masculine looking coachwoman, Amelia.

“Perfect. Shall we go, Miss Rory?”

“But the stupid dog…”

“Oh, don't worry. With Amelia in the carriage, we'll be back before Mr. Nakano wakes up.”

Also waiting in the carriage was the bespectacled maid who frequently rubbed up against Rory, Elsie. The loli's reaction to seeing the ‘fujoshi’ looking maid was always one of disgust and at that moment it was no different.

“Littlery alsho goes to the manshion?” That way of speaking was annoying. How old does she think she was?

“Yes, yes. Shall we go, Miss Rory?” said Edward.

The carriage left early in the morning from Grain village towards the Soul Za mansion. The road was lightly traveled and everyone inside swayed from side to side. In addition to Edward, Elsie, Rory and Amelia, also in the carriage were two adventurers who had volunteered to help with the supplies: Alan, the swordsman, and Ari, the elf archer.

“Littlery, hold on tho me sho you don't get hurt!”

“Lay one finger on me and you die.”


“As expected from Miss Rory, always being sincere,” commented Edward.

“We are getting away from the main subject, who were those hooded men?”

“Oh, as usual, you are so direct, it hurts my chest. But listen, there are certain things that cannot be disclosed yet…”

“Like the fact that one of those men was a demon?”


“Don't play dumb, you think I can't sense the presence of demons like your maid?”

The little girl's cold gaze fell on the bespectacled maid beside her. As usual, although those were serious notes, Rory spoke them as if they were nothing.

“Oh... So you've understood.”

“Since our first meeting, I was curious and wanted to know why a nobleman like you, who is supposed to serve the king, has a demon for a servant. Are you, by any chance, involved with the Demon King?”

“Let's not get ahead of ourselves, it's a long story…”

“Don't think wrong, Littlery, actually…” The target of the gazes of both the marquis and the loli tried to explain herself.

“What are you hiding from me?”

“We're under attack!” Amelia's shout interrupted the conversation inside the carriage.

They were quickly surrounded. The monsters were coming from inside the forest.

“They are orcs!”

Again. Orcs had no intelligence, so why did they wait for an opportune moment to attack the carriage?

“We will continue our conversation later.”

“Certainly, Miss Rory.”

In one leap, Rory climbed out of the carriage window and up to the roof.

“You are all just stupid monsters!”

The scene in the village was repeated once again. The monsters were eliminated one by one by the accurate shooting of the little girl with a rifle. Amelia, Alan and Ari also helped in the combat. In fact, only Ari with her bow collaborated, the archer's aim was impressive, the swordsman could not attack directly, and Amelia — holding a crossbow — lacked precision.

“A-are you all right, Miss Rory?” The archer, Ari, asked worriedly, seeing the little girl's visible fatigue.

“Yes, I'd better get this over with quickly. Everyone get in the carriage.”

The easiest and quickest way to eliminate the monsters was an uninterrupted blast... However, this would cost a lot of mana, something precious to the little girl who was far from her abundant source of vital energy.

‘Tsc! The stupid dog just isn't here when I need him.’ It was an extreme decision, but it would extinguish all the monsters. “Don't leave the carriage!”

When did she really start caring about humans? The feeling she felt at that moment was not concern, in fact she felt only disgust at herself for weakening, spending too much time with a human made her feel empathy for that race again.

‘If you are strong, you must protect those who are weaker.’ The lazy and unoriginal phrase of that delinquent invaded the little girl's mind.“Damn it, Ryuu…”

“Wait, Miss Rory, we have a problem!”


“It's the marquis!”

“He'sh not here!” Elsie completed the coachman's speech.

How did he disappear? Until a few minutes ago, he was talking to Rory. He wasn't around or in the carriage, there were only green monsters around.

‘Something is wrong.’ The strand of hair on Rory's head swayed from side to side. It was not a good sign. ‘Where did the idiot marquis go?’ Forcing her vision through the green field, the little girl looked around for the marquis.


The orcs were already too close to the carriage. Edward would be left for later, the focus at that moment was to exterminate the monsters. The lock of the rifle was pulled and Rory prepared to begin the climax of the massacre.

Screams echoed throughout the forest. One by one, the monsters were eliminated by the loli with a military rifle.

“Die, die, die, die.” Among all the screams, the most horrifying one there was that of the little girl who was amused by the extermination of the creatures.

‘Only one monster can kill another’, this phrase described Rory's situation well.

The ears of the people inside the carriage were blocked by the gunfire, so they could not hear the girl's diabolical laughter — although Ari and Alan had already seen the horrifying smile up close. In a few minutes, all that was left on the ground were the lifeless bodies of the monsters.

“My work is complete.” Rory fell onto the roof of the carriage. It cost as much mana as she thought, but at least it was over... or so she thought.

A snap of fingers coming from the other side of the forest caught the attention of the little girl lying down.

Sure enough. It couldn't be any different. Humans were disgusting, no matter the Era. Cowardly, weak, greedy, and above all...

“Edward, Damn…”

Humans were Traitors.

The little girl's weak voice was cut off by a flash of light falling from the sky.

The carriage where Rory, Amelia, Elsie, Alan and Ari were in was completely charred. Would this be another death for the count? Would she die this time without getting any fragments of Astarte?