Chapter 18:

Fly High To The Moon: Helena POV (2)

Wake Up, Lousy Agent

"Are you fucking kidding me?" Daphney was astonished upon she witnessed what my savior did.

We hit the dark clouds and our bodies were succumb to their moisture. I could taste and smell the water from it

'Savior, what are you doing? Are you insane?' my eyes froze open.

He deliberately released his grip from the handle after I embraced him, and he drove us away from the plane. I didn't know what I was missing.

Our enemy went to check on us and looked a little mad at what we were doing.

I used my spell [Inas], a Tier 2 dark spell to see through without an obstacle. I could see four people who were hiding behind the next room.

"U-u-unbelieve, are they out of their mind? Hey, you four! What the fuck are you doing? I want her body. I want the bounty. What are you waiting for, people? Follow the goddamn princess now!" Daphney commanded and pointed a finger in our direction.

Four armed men slammed the door open with a parachute behind their backs.

"Good grief, I'm still mentally exhausted and not yet fully recovered from the last one, and now this? Seriously, how unlucky am I?" my savior gritted his teeth and embraced me tightly. "Savior, I'm sorry. I didn't know you were still exhausted from your last fight. Don't worry, I got your back!" I assured.

As we continued to drive down to the surface of the earth, I spotted four armed units jumping out of the plane. It appeared the whole private plane was under the full control of the enemy.

'Damn it, I didn't even notice that we're already at the palms of the enemy. As expected of the veteran, he already noticed it from the very start, but he waited for the right time to escape the pod,' I glared at his face and my face turned red upon seeing his assertive look.

At this kind of life-threatening scenario, some people were about to panic or had a mental breakdown. However, my savior was different. Not only he bravely saved me like a hero, he opted to drive us out without a parachute.

No parachute? Yeah, I totally didn't tripping here. I already figured it out that it was the only way for us to escape. And, that's a problem here.

But what was the plan of my savior to land us safely on the ground? Fly magic was an ultimate skill that was only unlockable when you reached the 10th Circle mana capacity, though.

'Eeh? I feel like my savior is hugging me too tight. But why?' He could feel the heat of his arm. It was a bit strange to feel it, but since we're in a tight situation, I feign no mind.

"If you have a spell you can use, do it. Do it now!" my savior commanded. "Noted, I will," I extended a hand in the direction of the enemy's vessel, and I cast a [Fuma Aveora] spell, a powerful Tier 7 dark attack spell.

A large oval-shaped mana slowly appeared on my palm, and I locked my eyes directly on them.

"Aaah, shit!" Daphney noticed a dark electrical mana coming out of my hand.

"May the Guardian of the Moon liberates the atheist of the world! Let the atheist of the world proclaims you the real ruler of the earth. Let my enemies die at your unholy hand, [Fuma Aveora]!" I released it out of my hand and hit the plane.


The plane received a small hole, but it began to deform into an ugly metal wreck. Then, a large explosion appeared out of the sky.

Two of its metal plates hit one of the minions who almost reached us with his sword. We luckily dodged a dead before my eyes.

"Savior, I did it. I hit it. Look, look, I destroyed it!" I celebrated happily, pointing a finger at the destroyed aircraft. "Are you out of your fuckin' mind? That's not what I meant! Can you see we're falling down? Use your common sense! If you have something in your sleeves, use it now!" my savior exploded.

'Eeh? Eeeh? Why are you angry? I just destroyed it right? I just... wanna show what I've got though.'

"W-w-why are you angry?" my eyes started to moist. "Aah, forget about it. Man, do something, will ya," my savior heaved a sigh upon seeing my sad face.

'Oooh, you're weak against cute girls. Are you a virgin? As expected of an ugly man, he's easy to read. But it might be acting again. Well, it can't be helped. Acting or not. Be grateful that you're embracing a beautiful lady, though. If my dad sees us like this, he will definitely kill you on the spot. But Helena, we need to focus first on the enemy!'

I cast a barrier upon seeing an enemy almost cut his back. I shield him before it could reach it.

For his companion on the left, I cast [Fuma] and hit my target successfully. But it was unable to stop him to get closer.

"Good grief, why do I have to suffer like this?" my savior rolled over in the air, and we dodged the attack of our enemy. "G-g-g-good job, my savior!" I used another [Fuma] to hit the enemies at the same time.

*Boom!* *Boom*

Two of them exploded in the air and lose consciousness.

"Can you hear something?" asked my savior, staring with half-lidded eyes at me. "N-no, why do you ask me? The only thing I can say is I'm seeing two of her minions coming closer at us," I responded and cast a dark spell to summon a weapon made of mana.

I expanded my arms, ignoring my savior to touch my butt.

"D-d-don't tell the police that I did this!" my savior teased me, but he looked really worried. "Naah, don't worry. Just tell me your name and everything is now even," I smiled at him happily.

Two black long-swords appeared in my arms. I gripped it tightly and blocked the approaching melee assaults of the minions.

One by one, I blocked them. Countered them. Then, continued the cycle until we successfully repelled their last assault.

I cast a powerful spell to make an aura around my mana swords to enhance their defensive stats.

"By the Grace of Evil God, let the nonbelievers make their tomb. Let them feel the wrath of your mighty strength. End the atheist of the troubled world! [Espada la Adrielle]" I cut the air with my swords.

With a double slice of the sword, the clouds started to clear away behind them in a form of a reversed cross.

Then, the two minions released a barrier to block my mysterious spell, but their bodies split into two parts. They coughed blood and died in the air.

"OMG, I did it! I manage to pull it off. I'm gonna tell this to daddy!" I rejoiced and embraced my savior. "Hey, hey, stop clinging like a lich," my savior demanded, but I didn't care.

'Hmm, is this an odor of a veteran? Hmm, what kind of perfume did he use?'

"Hey, are you done?" my savior snapped me back to reality. "Oh, uh, yeah. Maybe," I responded with blinking eyes.

"Maybe? Now, look here. Do you have a spell that could help us to land safely?" asked my savior as he embraced me tightly behind my waist. "Umm, before I answer that. Could you please lower your hands below?" I simply asked.

He bared his teeth and shifted his gaze to the side.

"No, I don't think so. I'm sorry, but this is the alternative way to keep my dignity. Just don't make a report to the police after this, okay? By the way, do you know a specific spell to help us out?" his eyes made me blush for a bit. But I shaved it away from my mind. "Uh, I, uh, eh, I'm so sorry. I don't know any spells yet. I haven't reached my third year of high school, so technically speaking... I have no knowledge or any idea how to activate fly magic yet," I rubbed my jaw nervously.

My eyes narrowed from left to right.

"In other words, we're going to die, huh? Is that it?" my savior's lips curled up like a villain in a movie. "S-s-savior, why are you happy about it? P-p-p-please doesn't joke around. I know you have something in your pocket. Do something too!" I begged as I choke his neck to help me out.

Whenever I shook his neck, his smile looked seriously enjoying this situation.

'Noooo, savior. Don't joke around. I... I guess I have to make my last attempt to make submit!' I cried inside my head.

"Savior, before we died, I just want you to know. I don't care how ugly you are. I don't care if you're a crazy ugly bastard. Without a doubt, I know from the very start when I met you, you were a... v-v-virgin because of your appearance. Every girl can tell it at one glance. But don't worry, I will date you. But don't get the wrong idea. It is not like I like you or something. I just want to pay my debt, you see. But if you're not convinced, I will ask my daddy to... to... to make you a candidate for my marriage. How about it? Just please... please... for the love of God. Do something!" I embraced and accepted my fate.

As I looked down, I could see a forest up close, 500 meters below us.

'Kyaaaa! Savior, savior, daddy, mommy... Kyaaaaa!' I closed my eyes upon seeing large pine trees. I pressed my head and inadvertently sniffed all of his smell on his chest before we hit it.

'Nooooooo!' I compressed my hands together behind his back tightly.

I could hear a crack of branches one after another. Then, I slowly sensed in my shoes a solid object.

'Eeh? Eeeeeh?' my eyes opened wide in surprise.

"What the fuck did you say again?" my savior's left eyebrows raised up. I looked behind him. He's holding a large branch in one hand. But you could mistake it that one of the branches was stuck in his hand by luck. It bent down which helped us lift down safely on the ground.

But I could tell he deliberately did this.

"Wa-wa-waa-wa-wa-wa," I couldn't speak. We landed on the ground. Something was awakening inside my head. My pupils trembled in ecstasy when I saw this cool side of his.

Acting stupid or normal? That's ridiculous.

He's good at acting. A lot of people could interpret it as common. But I won't be deceived. Helena the Invincible Dark Mage knew he was manipulating me to learn through this action.

Why do you think? Because I asked him from the beginning.

From the very start, he's been teaching me how to read the situation and how to use our strength without relying on magic or Ki-powers carelessly.

'One hand?' I covered my mouth in amusement. 'Wait, something is approaching us. No, way.'

It's Daphney the Octopi!

"Savior, behind you!" I tried to cast a spell. But something happened. "Don't mention it," my savior closed his eyes and snorted.

"Die, you motherfuckers!" Daphney used a tentacle spear, however, something came closer to her face. "Goaaagh!"

As she approached us with her trump card, my savior deliberately released his hand on the branch. Then, it created momentum to strike her body directly. The impact made a tremendous blow to her face, resulting in her nose bleeding with a deformed face.

Daphney the Octopi bumped her body into four pine trees one by one and hit the spike of a tree branch. And her heart coercively came out of her body. Her blood dripped out of her eyes and body.

She died at the hands of my savior.

Her murderer looked behind him and stuck his hands in his pocket.

"Oops, what just happened? Man, we're lucky that we are saved by a branch of this pine tree, milady," my savior smiled wryly.

'No... No magic or Ki powers? Y-y-y-your smiling at the death of your enemy? S-s-scary. This is ridiculous. But... you... you never even disappointed me. You never miss making me awe, my savior!' I cheered up and embraced him again. Then, something awakened in me whenever I sniffed his smell.