Chapter 33:

As in 'Boku no P*c*'

Raifurori: My Legendary Weapon is a Loli With a Military Rifle!

The wind shook the young woman's short hair mercilessly.

‘You will find him in the cathedral of the capital.’ Amelia believed the words of the suspicious priestess in the Grain village without questioning anything, and at that moment she was heading full speed towards the capital. The young woman was holding the wrapped object with all her might so as not to let it be blown away by the wind — just like the giant hat she wore until a few meters ago.

“Faster!” she shouted, slapping the reins on the horses' backs.

Kurone was a day ahead, but the coachwoman's skill was enough to make up the time difference. “Faster!”

It would only be a matter of time before the master would discover the treachery and send a horde of orcs to capture her. Why exactly was she doing this? Amelia, a tool, was supposed to follow the master's orders without question or disobedience, but she was doing just the opposite. ‘It's all Kurone's fault!’

The young woman's face flushed for a moment until she came back to reality and tightened her grip on the reins. She promised herself that she wouldn't stand in Kurone's way this time, but her feelings wouldn't let her keep that promise.. But this time she felt something different from what she had felt in her childhood.

Did Kurone also feel the same way? What would he say if he found out that she was a demon, and worse, also knew about the master's dark plans?


In the end, she would only know this when she met with him.

Amelia spotted the wall of the capital after a forest full of strouths. She needed to go faster, the little girls were in danger. That thing was close, she felt it when the ‘call’ crossed her mind. The speed of the chariot increased, increased and increased as the girl approached the entrance to the capital. Her mana consumption was at its limit, but she needed to push herself.

The wall was getting closer.

“Hey, stop right there!”

“Soul Za House,” she shouted, pointing to the badge on the side of the carriage. The signal was enough to make the guard open the way, he didn't want to make the same mistake as before.

From the entrance, Amelia drove the carriage as fast as her mana still allowed to reach the building in the center of the capital: the cathedral. Pedestrians jumped to avoid being run over by the carriage that was destroying everything in front of it. After a few minutes, the coachwoman stopped in front of the cathedral, where a huddle of priestesses were praying outside.

Amelia gripped the wrapped object tightly and climbed the stone steps of the cathedral, ignoring the kneeling priestesses.

“W-w-wait!” One of the women tried to stop the stranger, but it was too late; the young woman entered the building.

The sacred air present in the church nave provoked revulsion in Amelia's demonic blood, but she ignored it and proceeded at a brisk pace.

“KURONE!” The hoarse scream echoed throughout the cathedral nave. The young woman staggered and fell near the statue of the goddess Cecily. Her mana was running out.

“Damn... I need to try harder…” she cursed as she tried to stand up.

“You don't have to try so hard.” Another voice echoed in the nave.

The calm voice belonged to a young man dressed in a white robe, covering him from neck to toe.

Those rare black hairs on the young man's head, covering both eyes, were familiar to the coachwoman.

“Kurone…” Amelia struggled to sit up and sighed with relief. Was it just an impression, or had he grown taller in that cloak?

“I thought you were dead…”

“Listen, Kurone…” Amelia summed up the whole story for Kurone with the strength she still had left. “This is yours.” She handed over the bundle she was holding.

It was the arrogant loli's rifle. Amelia disobeyed her master's orders and put it away inside the carriage. “You have every right to hate me for what I did…”

“[Heal].” A green light enveloped the body of the coachwoman and restored it in moments. The priestess had healed the girl.

“Stand up, we're going to need your help.” Kurone held out his hand.

“Huh? Did you hear what I said? I am a demon who helped the Marquis and…”

“Amelia, I can't say that I'm not angry, but the real villain here is Edward. We need your help to get to where he is.”

“That's right.” The priestess agreed.

“O-okay… By the way, why are you wearing that church robe?”

“I, Inri, the head priestess, have just elected Brother Kurone Nakano to the position of Saint.”

“Heh? Saint? Like that kind of ‘Saint’? Really?! No kidding…”

“Anyway, will you help us?”

“No, I'm not going to help you.”

“I understand, so…”

“You don't understand. I'm not going to help you! I'm going to help you, Kurone, only you. Pretty selfish, huh? You still want my help?"

A firm handshake was Kurone's answer, he helped the young woman to her feet and turned his face to the priestess beside him.

“Inri... are you all right?” He looked worriedly at the red-faced, panting priestess.

“P-perfect... You are the most perfect couple I have ever seen!”

“W-wh-what!?” they both shouted in unison.

“No point in denying it... Come on, have a kiss... Hahaha!”

“I-Inri... Stop it!”

“No need to hide it, I know that a gay couple in this world is unusual, but please, just one kiss…” The priestess was writhing as she spoke.

“Gay couple?”

“N-no need to be ashamed... I'm used to seeing such things in the ‘yaoi’ I read... Come on! Just a little kiss!”

“Inri... Shut up! Amelia is a girl!”


“Yes, I'm a girl!” she shouted indignantly.

“I see... You don't have to be ashamed to admit that ‘Amelia’ is a man…”

“I told you, I'm a girl!”

“I'm not going to tell your secret, you can even make out here, I won't mind…”

“Act like a head priestess! More importantly,” Kurone pulled himself together, “you are a reincarnated woman, aren't you?”

“So you get it, dear Brother.”

‘And how could I not?’ thought Kurone.

“We all have our secrets, like your relationship with this man who claims to be a girl.”

“I am a girl!”

“I understand, I understand. You are a woman inside... Ahhh, this relationship reminds me of the story of ‘Boku no P*c*’.”

“I said I am a GIRL!” The masculine looking coachwoman got annoyed with Inri.

After a few minutes of discussion, the group formed by Kurone, Amelia, Inri and a few other priestesses headed to the entrance of the building where Sophia's trial was taking place.

“Are you ready?”

“Yes.” Kurone answered, drawing Rory's rifle. “They will listen to us even if I have to shoot them all.”

And so, Kurone invaded the trial, shot the nobleman and Princess Elisabella alongside the king, and demanded Sophia's freedom.

However, it was not only the young man who was close to finding Edward. A hungry Calamity-Class monster was getting closer and closer to the Grain Village...