Chapter 17:

Fly High To The Moon: Helena POV

Wake Up, Lousy Agent

Present day.

I put down the telephone. I place a hand on my chest and heave a sigh of relief.

I was right. I saw him last night.

The sweet smell of his odor is still lingering in my nose. I am very sure it is him in the flesh.

Instructor Walking Disaster was so busy that he didn't even have spare time to walk me home.

If I didn't confirm this with Instructor Killstreak, I had no idea what would I do next. I almost accused him of walking someone at home beside me. That's a no-no!

I should be the only one. The only one allowed to walk beside him. I was the first to discover him! So I owned him!

Ah, no, no, no! What I meant is, he is my savior. We're always a partner in crime. Wherever he is, I will always be at his side at all times. Even in his own room!

Wait, isn't that wrong? No, I believe it is not. Because my mother did that to my father when they were young.

I trust my savior. I fully trust him so much. I won't even hesitate to kill any women who will try to get his attention.

Ah, no, no, no. That is wrong. What I meant is, I will not hesitate to give up my life to him, though.

I want to repay him by offering my heart.

Ah, no, no, no. That is wrong. What I meant is, I want to repay him by assisting him with full cooperation!

It is not like I am in love with him, though. He's ugly though. He's older than me.

But... there is a way to make him young, right? Scientifically, there is a new technology where the older guys will turn back to their twenties.

Or I can offer him mana to keep his body in shape. Wait, it is only applicable when you married him.

Kyaaa! No, Helena, pull yourself together. This is wrong. I don't want the instructor to go to prison because of the forbidden love between the professor and his student, though.

I have to graduate, right? Wait, this is wrong too. I don't love him, though. I only idolize his amazing mysterious powers!

I slap my cheeks with my hands to wake me up.

"But... it is the best way to do it, right? Freedom City needs him. If he becomes younger, the state will stay peaceful and stable. Then, there is no longer a hinder for authority to hinder our relationship. Relationship... with him?" my pupil slowly turn into a heart shape. "Hehe~ I guess I have to kill a lot of people as a sacrifice. I have to murder a lot of criminals in secret, hehehe~"

I snap back to reality. I shake my head horizontally.

"No, no, no, no, Helena stop thinking like a villain. This is pretty wrong! Daddy will definitely cry once he learns about this ridiculous imagination. Oh, well, daddy already approves the instructor as a potential candidate. But.... but... I'm not crazy in love with him!" I giggle.

But the instructor is really busy nowadays. He's totally sacrificing his body to secure the future of the next generation.

I clutch my hands between my chest.

'Oh, instructor. Instructor. You have to take a rest. Hmm... how about I pay him a visit at his house?' I tilt my head on the side. I place a finger on my chin upon thinking a bright idea.

"Hehehe~ Instructor doesn't have someone at his home, so there is nothing wrong to pay a visit. I'm pretty sure he will be happy to have a female student at his home. Well, it is not like I want to steal another pair of underwear as a hobby or something. I wonder what kind of color did he buy this time. Aah, no, no, no, this is wrong. You don't like him, right? You're only checking if there is another bitch - I mean witch, who is trying to kill him again. Jeez, what on earth is wrong with my mind?" I place a hand on my forehead.

'You're not in love with the instructor, Helena. You are not crazy in love with that ugly instructor!'

But when did I even start to idolize him? There is so many memorable events that I cannot forget. He always triumphs in victory. Always look badass whenever he shows his true strength.

'Kyaaa! So cool! I want to marry him!'

I open my eyes again and shake my head horizontally multiple times.

'No, no, no, pull yourself together! He's not even my type!'

As I look at the sky, I see an airplane flying above the clouds. It reminds me of the time when we left the airport of Samoa.

Five years ago.

We're flying above the dark clouds. Our field view is clear as the sunlight passes through the window of the plane.

I was having tea with my savior. But he seemed more fond of coffee than my preferred drink.

"Umm, what is your name, savior?" I asked earnestly. "Hmm... why should I tell you?" my savior snubbed me.

My lips and eyes are downturned.

'I guess he's still mad at me. It is my fault anyway.'

I hung my head down and swallowed my pride.

"On behalf of my family, I apologize if I offended you too much. Please forgive me, my savior!" I begged.

He remained quiet and heaved a sigh.

"Good grief, why do you want to know my name, Ms. Adrielle?" savior scratched a hand on his head. "B-b-because it is important to know the person's name. The weak hunter should know her place. To show her respect for a veteran. She needs to know the name of the person first," I explained briefly.

His face was stunned a bit with a quizzical smile.

"I'm sorry. I appreciate your concern, and I respect your traditional aspect of life. But let me correct you on something. I ain't a hunter," my savior stated. "Yes, I know. Indeed, the word hunter is just a general term. Both of us are Special Agents of the United Nations STF!" I agreed with my fist closed tightly.

His eyes closed and smiled.

'I... I was right. He's only correcting me to use the proper words. Because it is the veteran's way of life. To guide the young generation to the correct path!' I affirmed inside my head.

"I don't think we fully understand each other. Never mind, I'll let you do what you want. But I already stated the truth, though. Don't blame me if you see the result by yourself," my savior commented. "Pardon? I don't understand," I was confused.

He picked up his cup of coffee, sniffed its scent, and took a sip. Then, his eyes glared at me with a grave look. I gulped my saliva upon seeing it.

It was like I was being glared at by a beast. A mystical beast in a form of a human being.

"Once we arrived at the land of America, let's separate, okay," my savior instructed. "Eeh? But why? I have a mission though. It's a C+ Class mission," I fretted. I stood up my sit and moved my face closer to him in a distance.

He remained calm and didn't even react.

'Am I not cute enough to get a normal reaction? You're not even surprised or move away your face, savior,' I felt disappointed.

"May... May I ask why?" I inquired. "Because there is nothing good if we stick together. It will only lead to our death. Let me tell you something real quick. I am powerless nobody. I'm just a civilian. What do you think the enemy will kill first?" my savior shifted his gaze at the direction of the control room where the pilot was located.

'Hmm?' I tilted my head to the left. He put down his cup and crossed his legs with an assertive look.

"You're really naive, milady. This civilian will put you in danger if you don't do something about it, you see," my savior stated with one eye open. "Eh? Eeh? I don't get it. Is this a [Code] or something? Give me a hint!" I panicked.

I thought he would give me a hint, but he stood up from his chair. Then, he pointed out something from his location.

"Let me ask you something, milady. Do you see something over there?" my savior pointed his lips at the door again. "Eh? Eeeh? I don't see anything. Is this a test? Are you testing me? If I pass this test, will you tell me your name?" I whimpered.

His eyes turned sharper than before. I could see through his gaze that he was a bit disappointed.

"You're really weaker than a... God Tier Mage, huh," my savior commented and clicked a tongue. "Eeeh? I'm sorry, but I cannot follow what you meant. Please give me a hint," I begged.

"Well, then, I'll tell you once you complete your mission," my savior opened the hatch when he leaned on it. You could convince yourself that he accidentally pulled it down by mistake, but as a professional hunter, I could tell he did that on purpose. "Savior!" I grabbed a chair that was strongly attached to the floor.

A lot of explosive devices came out of the plane. Not only that, there's inactive [Gilas] crystals dragged out of it. Then, a loud explosion appeared outside of the plane.

This led me to fully understand what he meant.

'The control room!' I shifted my head to the designated location.

I could sense a powerful mage coming out.

The door opened after the pressure ended. I stood up pretty quickly and formed a fighting stance.

A woman in her pilot outfit exited the room. It's... It's one of my targets B+ Class criminal, Daphney the Octopi!

"Blasphemy, who would even think someone will pull out a crazy idea like this? My plan is only forty seconds away though," Daphney was mad. "Jeez, this is what he meant. I was really naive!" I bit my lower lips upon realizing it.

"Oh, well, where's the guy?" Daphney quizzed. "He... He left," I answered bluntly.

My enemy's face looked surprised.

"Jeez, he's not even important anyway. We're in California now. But I guess, this is your end now, princess," Daphney giggled. "In your dreams!" I used a dark spell [Fuma] to hit her.

The enemy used her mana-made tentacles to block. It was a very effective defense against my Tier 5 magic.

"Tsk, take this then!" I used my passive skill spell [Sana Ol], a dark magic spell to stun the opponent and make their blindspot open for an assault. "Futile," Daphney deflected it with her [Vaig], a powerful Tier 6 defensive spell to counter a passive skill.

My body shivered upon seeing it. She's two levels higher than me. It was the expected result.

"You're still a C-Class hunter, milady. There's no way you can beat me. Once I defeat you, the bounty will be mine. Plus, I will become a new A-class mage in the entire world," Daphney used her tentacles to attack me in all directions. "[Gori!]" I deflected all of it, but one of it made to scratch my face.

'This is impossible. I'm in a closed area. I cannot do anything!' I slowly moved my feet next to the door subconsciously.

"Are you planning to escape now? You don't even have a parachute, sweety. There's no idiot who will do such a crazy act just to escape," Daphney burst into laughter. "S-S-Savior, please.... tell me... What to do next..," I prayed.

"If you're really going to die, then let me help you," Daphney formed a large tentacle spear and aimed it at me. "Goodbye!"

She released it, but someone interjected.

I was pulled out from the plane before it reached me. I shifted my gaze and saw my savior hanging on the handle of the door.

'You saved me, savior!' I embraced him and we fell off the plane, 4,000 feet above sea level.

We fell down without a parachute.