Chapter 19:

Fly High To The Moon: Holmer POV (3)

Wake Up, Lousy Agent

A half an hour ago before the fight.

"Savior, savior, are you thirsty? I have a cup of tea here. The tea bags are locally made in Rwanda. Don't worry, it's purely made by the best manufacturer. Want some?" offered Helena, smiling. "No, but I like coffee instead," I responded respectively.

Her face turned down with her lips downturned.

"Okay," Helena pouted her cheeks and shifted her gaze to the side.

'Are you a kid? Stop acting like one. You're a high school student, woman,' I corrected her inside my head.

She pushed a cart by herself and placed down a white porcelain cup on the table for me.

I coughed in surprise.

'It's an.... expensive furniture by its looks. No, it is really an expensive and high-quality product! Man, how rich this girl's family really is?' I held my breath upon seeing it in person.

The private plane should cost billions of dollars and the salary of the staff and its pilot could reach around a budget of 52,000 US dollars.

And all of the items of furniture inside were already enough to make a poor bastard like me die in envy.

I also wanted to buy these kinds of stuff at my own house.

But I had zero debits on my account, and I didn't even have a house and lot too!

'If I just didn't take accounting, I should just pick Aviation degree as my course. Or if I am lucky enough or talented like my brothers, I could become a licensed aerospace engineer. But it will depend on my commitment and perseverance to finish it, of course,' I heaved a sigh inside my head.

"Savior, since we're going to stay here for a long hour, how about we introduce ourselves again? I already told you my name. But I haven't heard your side, though. But I understand why you're keeping it a secret. Both of us are just strangers before, but isn't it a nice idea to improve it from cordial to an acquaintance for the sake of my mission?" Helena recommended. "Hmm, go ahead. I don't know why you want to know me too much. But thanks for the coffee by the way," I took a sip of the cup and simpered upon tasting a hot and delicious coffee inside my mouth.

I swallowed it. The aroma was tempting me to drink more, but it would ruin the sensation once I gulped it again.

As a pro-coffee drinker, you shouldn't taste it like an amateur who only bought an expensive coffee mixed with a lot of delicacies for nothing.

"I am glad you love it," Helena clutched her hands between her chest and smiled. "Don't mention it," I feigned no interest.

'Her smile is killing me. Be careful, Holmer. We're almost in America. She might sue you if you made a bad move. I read an article where an average-looking guy complimented a white girl. Then, he got sued for sexual harassment. Poor bastard. He just praised her beauty, but he ended up in jail. I don't want to make the same mistake, hmph,' I affirmed inside my head.

She sat down on the chair opposite my position. Her skirt was almost revealing her white shorts, but thankfully, the table blocked my sight.

'Fuck you, table! Fuck you, table! Curse you for blocking it!' I cursed the table instead of thanking it.

"Hey, hey, are you alright?" Helena extended a hand to my eyes to get my attention. "Ah, nothing. Nothing. I didn't take a peek. I didn't see anything beyond the horizon of its purity," I stumbled over my words and blurted out a random excuse.

She tilted her eyes to the side with a confused look.

"What are you talking about? Purity of what? I'm sorry, did I miss something?" Helena was concerned. "No, no, oh, God. It's nothing. Believe me, it is nothing. No—thing. By the way, let's change the subject, okay? Let's forget about it," I suggested.

'But curse you, table! You're an enemy of all men!' I clenched my fist tightly.

Deep inside, I was still a man. Very cultured man. But I ain't a pervert. It was already part of the instinct of male human beings.

'Stop it. She's a minor. You'll get arrested for peeking at her garment. That's sexual harassment, you goddamn pervert.'

"Human, you're smiling too much. D-d-d-don't tell me, you're planning to attack this minor? Whoa, I'm into it!" Baku was amused. "No, shut it. Watch your words, you're making it sound dirty," I muttered a word that only the two of us could hear.

"Heh~, I thought you were going to have fun with her. But I guess, you're still holding back a little. She's weaker than the people that we killed earlier. Man up, will ya?" Baku rotated around her like a moon around the earth, but the orbit was slightly faster than its normal cycle. "Gosh, this is going to be difficult," I placed a hand on my forehead and hung my head down.

"Eh? Eh? Difficult for what?" Helena panicked. "It's nothing. Forget about it," I waved a hand to tell her it was okay.

The girl narrowed her eyes from left to right. Her two index fingers tapped at each other.

"Umm, what is your name, savior?" Helena asked earnestly.

I hung my head once and rubbed a hand on my nose. Snorted in and out some air.

'Why? For what? Hmm... You are all the same. Based on my past traumatic experience, this kind of question is a high-risk question that could end a life of an introvert like me.'

"Hmm... why should I tell you?" I snorted. I rather answered the call of the aroma of the coffee and took a sip of its delicious taste.

Goodness, gracious.

I would never ever going to experience the nightmare of my past relationship again. Definitely not.

This scenario made me recall a girl that I met last time. She asked my name under the guise that she was interested in my life, and this ignorant virgin took the bait and introduced me like an idiot.

I treated her as a friend and was always attentive to her stories whenever she was in despair. If she asked me for help, I didn't hesitate to assist her at all times.

I really was a silly man back then. I truly believed I could finally have a female friend who I could trust with. Mingle with honesty.

But when I met her on the last day of summer, she forgot it. She forgot everything about our friendship!

More like, she completely forgot my existence because of it.

Do you guys wanna know what the worst thing she ever did to me was, huh? She literally slapped me on the face and accused me of assaulting her.

Then, later that evening, I discovered that she posted my name on her Instagram and everything we did from the very start. All of her photos were full of hot and handsome men with her. But none of my existence was there. The only thing I could find was a blurred image of my face.

Then a new post was updated. This time, I was shot like an idiot.

She literally mocked me in the public because of my appearance. Not to mention she made an example of not trusting an average-looking Filipino man in the Philippines.

[According to her post, she commented that all ugly men should follow the trend to man up. How about we spent our money to have surgery or something? Instead of chasing them like a pervert, how about the guys like me date the same of our kind? Average x average, lol. Later she post a picture of a man with a spoiler tag, 'Look, meet Holmer Aldnoa, one of the perverted ugly bastards of the century. Stay away from this pervert!' ]

The public sympathized with her and legitimately made fun of me.

That post made me realize how cruel the world was. Narcissists or known as Karen-leveled women existed within society. This type of homo sapiens would ask your name first, form a friendship temporarily, and later, they would use your information for their fun.

I was about to ignore it, but my family discovered it later on. My grandmother from my mother's side called a friend in the government and called the police to arrest her.

They put her into her place in a terrible way. Not only she suffered ten years of prison, but her action also led to the destruction of her whole family and relatives.

'I have no idea how they did it, but I am glad I have my family. I don't mind staying single for the rest of my life. Thanks to her, I receive a monthly allowance from the penalties when she was found guilty by the court. I'm glad that there is a law against public shaming, lol. Serves her right!'

I had learned enough from my previous experience. I wanted a peaceful life this time.

That's why I won't give her my real name! Helena was without a doubt a Karen-level woman.

Giving my name to a girl was a death sentence!

"On behalf of my family, I apologize if I offended you too much. Please forgive me, my savior!" Helena hung her head down.

'Yeah, this is the first step of the narcissists. Where the fuck was the girl who treated me like a shit earlier before? Never mind. This is common. They will apologize first. Like what she did, I will never fall into the such scheme, milady.'

"Good grief, why do you want to know my name, Ms. Adrielle?" I scratched a hand on my head. "B-b-because it is important to know the person's name. The weak hunter should know her place. To show her respect for a veteran. She needs to know the name of the person first," explained Helena briefly.

'Lol, this girl is good at acting. Man, only a fool will believe such an act,' I laughed inside my head.

As we keep continuing to talk about it, I almost lose interest to continue this ridiculous conversation.

These redundant questions were wearing out my patience.

'Hunter, my name and address? Whoa, that's giving me social anxiety. Give me a break, will ya?'

As I sniffed the cup of coffee, I changed the subject to this robot.

But this girl didn't even see the son of a bitch. Whatever I did, she kept randomly saying a lot of words that I couldn't comprehend.

'I need some room. I couldn't take this anymore. Talking to this naive girl is turning me off. I'm reaching my limits,' I stood up from my sit and placed down the cup.

Helena was manipulating me to believe she was a curious and normal female human. But deep inside, she's a narcissist and a bad woman.

"You're really weaker than a... God Tier Mage, huh," I commented and clicked a tongue. "Eeeh? I'm sorry, but I cannot follow what you meant. Please give me a hint," Helena begged for an answer.

'I have enough of your errands. You cannot even see the robot, though. Why should you bring a civilian to his death? Are you high? Gosh, give me a break. Man... I want some room to gather more energy. Enough is enough. Have some mercy on an introvert like me!' I protested inside my head.

"Well, then, I'll tell you once you complete your mission," I leaned my elbow on the corner, but I didn't notice it was a hatch.

At this moment, I knew I was fucked up.

'Susmaryosep Marimar!' I cried.