Chapter 20:

Fly High To The Moon: Holmer POV (4)

Wake Up, Lousy Agent

Ever since I was born and gained consciousness, I made a lot of terrible mistakes. The mistakes opened my eyes to my uselessness, and they greatly molded my personality to its current stance.

You couldn't imagine how difficult to fix it from the scratch. But this dark personality was always standing in your way.

For example, losing your first job because you didn't like the corruption inside, the bad culture within the organization, and how arrogant the employer and the finance manager were. I honestly disliked it because I loathed that kind of environment, twisted people, and situation during my youth.

But I was naive to believe that my words and action of protest could change the mindset of others. In the end, evil prevailed over righteousness. It made me swallow my pride pathetically.

I was immature, stupid and a silly young lad. Dreaming of an incredible life within the Philippines. A proud patriot who loved his country, but the country itself betrayed my love, lol.

I made myself believe that I could become a better person once I became part of society. However, it was just a fantasy.

The whole society was worst than I ever expected. Far worst than being rejected by your crush.

Crab mentality had overwhelmed the whole system of the world, and you couldn't move in the position you were applying for in the company without a backer inside.

If you're an extrovert, talented and assertive, you could do anything. Or if you're an introvert in a rich family, you could use your family's funds to build your company. Your innovation would greatly help the country, you see.

However, let's face it. If you were a low-class citizen, you were nothing. Nothing, but a mere cockroach to their eyes.

In the midst of my struggle, I finally admitted my defeat. That I was just a hopeless nobody. The country and the whole globe were troubled worlds, to begin with.

Only talented and hardworking people that overcome their social anxiety could succeed in life.

A lot of self-proclaimed experts always stated the only way to reach our goals was to change our lifestyle. Escape our comfort zone and accept reality.

But unfortunately, I still couldn't overcome it because of anxiety and depression.

I was still mentally exhausted, and my heart was severely wounded by these countless unfortunate events.

Do you know what the worst day of your life was? The loss of your best friend and younger brother, my last dog Scrappy.

Our family's domestic dog lived with us for 14 years. He died in old age, a natural cause.

After he died, I promised myself that I would never, ever adopt a dog again. My heart was torn apart into pieces when I lose my brother at my arms.

The reality was really harsh. No matter how strong I pretended to be, these demonic events would always resurface. I even commented that I was really a pawn of comedic entertainment for the deities.

No matter how much I pray in the church, I always ended up in a dangerous situation.

For example, I inadvertently opened the door of the plane!

Luckily, I was holding up properly in the handle. But then, here was the annoying girl. She literally ruined my chances of saving myself from this disaster.

I lose my grip and now we drove down out of the plane. From the fuckin' plane!

'Because of her, I will lose my life from this tragedy!'

I was trying to grab something to pull me back, but it was just her. I had no fuckin' idea why she was happy to see me again, but apparently, there was a crazy ass woman and four armed men who tried to kill us.

"Wow, you're smiling even on the verge of death, human?" Baku commented upon seeing my face. "I'm fucking not!" I corrected.

Why was my face smiling on the verge of death? It's always part of my nature to smile whenever my life was in danger.

This mannerism of mine would always put me in a difficult spot. Not only I provoked the teachers who often scolded me, I always offended the scary people in our place because of this. Therefore, I became socially awkward and always kept my mouth shut.

I let the people speak first and analyzed the topic before I responded accordingly.

That was always wearing me out completely. It was hard to fit in and controlled your emotion respectively.

"Help me, Baku!" I commanded, but apparently, this jerk disappeared before I said it. "Nooooo!"

The air pressure kept crossing into my ears. I couldn't hear anything.

But this lady was saying something. I had no idea what she was talking about right now.

I was expecting a gruesome end, but thankfully my sleeve hit a thin stick that was connected to the branch of a pine tree. It slowed down our fall on the ground.

'Goodness gracious, I'm alive! I'm alive!' I released the branch tree, and I heard a sound of a woman behind me.

But when I turned around, there was no one there.

'I'm just delusionally thinking it,' I shrugged it off.

"Oops, what just happened? Man, we're lucky that we are saved by a branch of this pine tree, milady," I smiled wryly. "Eeh? I can't believe it," Helena embraced me.

I could feel on my chest that she was biting my shirt. Or I was just imagining it.

Then, I looked around and checked our surroundings. We're in the middle of the forest.

"I have no idea where we are. I guess we should stick together for a while," I recommended. "Yes, we stick together. Stick together," Helena sniffed my shirt again.

I could sense danger from this girl, so I pushed her gently away from me.

"Umm, we should stick together by not being clingy," I reminded. "Oh, uh, yes. Yes, I understand," Helena blinked her eyes like a rabbit.

I raised my left eyebrow.

"Are you really okay?" I inquired. "Yes, yes. I'm very okay!" Helena nodded.

"O-o-okay, that's good. Now, I don't know where we are right now. But let's get out of this place first. We should find a safe zone," I suggested. "Uh, uh, indeed. We badly needed to," Helena subconsciously tugged my shirt as she looked thirsty for something.

"Hey, are you really okay, miss? If you're hungry, I don't think it is good for your tummy to eat my shirt, you see," I teased her. "Oh, no, no, good grief. I don't like to eat that kind of cloth!" Helena released it and folded her arms across her chest.

Her face pouted upon seeing me smiling. But deep inside, I was very scared to see her reaction.

"Don't think too funny here, savior. It is not like I want to eat it or something!" Helena snubbed. "O-okay, chill. Jeez, it's just a joke," I scratched a hand on my chin.

'Women are really hard to understand. But this kind of relationship is common for an old timer and a youngster together,' I disclosed inside my head.

"Enough the jokes, let's move before some beast finds us as its food, okay? C'mon," I turned around and located the site where the light of the sun could be seen.

One of the rules in survival that I studied during my boy's scout years, once you found yourself in a forest, follow the sunlight!

"Don't you think it is a wise idea to use our phones?" suggested Helena, pulling out her object to check it. "Try it, if you... can," I snorted.

She noticed there was a low signal, so she extended her arms and raised it up to get it. However, her efforts were in vain.

"Listen carefully, one of the rules of survival, expect the phone's signal won't reach us. All we can do for now is to follow nature's call," I stated without making eye contact. "Oh, is that a basic among the basics in hunter's book, savior?" Helena rejoiced. "Maybe, I don't know what is the hunter's way, but if we are talking about the other terms of the hunters, then it is. By the way, I don't know what kind of curriculum your school is teaching you, but in my case, this is really one of the basic fundamentals to survive," I responded briefly.

The young girl was stunned upon hearing my answer.

"Hey, what's up?" I shifted my face at her location.

"OMG, are you for real?" Helena shuddered in ecstasy. "Of course, I'm real. What do you think I am? A robot or something? I'm a human being in a flesh, you know," I caterwauled.

She covered her mouth and her eyes moistened.

"OMG, no, no, you got it wrong. I'm just... just happy that you're responding to me properly," Helena waved a hand and explained promptly. "Oh, then good for you," I snorted.

Suddenly, she snapped her head at something.

"OMG, are you perhaps teaching me now? Savior, you're giving me tips. I'm so happy!" Helena overjoyed. "I am not teaching you. Never mind, I didn't even sign a contract or agree with any of that, too," I corrected.

'By the way, where the hell is that useless junk right now? I don't see him anywhere,' I placed a hand on my chin and rubbed it.

"Savior, are you okay now? I hope you're fully recovered. I might not be able to support you when the enemies approach us," Helena worried.

'Enemies? Jeez, this girl is too paranoid. In this forest, there are no enemies around here. You killed them all,' I simpered.

"Don't mind me. Listen here, I'm not sick. I'm just mentally exhausted," I spoke the truth.

The girl's ears twitched upon sensing something. She immediately formed a defensive stance.

"Savior, we're completely surrounded," Helena went behind my back and leaned on me. "Jeez, why are you so paranoid? There is nothing," I responded as I pointed a finger around.

"S-s-s-savior, d-d-don't joke around. They are everywhere," Helena cast a barrier around us. "Jeez, calm down. Chill out," I turned around and rotated her body to face her.

"Eeeh? wa-wa-wa-wa-wa," Helena's eyes fidgeted from left to right. "Listen here, girl. Look around you. There is nothing. I don't sense anything. The only things I could hear are the sound of the insects and the humming of the birds," I winked an eye.

"Savior, but... but," Helena panicked. "Jeez, take a deep breath. I will teach you one trick to clear your mind. This is what my instructor taught me when I was in taking up my exam to become an Eagle. Look at my hand," I raised a hand and placed it next to her lips.

"Hmm? Mmmm... Wa-wa-wa-wa-wa-wa," Helena's face turned red. "In one flick of this hand, everything will be alright," I assured.

I flicked a finger with a smiling face. Then, the whole forest exploded after the parts of the aircraft we rode earlier dropped down on our spot. Thankfully, her barrier shielded us.

I could hear a lot of screams from the people outside.

Then, a large dimensional space engulfed us inside. We disappeared whilst the forest was scorched on fire.

My smile stiffened. My heart was pounding too fast.

'Oh fuck,' I curled my lips up and cried inside.