Chapter 23:

Fly High To The Moon: Lixue POV

Wake Up, Lousy Agent

Present day.

I wake up in the morning.

When I open my eyes, I see a familiar ceiling with the image of a white lotus. It is the same as usual.

My upper body raises up and I extend my arms a bit to stretch it. Then, I open my mouth with my frozen open eyes. I remember something very important that miss out on.

I place both of my hands on my head in agony. I oversleep!

However, I feel something is missing here. Something makes me boil with disappointment.

At this moment, I am really in a bad mood. I'm very upset about the result of my mission. Very upset.

I failed to take the life of Holmer Aldnoa!

Due to an effort of cooking him his favorite, chicken adobo and a Filipino-style salad made of its local spices, I lose in touch to my main objective.

I also lose in focus when he complimented my food that I prepared for him. I was too happy that he devoured everything.

What a terrifying power. His golden voice made me want to hug him.

Good grief. I am really mad.

I am very concern about his clothes. He stinks, but for no reason, I want to take off his clothes. I just want take it to put some poison, but I feel like I am becoming more fond of his odor than before.

What a terrifying hidden spell. He must be using it to subdue me. Thankfully, I am already immune, but the side effects is still lingering inside my mind. It will take time to cure this sickness.

You know what I dislike to this man? He is a bleak and unattractive man, but his voice is so good. It is making me feel safe and whenever he speaks, I am losing my concentration like a bee discovers a new flower.

Additional to that, his kindness is killing me. His utmost respect towards me is second the none, and he is responsible human.

That's why I loathe his good nature. I cannot take advantage because of his behavior.

'My body is okay. There is no blood in my underwear,' I examined my body.

There is zero visible sign of touch or any sign of molested skin. This makes me a little bit infuriated about my target.

'He's too kind! You have advantage, Holmer. One time ticket to take advantage, but you miss it!'

I really loathe his existence. Not only he didn't even sleep with me, but he didn't even touch my body too. For goodness sake, that's his opportunity to take advantage of me.

But silly fool, I am glad he is unaware of my biggest plan. I'm planning to make him take responsibility and make sure both of us will meet in the church or a temple to make him pay. Where our families and relatives will join in and glimpse the happy ending of the clan!

'Ah, wait, that is wrong! That's freaking cringe! Yuck!' I creep out.

Who would even marry her target? Only my grandmother and mother. Not me! Unlike them, I will definitely break this curse and marry the only one I love the most. And, it's him!

'Ah, wait, that is freaking wrong too. I should say I will not marry him instead!' I cover my face with my pillow.

It is stressing me out. I need to unwind a bit.

I shift my gaze at my cabinet and use a spell to open it. I use my levitation spell to pull over my treasure to my bed that I always keep with me. It is my cure to ease my stress.

'What on earth is wrong with me? Gosh, this is exhausting,' I shake my head horizontally. I place a hand on my head and heave a tiring sigh.

I subconsciously embrace and kiss the face of the picture printed on my body pillow. Then, I snap back to reality and push it a bit in a distance from my face.

My eyes blink twice in astonishment, and my mind explodes due to aftershocks. The image of Holmer Aldnoa full body face is visible.

'Kyaaaaa! Why did I even have him here? Why did I even print this image? Why did I ask the company to give this to me? Why?' I cover my face with the body pillow.

I am normal. It is normal to embrace the target because this is traditionally part of your mental training. You should always succumb to your target's face in order to fully understand the algorithm of his existence.

Some of the female elites always create a sample of their target like this. This is not wrong. Definitely not.

My father and mother fully support this idea. To summarize, this customized body pillow is part of my growth to become stronger than my target.

This is definitely common in the modern era. My eyes are on my target to murder him, and he is not my ideal partner for life. Period!

'He's ugly... No, he ain't that ugly. He's just unattractive to the other ladies. But isn't that better? No one will get interested to hunt him down, right? I am the only one capable to endure the pain and sorrow of this mission. I am the only one who can accept who he is. I am the only one!' I affirm inside my head.

It is not like I wanted to sleep with him or something, but I want to keep my target beside me, so he won't die at the hands of other female assassins. In other words, I am the only one who is licensed to take his life.

But sometimes you just need to sit alone, forget about the world and give a little time for yourself.

I move out of bed and put on my slippers with a logo of a heart on them.

It is only 4:53 in the morning, so I can start to prepare for my next plan.

Plan A failed, so the next objective is to cook his breakfast today. His favorite is egg pandesal in the morning. Thankfully, I study the art of baking as my preemptive measure.

Since this country doesn't know pandesal, I decide to plagiarize the technique of his country's main local bread.

'Good timing. I already have dough prepared for this. Hehe~ he will die loving it,' my pupil in my eyes turns into a purple heart whenever I imagine his face inside my head.

However, I snap back to reality. I shake my head horizontally multiple times until I wipe it out of my head.

His power is devouring my sanity. This is really bad. This emotion is the worst. I cannot focus properly!

'Holmer placed a powerful and uncurable curse on me. Too effective. I don't know what to say. The only way to break this is to kill him on my hands,' I grit my teeth and place a hand on my chest.

I will definitely kill him with this food. I will pour it with poison.

I open the stove and ignite it. Then, I place a pan on it.

I move my feet on the refrigerator and open it. Then, I pull out a tray of eggs.

'Two eggs is enough to satisfy his needs! He will definitely die of joy! It's really a powerful poison indeed,' I crack it on the pan. Then, I start to cook it.

As I continue to pour my power to finish his breakfast, I decide to open the television next to me.

The news update is a bit boring. Nothing is new. I heard that the robber who robbed the bank last night died in a car accident.

'What a shameless death. His death will now remark as a joke in the organization,' I comment inside my head.

Three minutes later, his breakfast is ready. Now, I have to take a bath and wear decent clothes of his liking.

One of my second objectives is: To lower his guard again. I need to wear a summer dress outfit to show off my beauty.

This outfit will make me look cute and pretty. It is scientifically proven that boys of his age will definitely die of excitement.

According to my mother, my father's nose bled when she decided to give him breakfast. Then my father lowered his guard and asked her to go out. That was their first date.

It's Saturday, you see. We need to be ready. This is my powerful attack to make him bleed.

I need him to ask me to go out. With this strategy, I can finally gain the chance to be with him.

As a professional hitman, I will make sure we are alone. But I need him to man up, so I will let him decide where we will go.

Thus, my operation begins.

Afterward, I exit my home and head now to my target's location. It is room 205 next to me.

It is part of the job of the hitman to buy a place next to her target, you know. It is not what you think it is. I am not a voyeur like my mother.

However, another enemy approaches my target with a hidden objective. A pink-haired pony-tailed girl with a slender outfit covered with a light-feathered jacket is standing in front of his door.

Our eyes meet each other. Electrified friction ignites between our eyes.

I look down a bit and see a basket in her hands.

'Helena the Invisible Dark Mage, huh? I cannot believe she will come to his place to pay a visit,' I place a hand on my waist and cover a single mana-made needle blade behind.

She's really standing in my way. Like what she did in the past.

'I don't think she is seeing him as a target. She's not thinking what I am thinking, right? She's definitely not a type of a woman who will stick around with an unattractive middle age man like Holmer, right? Right?' I worry with shaky hands.

She places a hand on her waist too. She's up to something. However, she's shaking too with a poker face.

'She's into him too? This is bad. Really bad. Who on earth will cook for this man? Maybe, she's only paying him a visit to get some points for her grades. Yes, that's definitely what she's aiming for!' I contemplate inside my head.

If she successfully scores a point from him, I feel like my position is about to collapse in the rankings. I won't let that happen, you know!

My eyes are slowly turning black as I imagine a marriage of these two whilst keeping my bloodlust hidden. I use a fake smile to cover my intention and slowly walk toward her.

'Helena, you're hindering my plan!' I hold the blade tightly behind me. Whilst she's also approaching me with a poker smile on her face too.

This... This situation has a bit similar to the past. Both of us intended to kill each other to get a score!

Five years earlier. After the Samoa incident.

I received a call from Brandon two days ago. But the communication line with his group disappeared. The organization had zero information about their whereabouts.

But I had a slight idea. He was killed by my target.

'Silly fool, he underestimated him. I don't think he will let his enemy to live, you know. What a bad move, Mr. Brandon. Bad move. As I expected from my nemesis, he is really stronger than I thought. He's pissing me off really,' I gritted my teeth angrily.

I pulled out my phone and checked the pictures of the human who made fun of me at the airport.

"It is your biggest mistake to keep me alive, dog of the government. You will definitely regret letting me live," I assured.

This place was making me sick. The hotel service was fine, but I couldn't think properly in this room. Therefore, I decided to move out without a bodyguard to unwind.

I wore a white jacket and put on reading glasses like the models usually wear in their shooting segment.

To cover my face, I used a leather hat and put on some lipstick and make-up.

The hotel I was living in was just a branch base of operation, so I just had to move around a bit out of this place.

'Stress is hitting me hard. I need to relax. Right, you can do it.'

The Werrist town was a safe haven for criminals, so the government was off-limits.

I started to feel hungry, so I strolled a bit to find a nearby cafe.

I couldn't find a good restaurant or a bar, so I moved my feet to pass the next intersection. Then, I decided to land in the next place, and there, I crossed the bridge called [Seris], the cupid's bridge where the light and darkness intersected with each other and became one.

According to a myth, whoever crossed the bridge would certainly meet their fated one. For females, if one of the her assets fell into the hands of her fated one before it land on the ground or water, he's the one who would bring happiness into your life. Whilst for men, if he made the girl happy, they were meant to be. If any of this happened, both of you would certainly lived happily ever after.

'What a fantasy. There is no way it is true,' I feigned no interest.

As I crossed it, my hat was pulled out from my head by the strong breeze of the wind. I tried to catch it, but my shoes were a bit sloppy, so I failed.

I lose balance and almost fell, but luckily, I used the handle to gain balance. But I took a time to stand up properly.

I clutched my hands together between my chest with a shaky lips.

'Oh, no. That's my favorite hat. That's my grandmother's property. It is considered as a family heirloom of the family. My gosh, where is it now?' I worried and panicked a bit.

As I gathered the strength to hold my breath, my eyes moistened in sadness. But in one moment, my hat appeared on my face, and it stopped my eyes to shed more tears.

"Is this yours?" a gentleman inquired. "Y-y-yes," I nodded without looking at him.

"Oh, here," the gentleman placed it on my head gently. I couldn't see because my eyes blurred with my tears. "T-t-thank you very much, mister," I hung my head and compressed my hat tightly on my head.

I bent down to thank him as a sign of deep gratitude. I rubbed my eyes to clear my view, and when I was about to see his face, he vanished.

I narrowed my head from left to right just to look for him. Then, a man who was running away waved a hand to say goodbye. He had black hair and brown skin. His outfit looked cheap, but bodily fit for his thin body.

"Holmer, are you trying to kill me? Where have you been, buddy?" His friend sounded angry after he rushed to his side. "Sorry, I just picked up something. Let's go now before your wife kills us," he scratched a hand on his head and laughed.

"Buddy, she's looked beautiful and a minor. Don't try to cross the line here. Are you out of your mind?" his friend sighed. "Yow, that's too much. I'm just helping her out. No malice," He giggled.

I couldn't see his face because of this hat.

"Oh, hey, I gotta go. Next time, don't lose it, okay? Sorry, but I have an urgent business to take care of. See ya, miss," the gentleman said his regards and left without a trace.

At that time, I removed my hat from my head and covered my nose and lips.

"What a nice guy. I heard his name is Holmer. I will remember you.... your name. I hope... I hope we can meet each other again, Holmer," I smiled wryly for the first time.