Chapter 37:

Maids, lolis and reunions

Raifurori: My Legendary Weapon is a Loli With a Military Rifle!

“Arf, Arf! Apparently, old people like us don't stand a chance against today's young people…”


Edgar and Orcus took a few steps back to get out of the reach of Brain's whip.

Edward directed the maid to look after the two men while he took the sacrifice — seven children — to the Black Beast, in order to calm its fury.

Another carriage was preparing to leave, in it were twelve girls — including Rory — in chains, who would soon be victims of the marquis' fetishes.

“Ahhh!” Edgar leaped again toward Brain.

The maid gracefully dodged the onslaught and attacked with the handle of her whip. Orcus lost no chance and tried to attack, but was hit by the girl's thin feet.

A former adventurer and a guard were being beaten — and badly! — from a maid holding nothing but a black whip. The men were panting while the girl did not show any signs of fatigue.

“Just let Master Edward deliver the sacrifice,” she said in a calm tone. “If he doesn't, the Black Beast may destroy the village.”

“But they are just innocent children!” shouted Orcus. “And one of them is the princess!”

“But these sacrifices are necessary, part of the contract between the marquis and the Beast.”


“We may not be able to save the ones to be delivered to the Beast, but we will save the ones in front of us.” Edgar pointed his long sword at the carriage with trapped children.

Despite his words and serious posture, it was only a matter of time before he collapsed from exhaustion, considering his age. Blood was dripping from the wounds created by the whip; they were shallow, but they burned!

“I make his words mine!” Orcus stood beside the butler.

“I see... Carla!” Brain called the maid an eye patch. “Take the children to Master Edward's ‘slaughterhouse’.”

“Yes, Miss Brain!”

“So... If you want to save those children, you'll have to go through me and still reach Carla.”

The maid, unaccustomed to driving, took — with difficulty — the carriage to the exit of the underground hiding place.

As a matter of curiosity, the ‘slaughterhouse’ at that moment was a small house hidden in the forest, full of sexual instruments — all according to Edward's fetishes. Originally, the ‘slaughterhouse’ was the basement of the Soul Za house, where Kurone was interrogated, but this was destroyed by Rory.

“Sir Orcus, go after the carriage!”

“I won't let you!”

Brain used the whip to grab Orcus's feet and knock him down. Taking advantage of the breach, Edgar attacked with his sword and cut the long whip in half.

The nimble maid leapt backwards and retracted the weapon half its original size.

“What a shame... It was my favorite.”

“Now it's your turn!” Edgar shouted, reducing the distance between his body and the girl's.

“This is no ordinary whip!”

The handle of the weapon was pulled out and it turned out to be a small dagger, Brain hurled it toward the butler who was ten feet away. There was no way to avoid the surprise attack! With no other option, Edgar moved his body as fast as his age allowed, in order to receive all the damage to his left shoulder.

Even though he was a middle-aged man, the butler had a slender physique from his time as an adventurer. “Argh!” he shouted as he fell.

“Edgar!” shouted Orcus, still trying to get the whip wrapped around his feet.

“In respect for our time working together, I will end this quickly,” Brain spoke calmly as she approached.

The maid picked up the sword brought down by Edgar and aimed it at the butler's throat.


A roar followed by a small earthquake made the girl hesitate for a moment, creating a gap for a kick from the man. The attack created a distance between the two.

“Ms. Brain!” A bloodied, green-haired maid came into the room, panting.

“Why?” Brain stared at the ceiling with a confused expression.

“A-ah! Mr. Edgar!” The maid shouted as she saw her former co-worker stopping the bleeding from his shoulder.

“Hello, Gyl…”

“Gyl,” Brain called the girl in a serious tone, “why is the Black Beast still here...? You've already delivered the sacrifice, haven't you?”

“That's what I wanted to talk about! Marquis Edward pushed me out of the carriage and ran off with the sacrifices!”

“What!?” the three present shouted in unison.

“Can't we take the children we have here to the sacrifice!?”

“No way... Carla has already taken them to the ‘slaughterhouse’. By now, Edward must have all the children and is fleeing to another country…”

“But without the sacrifices we will all be killed and the village will be destroyed!”

“We have been betrayed by Lord Edward's ambition…” Edgar commented, seeing Brain's expression, the exemplary maid who was not shaken by anything... at least, until that moment.

“Can't we take new children?”

“The people in the village have been evacuated.”

“What are we going to do then? I don't want to die!” The maid, Gyl, screamed in despair. “Are we going to run away?”

“No... We're stuck here by the contract…”


“We can only hope…”

“...for a miracle?” A voice from the entrance completed Brain's sentence.

“Sir Kurone?” Edgar was surprised to see him enter.

Beside the young man in a white robe were two girls: Amelia, the traitor, and the Sophiette house maid. Seeing the surprise on everyone's faces, the young man continued:

“My plan was to come in shooting everyone, but I don't have that cold-bloodedness of Rory. In the end, it's a good thing I didn't, since I heard everything.”

“You look different…” Brain commented in a despondent tone.

“Could it be because I'm surrounded by two beautiful girls? Argh!” The young man tried a joke, but was stopped by a punch from Amelia.

“Cof! Anyway, we need your help... all of you to stop Edward. If you want to survive, then you'd better help us!”

“That's it, Miss Brain!” shouted Gyl, excitedly. “Let's help them!”

“Ahh... All right, all right, we have no choice. But I won't trust another human again, if it's to betray me, I'd rather let the beast burn everything.”

“How terrible!” Noah commented.

“So, what's the plan?” Orcus, after getting rid of the whip, asked.

“First I need my little sister…”

“It's too late, Edward must already have her…”

“Who the hell are you calling a little sister? Do you want to die, stupid dog?” A delinquent voice echoed through the air.

“Damn, that maid gave me a hard time.” the woman driving the carriage sighed.

The identity of the driver was familiar to everyone present: Linda, the guild master. Despite some injuries and bruises on her pretty face, you could still recognize those full breasts from afar.

The guild master was on the same side as Edgar and had the job of waiting for the carriage carrying the children into the forest, she just did not imagine that the eye patched maid would resist so much.

“It's a pleasure to see you again too, but what is this bizarre outfit?” Kurone answered the white-haired loli next to Linda.

“One joke and I'll kill you. Just look for my clothes, they are in the cell over there.”

The little girl dressed in a strange bikini — just like the others — cursed. Edward's fetishes were indeed peculiar, but the bikini didn't match on a table...