Chapter 21:

Fly High To The Moon: Brandon POV

Wake Up, Lousy Agent

An hour earlier.

I received sad news about the death of the three SSS class elites of the century.

Who would even think that the STF had a dangerous creature under its sleeves? We're really surprised upon hearing it, you see.

Not only that, my goddess was hurt and received minimal injury after the incident. This tragedy was made into highlights within the shadow realm of the underground world of criminals in rapid time.

Due to their death, the Golden Circle's top-class criminals were in uproar and mobilized their own factions to find the culprit.

Whoever found him, they'll receive a bounty of a hundred million US dollars and be awarded the SSS class rank among the organization.

"Sir Brandon, reporting!" my henchman saluted and waited for my response.

Being a badass criminal was a soothing sound to hear. As Brandon the Fire Speed, my B-class Ki-powers were the nemesis of the fire users of mana and ki. No matter how strong they were, they won't be able to create a scratch on my skin.

My outfit made of alloy and tungsten was an expensive and high-class quality product of the Xiangkyu clan, one of the four founding clans of the Golden Circle.

I turned around and smiled. I clutched my hands together whilst I glared at him.

"Go on, what's the status of our guests?" I inquired. "The two are talking to each other. We are still unable to fully grasp what kind of topic they were talking about. But the good news here is, they still haven't discovered that we completely controlled the plane," the henchmen reported.

I placed a hand behind my waist and looked at the monitor. The live screen showed the private plane where they were riding on.

"Contact the base where Mistress Lixue is currently resting," I commanded. "Yes, sir," one of the staff followed immediately.

As they handed me a phone, I heard the feminine voice of our beautiful goddess.

"Who's calling this hour?" Lixue inquired in a bad mood. "Good afternoon, milady. My name is Brandon, how are you today? I'm currently at work. How about you? Hmm, I guess I am asking too many questions that you lost a word. Hehe~Okay, enough of the joke, I heard from the HQ that you were looking for the people involved from the Samoa airport. Just a clarification. I want to know if you are still looking for the culprit at this time," I simpered.

She listened carefully.

"Yeah, why do you ask, Mr. Brandon?" Lixue queried. "Apparently, we are holding two of them in a plane right now. Are you interested to see them by yourself? I'm willin' to show you the images of these people," I offered.

I signaled a staff to hand me a wine right away.

"What do you mean, Mr. Brandon?" confused Lixue. "As I said before, these two people were inside the plane that we hijacked from the original owner. Then, we disguised my people to replace their dead companions. These STF puppies have no fuckin' idea that their lives were in the palm of my hand," I bragged, smiling menacingly.

My goddess remained quiet again, but apparently, it appeared her voice sounded amused.

"Hmm, good job, Mr. Brandon. By the way, send it now," commanded Lixue. "Affirmative, right away," I gave a signal to my staff and sent her the photos.

"Ooh, this is pretty good. Impressive," Lixue was entertained. "I'm glad you like it," I tapped my two indexes at each other, happily.

I could hear the sound of the beats of a button. She might be checking all of the photos one by one.

"Mr. Brandon, I don't know how did you pull it off, but thank you for the pics. Since you did me a favor, you make it easier for me to hunt my target down. So, what is your demand?" Lixue's voice turned serious. "As expected of her highness, you always jump to the point. It is always my pleasure to give my best for the woman that I adored so much," I giggled.

'Wow, she's really hard to catch up to,' I sighed.

"What is your demand, Mr. Brandon?" Lixue remained stiff. "Jeez, you're really cold sometimes, milady. But hear me out, okay? I just —" I was about to express my love, but she wasn't interested. She interrupted me with a cold voice.

"What do you want from me, Mr. Brandon? Tell me. Now," Lixue demanded. Her voice made me swallow my saliva in fear. "I... I... I... I don't know yet. But let's... let's relax a bit, okay? Here me out first," I responded politely.

'As expected of a sole princess of the Golden princess, she is not easy to entertain,' I gulped.

But as a proud member of the Golden Circle, I had to remain calm and act professionally.

"I would like to know who the fucker killed the three SSS class commanders?" I inquired with bulging eyes.

'Who the fucker killed my sworn idols? Who was it that hurt my goddess too? If one of them was among them, I would never hesitate to push the button to kill them off,' I gritted my teeth as I looked at the images of the boy and the girl on the screen.

"Why do you want to know?" Lixue quizzed. "I want to pay my respect to the veterans. I want to know who is responsible for the horrible death of the three elites of the organization, milady. And also," I hesitated and shut my lips. "Also, what?" Lixue took an interest. "I want to take revenge on the bastard who hurt the princess of the Golden Circle!" I seethed with a rigid cord in my neck.

My goddess was in awe. But her voice sounded mad.

"Hey, did I even ask for your help?" Lixue sneered in a cold tone. "Wait, wait, calm down. I'm... I'm doing this for revenge. And also, this is my gift for you, young mistress," I explained with a shaky voice.

"Do you want to die that badly, Mr. Brandon?" Lixue threatened. "Nope, absolutely not, young mistress," I waved a hand to disagree.

She clicked something on her phone.

"The only person who is allowed to kill him is... me. Touch a single strand of his hair. You will soon meet the maker in hell, Mr. Brandon. Bring them to the Fly High Hotel. Kill the female hunter, but bring the ugly-face boy alive to me," Lixue instructed coldly. "Wait, what? I'm sorry. Am I missing something here? Do you want the ugly bastard alive and not this cute living thing? I'm terribly sorry. I believe I misheard it," I apologized and agitated a bit.

"Are you deaf? I want that ugly scumbag alive! Now bring him here to me!" Lixue snapped and demanded it. "Right away!" I hung my head down and followed her command.

'W-w-what the fuck?' I gulped my saliva again.

The call ended with a disappointing result.

I took a deep breath and exhale. I shifted my gaze to the monitor and looked at the man she wanted.

"Who are you, you filthy bastard?" I asked.

'Hmm?' Then, I noticed he stood up from his chair and moved closer to the door.

'What is he going to do? W... wait a minute, don't tell me he's—' I grabbed the monitor and moved my face closer to it.

The son of a bitch opened the hatch. All of the explosives were released from their hidden place.

Since our invisible aircraft was next to it, the explosive devices went to us and activated.

At that moment, I activated my suit and told the rest of the crew to activate their weapons online.

Then, a huge explosion emerged and destroyed our ride.

Thankfully, thirteen of us survived.

'I'm glad we have a Ki-energy orb to shield us all.'

The Ki-energy orb was a limited product that could be used once. That's why we won't survive again once a large burning object dropped on us.

As my eyes finally cleared, I found the two targets were holding up against the four minions of Daphney the Octopi.

I signaled all the surviving staff to drive down on the surface immediately.

'Fuck you, boy. Fuck your guts! How dare you ruin my plan, huh?' I found a forest down, 3000 feet away.

I signaled my men to move their assess down there.

"We need to get down there and rendezvous with Daphney!" I commanded.

One by one, we landed safely in the forest. Then, I used a monitor to track the targets. But the signal was jammed because of the low signal.

"Fuck," I snapped.

I punched a fist on the large pine tree and made a huge hole between its trunk. Then, the pine tree collapsed and made a loud sound.

"Somebody, anybody of you, tell me. Tell me some good news!" I demanded.

'I want them all! I want the fuckin' boy to die at my hands right now!' a grid cord appeared on my neck.

"Sir, sir, sir!" one of my minions saluted and reported. "Sir, we found them!"

"Good, very good, lad. Lead the way!" I commanded. "Right away!" my minion obediently followed and guided us all.

I signaled all of them to use invisibility. Then, I instructed them to divide and surrounded them all.

The female hunter sensed us.

'It's too late now, woman. I'm going to kill you both!'

"Eeeh? wa-wa-wa-wa-wa," the female hunter panicked. "Listen here, girl. Look around you. There is nothing. I don't sense anything. The only thing I could hear are the sound of the insects and the humming of the birds," the ugly face winked an eye.

'Stop it, you cringe! Just die!' I jumped over and over on the branches of trees. And I was almost 100 meters away from them.

"Savior, but... but," the female hunter's face turned red. "Jeez, take a deep breath. I will teach you one trick to clear your mind. This is what my instructor taught me when I was in taking up my exam to become an Eagle. Look at my hand," the ugly man placed a hand on her lips and the other hand extended in my direction.

'What the fuck?' I titled my head and recalled the same tactic that the Chairman of the Golden Circle always did.

As I almost reached their bodies and cut them into pieces at a rapid speed, I saw burning parts of the plane fall down on us. It exactly appeared in just a flick of his hand at the same time.

'Waa- whaaat?' I dropped my jaw in shock.

My vision turned white. I was pinched down by a burning jet engine and exploded together with my men.

We perished into dust.