Chapter 39:

Tan skinned loli

Raifurori: My Legendary Weapon is a Loli With a Military Rifle!

The smoke from a short while ago began to slowly recede. Both the silhouette of the gigantic beast and the young man disappeared. The barrier erected by Inri was torn to pieces, and those closest to it were thrown by the explosion.

“Kuroto!” cried Ana, the only one left standing by a spell.

What exactly happened?

“Kurone… Cof!” Sophia stood up.

“It can't be…”

“Ha! So the heretic is dead.” Saint Avios Bishop, hidden until the moment, checked if the place was safe and got down from the fancy carriage. “Did he really think he could face the Black Beast?”

“And what did you do in the meantime?”

“Argh!” Bishop frowned at Inri's rude question. “Listen here you heretic…”

“There's a noise coming from over there!” Amelia pointed.

“Ahhh! Guards! It must be the Beast!” Bishop ran back to the carriage, surrounded by ten guards.

If it really was the Beast, it was probably lying on the ground, with no strength left to fight. This would be the best chance for a coup de grâce.

“I'm going over there,” Rory said, and then walked calmly across the bridge. There was something strange about her relaxed posture. Even though she was the cold and cruel delinquent loli, she had just lost her partner, and yet…

The little girl in nothing more than an overcoat and a bikini summoned black flames in her left hand for safety.

“Let's go too!” Amelia shouted, pulling her trusty crossbow.

Sophia and Edgar with a sword piece, Ana with a protection spell, Noah and Linda with nothing in hand, Inri with the sacred staff and lastly, Saint Bishop, a coward hiding behind women — and the butler, Edgar. They all followed Rory in a single queue.

At the place where the sounds were loudest, there was a crater made by the explosion. It took no more than three minutes for the group to reach the spot.

“Kurone… Ehhh?” Sophia, who took the lead, was surprised to see the young man's body inside the hole.

Thanks to the [Body Strengthening], Kurone had managed to survive an explosion capable of breaking even a Sacred Barrier, but had lost the bands he had placed over his Holy Eye — there was a purple stain on this part of his face.

But what frightened everyone the most was what was on the young man's body: a black object. It was probably a piece of the beast's scales.

“Holy crap… I can't get up… This is heavy…” murmured Kurone.

“Y-y-you are alive!”

“It's good to see you alive, too,” Kurone replied to Avios Bishop sarcastically.

“I think you're a monster worse than the Beast.” Brain, the last to arrive in the crater, joked with the young man lying there.

“Somebody get it off me” The boy pointed to the heavy object on top of his body.

“You are useless.” Rory slid down the earth walls of the crater and arrived where the young man was lying. The object on Kurone's body was about one meter long, and weighed more than it looked. The loli tried to pull it at once and throw it away…

“Ehh?” everyone shouted in surprise. Well, it couldn't be for less.

The black object was not heavy, in fact, it had the same weight as Rory's overcoat. The weight that held the young man on the ground came from something hidden underneath the object: a little girl the same height as Rory, completely naked.

The girl awoke to the sunlight hitting her tan skin. The only censor of her naked body was her long white hair.

“Ahhhh!” shouted Kurone, surprised.

“Hehe, you were intense.” The little brunette girl said, in terrible diction, as she hugged the young man.

“W-What! Let go of me!”

“Kurone… What's going on here? Aren't you going to tell me you've switched sisters?” Brain, high up in the crater, joked.

“N-no! I don't even know who this little girl is!”

“What do you mean? You and I were talking…”

“Who the hell are you!? And please let me go and put some clothes on!” Kurone tried to get free, but the tan skinned loli had a strength that didn't match her slim physique. Compared to Rory's body, the little girl had more volume in her bust — a matter of millimeters.

“Muahahaha! You're weird, Kurone Nakano, the lôlęčoín suläyyah.”

‘Lôlęčoín suläyyah? Then this little girl could be…’

“The Black Beast!” Kurone's shout left everyone motionless for a moment.

“Don't talk nonsense!” protested Avios Bishop.

“That black aura… so… she is that monster…” Rory frowned at the little girl grabbing Kurone.

“Sorry for our lack of respect!” Brain walked down the crater and got down on her knees. Amelia, Gyl and the other maids who arrived soon after, did the same.

“Will someone explain to me what's going on here!?” Kurone shouted, clearly annoyed.

“Apparently your mana was enough to satisfy her hunger, just as you said. I didn't think it would. I was even preparing the speech for the funeral.”

“I want explanations! You don't have to say that!”

“Hmm… right. According to ancient legends, demons need a certain amount of mana to have humanoid form. We are all born with lots of mana, so we can't go back to our demonic form, but because it has zero mana, the Black Beast can't reach humanoid form…”

“So when her mana runs out…”

“A fifty-meter-long monster will crush her body,” Rory commented in a cold tone.

“Uhhh! It won't!” the Black Beast said. “As long as I have the lôlęčoín suläyyah, I will have enough mana to stay in that form.”

“For that to happen, you couldn't separate yourself from Kurone.”

“Not to mention that he is already my source of mana,” Rory teased.

Uhh! He's mine!”

“I think I'd better eliminate you.” The delinquent pointed the rifle in hand at the tan skinned loli.


“Please, Miss Rory!”

Edgar and Linda tried to calm the little girl down.

“Nobody's going to get you!” The Black Beast squeezed the young man's neck.

“Cof! Cof! I'm going to…!”

The squeeze had no effect. Even a squeeze from that little girl was not enough to choke or break the neck of the young man blessed by Cecily, the scream was just reflex.

“We don't have time to fight! Let's settle this after we capture Edward!”

“Uhhh! I have to kill that human. Kurone Nakano, make a contract with me!”

“I already said he has a contract with me,” said Rory.

“Why don't you make a temporary contract, at least for now? Then you can kill each other or come to an agreement,” Brain suggested.

“Really. That might solve our problem for the time being. After we kill Edward, we'll kill her,” Rory commented, indirectly agreeing with the maid's suggestion.

“A temporary contract? How do I do that…”

‘Chuck.’ Wasting no time, the brunette loli slapped a kiss with tongue and all on the unprepared young man's mouth. Seeing that sudden scene, Rory stood there, static, trying to process what had happened.

“Rory!” Amelia's scream was too late.

The loli shot the pair mercilessly — the rubber bullets left visible red marks on the tan skinned loli's body.

“Wow, that hurt. I was only on temporary contract with Kurone Nakano.”

“It turns out… nowadays, contracts are made only with oaths… This method used by the lady is actually to make… Well… How can I put it…? But you should know that you will have to take responsibility, Kurone,” Brain spoke while looking worriedly at the young man.

The Black Beast was over four thousand years old. During that time, magic changed without even her noticing. They couldn't blame her for making the wrong contract, but from the looks on everyone's faces, that mistake could be fatal.

“Hey B-Brain… I'm worried now… What's going to happen to me… Huuuuuuh?”

“We'd better talk after all this is over.”

“Rory…” The young man, full of bruises from the bullets, looked at the still paralyzed little girl. Rory slowly turned her face to him.

"It's going to be okay, it's going to be okay, it's going to be okay, it's going to be okay, it's going to be okay, it's going to be okay…" she repeated, several times, in her cold tone, as she looked at the pair of lips smeared with saliva.

'I'm going to die, aren't I?'