Chapter 38:

The pervert is our salvation

Raifurori: My Legendary Weapon is a Loli With a Military Rifle!

“Lady Sophia!” Noah shouted when she saw her mistress on the ground, her armor damaged and her sword halved.

“Tsc... I was just resting,” she joked as she used her sword as a support to stand up. “I thought they were enemies.” Sophia pointed the weapon in the direction of the Soul Za employees.

“They are on our side!”

“I see... Ehhh?” the marquise shouted in surprise when she saw the young man standing next to Noah. Clutching his shoulder was a white haired loli wearing a blue overcoat over a short bikini — the overcoat was given to Kurone by Sophia during his stay in her mansion.

“She gets her mana back faster if she stays close to me.”

“This outfit…”

“Explanations later! Look, the Beast is going to attack!” Amelia pointed at the monster preparing to incinerate the village.

“How do we stop it?” Kurone asked as he fired useless shots at the Beast.

“We don't, we have to run!” shouted Ana. It had been a short time since the fight against the kamikaze loli, the witch was exhausted.

May the blessing of that which is most sacred, restore, guard, and give us protection against adverse onslaughts from demonic beings, pour out upon us your eternal mercy... [Sacred Wall]!

The yellowish light covered the entire ground and rose up, creating a magical shield in front of the village entrance.


The monster's flames crashed against the sacred barrier and dispersed — they didn't even cause a scratch!

“Kurone!!!” The girl waved to the young man.

Several kneeling priestesses made prayers, and those prayers were directed to the staff in Inri's hand — where they were transformed into magical energy and strengthened the barrier. That incredible magical wall was erected by the priestesses of Cecily's church.

“It won't last for long, so do what you have to do right away.”


The peculiar staff in Inri's hand caught the Kurone's attention for a moment. It was made of dry wood with a black-covered book in the center. Could this be Inri's legendary weapon, a reincarnated one?

“Brain! The plan!” shouted Kurone.

“Let me think... That monster will only stop when it has satisfied its hunger…”

“What do we throw for it to eat?”


“There's no way... there has to be another way!”

“Why children?” asked Rory.

“Actually, that thing eats mana, not people. It prefers children because the flow of mana in the body is greater. To be very specific: the flow is disorganized. That flow diminishes when they become adults.”

It was like bones. Kurone remembered when the professor explained that children had more than seventy bones compared to adults, but these bones dissolved when they became adults.

“So it doesn't devour children... But when it drains all the mana they die.”

It was a rule in that world: no mana, no life. Thinking this way, there was a chance to feed the creature.

“Are you out of your mind?” Rory pinched Kurone's neck.

As usual, the little girl was reading the young man's mind without asking — he should be careful about fetishes when he was next to her, but that was a concern for another time.

“That creature is like you, only with less mana... If I give it mana until it is satisfied…” Kurone tried to explain.

“Did you see the size of it? You'll die before…”


“There must be another way... It's nothing to do with you, it's for my own safety.”


“What was that, that's disgusting.”

“It's just that it's the first time you've ever worried about me.”

“Shut up, stupid dog. I didn't worry... I told you, if you die I won't have mana.”

“If you say so... You tsundere loli.”

“Who are you calling ‘tsundere’? I don't even know what it means, but the way you say it, it can't be good. Disgusting.”

“Ehhh... Excuse me, did you forget? There's a giant beast trying to kill us right there.” Amelia, her face flushed, caught the attention of the pair who whispered among themselves.

“I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I've made up my mind.”


“I'm going to try to satiate that thing.”

“You've gone crazy, Kurone!” Sophia shouted.

“Don't be an idiot, you'll get yourself killed,” Rory spoke in a cold tone, but in her case, it was her usual tone.

“I won't. I promise.”

“What good is your promise?” Brain teased.

“To you, nothing.”


“But I promised that to Rory, my little sister. I will definitely keep it, because a promise between brothers is sacred!”

“Ah... Sounds more like a pervert thing to me,” Brain joked, trying to recover from Kurone's unexpected response.

“I'm not a ‘siscon’, Iolicon, and certainly not a pervert!”

“Tell that to my whip.”


“And there was that time you... saw... me... naked!” Ana screamed while hiding her face in her hat.

‘Is this the time for that!? Understand the situation, you crazy witch!’


“I can't disagree, you touched my breasts in that alley.” Noah pointed at the young man.

‘Stop! Stoop!’

“It's-it's true! He's a pervert who has a relationship with another man in hiding!” Inri joked.

‘Where the hell did you get that from!?’

“I told you I'm a woman, heretic!” Amelia shouted angrily.

‘Not helping!’

“So our salvation is a pervert? How pitiful…” Linda joined in the teasing.

“Stop it, I'm not a pervert!”

“Hmmmmm…” Rory stared at the panicked young man.

“Please don't believe them!” he begged as he cried.

“Excuse me, is this really playtime?” Gyl, the only one outside the group, pointed at the approaching monster.

“Right... Sorry. How do I get past the barrier?”

“Considering your conditions, you only need to go through.” Inri answered nonchalantly.

“So here I go…”

“Hey stupid dog…"


“If you die... I'll take this overcoat, it's very comfortable.”

“Tsc. You suck at being a ‘tsundere’.”

“Stop calling me that or I'll incinerate you, you ‘breastphile’.”

“So you believed them!”

Reluctantly, Kurone came out of the protection created by Inri with tears in his eyes.

“Damn, he's bigger than I thought…” he muttered as he approached the black creature.

The monster stopped for a moment when he saw the young man. It was as if it was amazed by him.

“You are the human with the irregular aura…” the beast spoke in a grave tone.

“So you can speak…”

“Yes. Can you understand me?”

“I think so…”

“What exactly are you?…”

Only Kurone and Rory could understand the monster due to the shared ability of [Universal Translation], to the others, the monster's voice sounded more or less like ‘****∆∆∆∆**∆∆∆∆∆’.

“What are you doing here, human?”

“It's-it's mana you want, isn't it?”


“Then I'm he-here! Take as much mana as you want!”

“Muahahaha! What an interesting human.” The beast came even closer. “No human should have that much mana. You also know the language of the Gods' Era like that human named Edward. What are you?”

“My name is Kurone Nakano, and I am…”

‘Think of a cool presentation…’

“...The Lolicon Slayer!”

“******* ∆∆∆∆∆∆?” The monster tried to pronounce it, but couldn't.

An otherworldly beast could never reproduce English phrases — not even Kurone himself could pronounce it correctly.

“So, Kurone Nakano, the lôlęčoín suläyyah, I will drain your mana and then incinerate this village for the treachery of the human Edward.”

The Black Beast opened its mouth and placed it in front of the young man. The mouth was insanely larger than he was. A purplish light began to drain the young man's life energy. Both their bodies began to glow with a light so intense that it was able to crack the sacred barrier.

“Yes! Yes! Delicious!” The deep voice echoed through the air. “I have never tasted mana like yours!”

“More! More! Give me more!”

‘That sounded pretty obscene…’

“More!” The beast opened its mouth as wide as it could go.

“Damn, the breath is the one that's going to kill me!”

Even in the face of that monstrosity, the young man felt no fear. All he felt at that moment was a tickle running through his body.

“Hey, are you satisfied now?”


“Hey, you're going to explode!”

When he tried to run, it was too late. The monster and Kurone exploded in a purplish light, breaking the sacred barrier for good.

“Kurone!” everyone shouted as they saw the young man disappear in the explosion.

All that remained on the plain was smoke!