Chapter 36:

Maids in our way

Raifurori: My Legendary Weapon is a Loli With a Military Rifle!

“Probably, by this time, Master Edward will be waiting for us.”

“That will be problematic.” Kurone answered from the top of the carriage.

The young man, dressed in a white robe, holding a strange black weapon, and bandaged with bandages over his left eye, was keeping watch over the vehicle. Just behind was a fleet of carriages with badges of various houses, each one there had a function to be fulfilled. Along the way, the vehicles dispersed. The first part of the plan was to evacuate the people near Grain Village to the capital.

“Considering the temperament, the people from Fallen will not accept leaving the city easily…” Noah commented.

The formation at that moment was: the carriage with Kurone, Amelia, Sophia and Noah in front, about five hundred soldiers from the capital mounted on horses by the flanks, thirty elite mages in the center and the luxurious church carriage with Saint Avios Bishop behind everyone.

The village surrounded by a lake was nearby, as was the sound of trees being felled by a gigantic monster.

“The Black Beast is closer than we thought!” Amelia shouted, pointing to the flames on the plain.

“Is there any way to kill this monster?”


‘I shouldn't have asked, now my stomach has gone lumpy... What the fuck is this luck I have in finding bosses!!!?’

“Kurone get in the carriage!”

Before he could execute Amelia's request, the young man was hit by a violent draft and plummeted from the carriage.


The carriage skidded to a halt beside a tree.

“Cof! Where did that come from!?” Kurone shouted as he dusted off his clothes.

“You made a mistake, dear little sister.”

“I'm sorry, next time I'll cut his head off.”

Sadistic voices came from above. Two girls in maid's clothes jumped back and forth across the sturdy tree trunks.

“They are Edward's maids.”

“Look dear sister, is the traitor.” The pink-haired maid pointed at Amelia.

“Really, we should take care of her.” The other, with blonde bangs covering her right eye, held out her hands in the direction of the trough. “[Flame].”

A burst of flame came out of the hands adorned with thin fingers and headed towards the carriage.

“[Earth Wall]!” Noah shot back the flames, turning a heap of earth into a solid wall.

Amelia was at a disadvantage in that battle, her only offensive power was the old crossbow — with five arrows left.

“Look, that human is very strong, dear sister.” The maid stopped at the top of a thin tree.

“Really... Where's the other one?”

“Right in your nose!” Sophia suddenly jumped out of the bushes and surprised the blonde-haired girl with a metallic kick.

At that moment, the marquise was wearing white armor with gold trimmings on loan from a duchess who was in charge of evacuating the residents of Fallen. Compared to the weight of the black armor, it was just a casual outfit, but it could not be called that, because it showed off many parts of the body — such as the breasts.


“[Earth Spike]!”

“Argh!” The sister had to jump to dodge the sharp earth projectiles thrown by Noah, but before she knew it, Sophia's metal boot had already found her stomach. The speed of the marquise was impressive, perhaps even comparable to that of the arrogant loli.

“We have to get out of here before the others show up, we were lucky to find the Abyzou sisters,” Amelia warned as she jumped into the carriage.

“Where are the soldiers?” Kurone asked, confused as he looked to the flanks and saw no one.

“Over there!” Noah pointed.


It was like the scenes from WWII he saw on the internet. The battlefield was filled with flames, craters, bodies, and everything else chaotic that a battle could offer. Strangely enough, it was a war between the soldiers and mages of the capital against pretty girls in maid uniforms — victory hung on the side of the ‘maids’. ‘Not even in my wildest dreams have I seen anything like this.’

Despite their pretty appearance, those maids were demons, just like Amelia. The strength of demons far exceeded that of humans.

“Let's head for the village!” Amelia shouted, tightening her grip on the reins.

“I won't let you!” A green-haired loli maid tried to attack the carriage, but was knocked down by Kurone with a shot from his rifle. Even though he knew they were enemies, the young man would never kill a maid, the definition of perfection, so he only shot her in the shoulder in an attempt to cause the girl the least damage.

“We're getting close!” Noah pointed to the entrance of the carriage guarded by two maids. “[Earth Spike]!”

The girls were forced to jump into the lake to dodge Noah's onslaught.

“Y-y-you're not going to make it!” An insane voice sounded from behind the carriage.

The loli maid with a hole in her shoulder clung to the carriage like a parasite and was preparing to blow the whole thing up with an attack.

“Jump!” Sophia shouted, pulling Noah by the arms.

The quartet rolled across the ground, almost falling into the lake, as did the two maids guarding the gate. The carriage was blown to pieces after the explosion, that short maid used a kamikaze attack and took the vehicle with her.

“Tsc! Those maids are not right in the head,” Kurone muttered as he stood up.

“No time for jokes, come on!” Sophia pointed to the village's interior.





“Damn it!”

Everyone showed a different reaction to the creature's roar.

The approximately fifty meter long monstrosity appeared as if emerging from the earth, furious. Its eyes of fury were turned toward Grain Village — or perhaps toward the young man at the entrance. At the distance it was, it would reach the village in a matter of a few minutes, but it could incinerate everything with its deadly breath from right there.

“Kurone! Amelia! Noah! Go get Rory!”

“Lady Sophia... don't tell me that…”

"I'll buy you time, just go!"


“Just go!”

Noah relented for a moment, but soon heeded her mistress' orders when she saw her serious look.

“Let's go!” Kurone grabbed Noah's hands and pulled them into the village.

“Kurone!” shouted Sophia.

“Huh?” The young man, almost inside the village, turned his face to the marquise.

“Don't forget to kick Ed's ass for me!”

“Who was it who said there was no time for jokes?”


“What are you made of!?” the young man shouted as he saw the loli maid returning.

The girl had her uniform in pieces and blood all over her body, but she was still willing to fight.

“I'm going to kill them all!”

“[Magical Spear]!” The magical spears took the shape of a golden snake and went to meet the loli maid.

“Tsc!” The little girl tried to take distance, but was hit by the attack.

“She's not just going to die from this, go quickly.” The owner of the magic attack, Ana, stood in front of Kurone and his group.


“Have you forgotten? I said that I will protect my village from strangers... Even without Alan and Ari…” she said with teary eyes, but soon returned to her serious face. “And it seems that I am lucky to find strong little girls, but compared to your arrogant little sister, she is nothing.”

“Thank you!”

Taking advantage of the breach, Kurone and the two girls entered the village and headed for the prison — where the entrance to Edward's hiding place was.