Chapter 31:

Disgusting marquis

Raifurori: My Legendary Weapon is a Loli With a Military Rifle!

“I was really impressed.” The man clapped his hands and walked slowly through the lightning-ravaged field. The bodies of the orcs and the vegetation had turned to ash, which was blown away by the wind.

In contrast to the grayish field, a carriage remained unblemished by the blast — as did the people inside.

“What were you thinking, you wretch?” the blond-haired swordsman shouted from inside the intact vehicle.

“M-master!?” The coachwoman gritted her teeth as she saw the man standing amidst the ashes: Edward.

“Sorry, sorry, but I needed bait to catch this huge fish... But it still managed to escape…” Edward turned his attention to the little girl panting on top of the carriage. Rory's small chest was rising and falling as her lungs screamed for more oxygen to recover mana.

“You tried to kill us!” Alan, the swordsman, lost patience as he heard the marquis' words and drew his short sword.

“It's not a good idea to do that, I mean, to point a gun at me…”

“SHUT UP! Argh…” The young man's fury was calmed by a blow from Amelia straight to the back of the head.


“I'm sorry…” Amelia also struck the frightened archer so that she would not make any hasty decisions.

“As expected from Amelia, precise as always.”

“I'm flattered, master.”

Her eyes, along with Amelia's expression, became somber. Her master had planned to kill her until recently, where was her fury? Did she already know everything, that she would serve as a sacrifice for Edward's homicidal plan to work?

“Elsie, are you there?”

At the marquis' question, a girl in maid's clothes appeared at the carriage door.

“Here... What is the marquis going to do with Littlery?”

“I don't think that concerns servants.”

“I see…”

The exhausted little girl was taken out of the carriage by the coachwoman and placed inside, right next to Alan and Ari — both were unconscious.

“Where are we taking them, master?”

“I didn't think of that... Maybe the ‘slaughterhouse’... Ah! The hiding place!”

“Are you sure?”

“Miss Rory is no longer a danger, now that she are completely defenseless, I can use her like one of my toys... Ahhhhhh! How exciting! I can't wait to enjoy myself! Let's go!”

The carriage was driven to a dark part of the forest, far away from the lightning-ravaged clearing; a secret entrance was revealed amidst the rocks. The first few meters of the entrance were completely dark, but as they reached the halfway point, the dark tunnel was lit by torches hanging from the rocky walls.

“The place where everything begins, how ironic…” Edward spoke to Rory.


The little girl didn't have the strength to answer, but probably, if she could, she would answer with a sarcastic joke.

“Don't try too hard... I've been analyzing Miss Rory and Mr. Nakano, apparently, you can't fight without him... So I've devised a way to keep both of them apart and make you spend as much mana as possible... Pretty ingenious, huh?”

‘Bingo!’ Did that mean that Edward had those orcs under his control? So...

“You must have many questions, I will answer them all, but all in due course... And believe me, we will spend a lot of time together.”

The carriage stopped in front of a metal door, which Elsie then opened. The place ahead was a kind of underground prison with several cells.

“Here we are…”

“What do we do with these two?”

“Throw them both in a cell for the time being. It's a pity that the archer girl is too old... And as for the pretty girl…” Edward turned his evil-intentioned gaze to the little girl lying in the carriage. Rory was conscious all the time, but did not have the strength to answer, even if she had, she needed to save as much as she could for an opportune moment.

“What shall we do with this, master?” Amelia pointed the rifle at the little girl.

“Get rid of it. Miss Rory will no longer need this object.”

“As you wish.”

Although she stood her ground, Amelia trembled inside. This was wrong, very wrong. She was not aware of anything her master intended to do, but she had to obey at all costs, just as it had been ordained in her contract.

“Ah, Amelia!”

“Yes, master?”

“Bring the thing that belonged to little Khalia.”


The object brought by Amelia from inside one of the cells was a kind of wheelchair made of wood, the dirt indicated that it had been abandoned for some years. Rory was placed on the chair covered with spider webs and dragged by Edward to one of the rooms in the tunnel.

“This place must be nostalgic for you, but in case you don't remember, I will refresh your memory. This is the underground prison of Grain Village.”

Rory moved his white eyebrows slowly.

“It is a hidden part that only the guards know about. Originally, it was used as a place to torture prisoners, but I turned it into my little paradise... Look, soon you will understand.” Edward continued pushing the wheelchair, passing by cells and more cells, most of which accommodated skeletons.

“Here we are.”


The surprise was so great that not even Rory could avoid her surprise and produced a low grunt. In one of the rooms were the seventeen missing children from Grain Village. They were all hanging on the wall, chained in both hands. Gags silenced their cries for help, and tear-soaked black blindfolds prevented them from seeing the disgusting scene.

“What the... fuck is this ....” she stammered.

“So you're not completely incapacitated by lack of mana... I am even terrified of this frightening resistance.”

“Anyway, you see, Miss Rory, this is my private paradise, it's beautiful, isn't it? You'll be part of it soon enough,” Edward spoke with an insane expression on his handsome face. The chained children trembled as they listened to the insane voice of their captor.



“You're a disgusting, disgusting human.”

“Disgusting? Disgusting?!”


“Why? Why do all people have to judge me and my tastes? Why? It's always like this!” The marquis lost his posture for a moment.


“Look! I was forced to sell my own soul in order to enjoy this paradise, all because people judged me! It's definitely not wrong to like children!”

“Do you listen to yourself?” Rory struggled for one last contemptuous sentence.

“Oh… It's a shame, you're just like them… you'll never understand.”


“People don't know how to enjoy it, and they won't let me enjoy it.”


“The purity, the innocence, the angelic smile, the clean face as well as the soul, the straight hair, the eyes without lust, the soft lips, the thin waist that fits in an open hand, the breasts without extravagance, the perfect thighs, the clean feet, the smooth back, the immaculate fur, the firm hips, the sweet voices… Everything is perfect! That is the true definition of perfection…”




“Imagine how pleasurable it is to ruin it all! To turn the glow in your eyes into an unparalleled darkness, to feel your whole skin trembling, to ruin your whole body, to break all the purity while screaming indecent words in your sensitive and pure ear, to hear the sweet voice crying for help, the tears taking away all the innocence” The marquis salivated while screaming.

“Eak… disgusting…”

“Sorry, sorry, I lost my composure for a moment. I'll wait for the young girl to recover a little longer, so I can have some fun without running the risk of accidentally killing her.”

The marquis led the wheelchair to one of the cells already occupied by someone.

“This is a luxury cell. I hope you don't mind sharing it with a grumpy girl,” Edward joked as he opened the cell.

“Nice to see you again, too, you bastard.”

“Oh, what a rude little girl! Allow me to introduce your cellmate., this is Miss Rory. And Miss Rory, this is Princess Elisabella Andeavor, enjoy your time together, soon Elisabella will serve as a sacrifice.”

After the presentation, the cell was locked and silence filled the entire underground prison, until a man came down the stairs.

Orcus, the frightened guard, drew his sword and walked slowly into the darkness…