Chapter 22:

Fly High To The Moon: Baku POV

Wake Up, Lousy Agent

From the very start when they entered the plane, I was watching my master from a distance. He was gravely disturbed by something.

To my opinion, it might be due to the presence of the young lady. Despite he looked infuriated about her existence, I begged to differ. I didn't dislike her behavior toward him. She's a premature woman who hadn't graduated yet from her school.

She had a good body structure and without a doubt, she would bear a healthy child when she turned an adult.

As they were busy talking to each other, I clandestinely analyzed her strength and other abilities within her body. The results gave me a goosebump afterward. I was a bit amused that she possessed a lot of dark mana around her body.

'She has a talent in the dark matter. Too powerful to be called a mere mage. She's beyond the normal standards of this human realm. In just a few more years of training and studies, she will no doubt reach the status of a powerful sorcerer known as [Witch].'

The witch title was bestowed to the rightful people who were aligned in chaotic neutral sides and possessed unparalleled dark mana inside their bodies. In a matter of fact, most of them were female that were very loved by the Evil God of this world. Their numbers were limited and only 1 out of 10 children were born once in a blue moon.

Why the Evil God loved them? Because they were his descendants. According to ancient times before Mesopotamia, the deity was formerly reincarnated human with a system. He formed a party of females who later become part of his harem to beat out the demon lord who was trying to control the world.

After he defeated the demon lord, his system congratulated him that he's transcendence to become a God. But little did he know, the system was manipulating him to believe that he was in control. The system consumed his humanity after he became a devil instead, but thankfully, one of his harems who was pregnant stopped him to save humanity. To summarize the ending, the Evil God was sealed off, his pregnant wife received a curse, the dark mage resurfaced in this world for the first time, and it was later introduced to humanity as a special and rare mana.

Do you know what the funny part here was? They had zero male descendants. In order to break the curse, his descendants needed to find the strongest male human or a hero who would always risk his life for them. In accordance with their ordeal, he should be powerful enough to withstand the power of the system of demons or not rely on the powers of the system itself. Then, they could bear a male child for the first time, however no one succeeded yet.

'Aaah... I still remember the ancient times when one of his descendants tried to eat my master alive. She is ready to devour him for no apparent reason,' I titled my head to the side.

Why did she even try to eat my master in the bed? I had no idea.

What do I mean? Duh, I was just a mere dog during that era. Plus, I didn't sense any malice, and I was treated nicely like a family by her relatives. She was a nice female human actually, though.

My master was considered ugly because of his height, skin color, and body structure. Until now, he's still the same.

I had no idea what on earth was wrong with those women who fell in love with him.

Oh, I hadn't forgotten the moment when he resisted. Her cousin and other female relatives had joined the banquet.

'You saved me. You are indeed a hero. Let's secure a new foundation for the future. Let's create a new branch of sprout and scattered it across the world as the Unholy Evil God did!' — that female witch declared as she tore apart his shirt and removed his shorts made of cloth. She's excited to see a cucumber in front of her.

My master screamed in fear and he luckily escaped when the bed collapsed.

"Oh, boy, classic," I simpered upon recalling the fun times.

Now I was thinking about it. This intrigued me to selfishly test her a bit. I scanned the body of the female human on her back.

Her whole body was really poured with protection and dangerous power.

I picked up a strand of her hair on the floor as my sample.

I then scanned her DNA.

Result: Positive

She's really her direct descendant.

'No wonder she has the same hair color as that girl. Oh, boy, I'm having a bad feeling about this female human, but who am I to judge this? I'll leave the rest to my master. It appears she is enthused to have a chat with my master. That's a normal act, I suppose,' I worried.

Ever since he was born, he always hook abnormal and obsessive female humans.

'Well, I have no idea what's the logic behind it. Maybe they are desperate or they are just being considerate of him out of pity. Who knows. At least, they loved him,' I commented.

Going back to this situation, I was standing by, waiting for my master's command.

I had a gist of who were the people behind the plane incident. But I remained quiet and looked after my master behind his back.

'This is just a play for us. My master is really good at playing people's hearts from the very start,' I complimented.

Consequently, my master had already figured it out, but he pretended like an idiot to fool the enemies. As I expected, he's good at making his enemies think they were in total control of the situation.

'Do you really think you guys won? But it is my master. Master is one step ahead of you, foolish humans!' I giggled.

The female human told him everything about her mission. However, he closed his ears and chose to sit tight on a chair and relax a bit.

From an outside perspective, a lot of people found him annoying to talk with. They would immediately back off and leave him alone, but regardless of his action, this female human didn't budge to do the same thing. His silly moves only made her intrigued.

'Is she aware that the master is testing her? I guess she'll receive 90 points in this subject,' I commented.

I still hadn't figured out how my master think and how he strategized his moves. Plus, he's still maintained an ordinary aura that one wrong move would kill you on the spot.

No matter how annoying she was, he feigned no mind. Instead, he gave her a lot of hints that the plane was controlled by an enemy.

The Golden Circle killed the pilot and the staff. They immediately disguised themselves to make sure they won't get the slightest hint.

Nevertheless, my master had seen it through.

Why didn't I make a move and alert my master? Because it was the duty of the loyal servant to wait and see, and he's only playing around. He already knew it. On a side note, I won't make a move without his command. He had a plan regardless of what would happen next.

'This is a good hunting environment, human! And I love it!' I overjoyed.

Since I made eye contact with him, he stood up from the chair, and to my surprise, he opened the hatch.

'So the hunt begins!' I smirked.

His enemies were making a plan to carry their assault for about a few minutes, but he decided to take the initiative to disrupt it.

He saved the girl and drove out of the plane.

I was waiting for the opportunity to take action, but it appeared my master didn't want me to get involved. He's planning to use this incident to teach the female human how to hunt.

Hence, I decided to give minimal support by holding out the dropping debris and the burning parts of the plane for about

Outside of the perimeters, I found a group of people who were jumping like rabbits on the ground. Then, I decided to drop it down where my master was.

'I believe to my master.'


And as we planned, my master and the female human were alive, but since the forest was about to consume them, I made a decisive action before it was too late. I used my tier 10 teleportation portal to absorb them and transferred us to a safe location.

The female human was unable to grasp the situation so she fell to her knees with a blank face.

As I was analyzing the data inside my head, my master tapped a hand on my head to get my attention.

"Hey, hey, look at me here," my master demanded.

I minimized the folder where I was looking at earlier and closed the monitor next. Then, I shifted my gaze in his direction.

"Hey, where are we?" asked my master with a curious look. "We're in the town of Werrist Town, Los Angeles," I answered promptly.

His ears twitched a bit.

His body was stunned for a second. Then, his eyes trembled upon realizing it.

He snapped back to reality.

"A-a-are you sure? W-w-w-were in a town of the state of the United States?" my master inquired with a shaky tone. "Yes, human. I'm positive about it," I responded briefly.

His face turned ugly like a baby who was about to cry. Then, he knelt down on the floor.

"Ma, Pa, I finally did it! I finally beat my brothers! I'm in America! America, fuck yeah!" my master raised his hands upward and cried in joy. "Eh? Eh? What was that? What did I miss?" the female human snapped back to her sanity out of surprise. She looked around to search for my master.

'I don't know what's good for this town. Why is this person crying like an idiot in the middle of the street? Never mind, I guess he's acting like this to wake up his companion, right? But I'm glad he's happy,' I simpered.

"America, fuck yeah!" my master moved both of his closed fists up and down with smiling teeth. "Savior? Savior, what on earth just happened?" the female human rushed to his side, stopped him, and checked his temperature like a nurse. "You don't need to know," my master blatantly responded with a grave look.

"Eeh?" the female human was bewildered. "Step aside, miss. I'm having a moment here. Let me deal with this alone," my master bit his lower lips and moved again his fist up and down happily.

Then, he pulled out a phone and took some selfies.

"I'm in America~. I'm in America~. I'm in fuckin' the United States of America, baby! Now it is finally time to work my ass for my bright future. I'm going to become a worker of America~ Yiiipiieeey!" my master jumped in ecstasy.

"Eeh? Eeh? I don't get it. Why are you so happy? I don't understand. Give me a hint, please," the female human panicked whilst thinking of what she needed to do next.

I had no idea what he was thinking about too.

"I'm going to earn a lot of money. I'm going to be able to pay off my debt. My debt of gratitude!" my master overjoyed

'Master, you are still the same. You haven't changed at all. You always pretend as an idiot to fool your companions. I'm glad that I know your true personality. You are a cold-blooded hunter. There is a saying, money will only give you happiness, but for a limited time. You can bring your treasures together with you in your grave. But you cannot bring it to the afterlife. You're becoming an idiot with no return,' I sighed.

"Ah, wait for a second, I'm going to check something," my master pulled out his phone and typed something on it.

I floated next to him and read it.

"Booyah, we're only 2 miles away from my pal," my master smirked. "An ally? Yeah, we should find shelter first. We should be!" the female human agreed.

My master was very excited about it.

'I guess, there is a new hunt that he's going to set up this time. I'm happily obliged!' I simpered. 'Should I tell him that we transferred inside the enemies' territory?'