Chapter 40:

Edward Soul Za

Raifurori: My Legendary Weapon is a Loli With a Military Rifle!

How much longer would he has to wait?

Edward paced back and forth impatiently. It had been a reasonable time, the maid should have arrived with the other children.

By now, Brain had discovered the betrayal and must be in despair. The Black Beast would soon destroy everything, including this ‘slaughterhouse’, so he needed to leave the kingdom as soon as possible.

“You are horrible…”

“Why, dear Elisabella, aren't you glad you're still alive? You were going to be a sacrifice to the Black Beast.”

“I'd rather die than stay one more second near you.”

Edward ignored the girl who insulted him and went to the window again.

“At last!”

A carriage bearing the badge of the Soul Za house approached the hiding place — a small wooden house in the forest.

The marquis stood in front of the door to greet the maid driving the carriage. He could have no witnesses, especially not a demon servant girl.

The one who drove the vehicle with the children was the maid wearing an eye patch — she was also responsible for the garden of the Soul Za mansion. The girl's long hair covered her face, but apparently did not hinder her field of vision.

The maid stopped the carriage a few centimeters away from Edward.

“Let's go see how Miss Rory is doing,” he said as he walked towards the back of the carriage.

All the girls were hooded, dressed in gray robes, just as Edward had instructed them to avoid prying eyes on the road.

“Miss Rory…?” he spoke in a disgusting tone.

The marquis ran his eyes over the children in the carriage, looking for the little girl with the white hair and strong personality.

He couldn't wait. Underneath those robes were children dressed in bikinis of their own choosing.

But the priority now was to escape the kingdom. He would have to contain his desires and focus on escape.

First, he would eliminate the maid and then put all the children in one carriage.

‘The maid!’ He ended up getting distracted by the children and completely ignored the maid's presence.

“Hey, come here,” he commanded the girl who was getting down from the carriage.


“How are things in Grain Village?”


“Come on, answer me!” Edward shouted impatiently to the girl who had remained silent until then.

“I can't stand it any longer…” The girl whispered, clenching her fist.



The loud scream that no girl could ever produce reverberated throughout the forest.

“That voice... Don't tell me that…”

“Yes, you bastard! You thought I was your maid, but it's me!”

The girl, or rather the boy, revealed his identity by throwing off his wig.

“Tsc. You're such an idiot,” Rory cursed, jumping out of the carriage and aiming her rifle at Edward.

“This situation is a bit comical.” Edward looked at the pair.

Kurone was wearing make-up, an eye patch, and a maid's uniform. Rory, on the other hand, was wearing a gray robe over a bizarre bikini. Without a doubt, it was a situation that the Marquis had never imagined.

“Don't look at me, do you want to die?” The little girl threatened.

“I see you're back to your old self again. So, Mr. Nakano's presence influences your mood.”

“Uhh... I'm going to kill you.”


“What are you laughing at?” Rory pointed his rifle at her companion dressed as a maid.

“Easy there! Remember that our enemy is Edward.”

“It was a really interesting reunion. It's a pity I can't have Miss Rory with me, so, if I may, I must flee the country.”

“Do you think we will let you?”

“Mr. Nakano, try as I might, I can't take you seriously in those... ‘clothes’. But, I admit, you do look good in your dress…”

“Quiet! Weirdo! Pervert!” Kurone, embarrassed, pointed at the marquis.

“Anyway, I also advise you to flee this country as soon as possible. The Black Beast will soon be here. You can keep Princess Elisabella, she is too old for my tastes after all.”

“What is your relationship with this ‘Black Beast’?” Kurone asked the marquis, who turned away.

“It's an interesting and long story, so allow me to summarize.”

“A strange young man from the Soul Za house once saw a naked child in a bath, and since that day, he has never been able to get ‘hard’ with any other woman. This young man was judged by everyone, then one day, in the library, he found out about the legend of the Black Beast, a monster from the Gods' Era.”


“This young man dedicated many years to learn the ancient demon language and took courage to summon the Beast. In exchange for demon maids, a personal army of orcs, money, fulfillment of fetishes and elimination of enemies, all the young man needed to do was to deliver children to the Black Beast.”

“So... Glup…” Kurone tried to process the information before continuing. “Why did this young man... or rather, you betrayed the Black Beast?”

“Everything I did was to fulfill my fetishes. Do you know how painful it is for me to see virgin children being devoured? Of course I wouldn't give the children up!”

“This story only served to prove how crazy you are.”

“So be it. If you won't let me through, then I'll send an army of orcs to attack the capital.”



‘Bam!’ The little girl fired at the marquis, but the bullet was then repelled.


“Didn't I tell you? Magic is also part of the pact between me and the Black Beast. I may not look it, but I am very strong.”


“See, this is the proof of our pact!” The marquis rolled up the sleeve of his overcoat and showed a green mark on his hand. The mark was shaped like a horseshoe.

“Rory, back off!”


They both jumped into the nearest bushes in order to avoid the flames invoked by Edward.

Rory was still not 100%, so the fight would be a bit difficult, considering that the enemy had the power of an ancient demon.

“I have just sent an army of orcs towards the capital! Who will kill the citizens first? The Black Beast or the orcs?”

Edward's ability to summon orcs was mentally activated and orcs were summoned up to 100 meters away from the marquis. The monsters were supposed to head towards the capital and kill everyone, but...

“Why are they coming here?”

“Hey Edward, I wonder who will kill you first... the orcs or the Black Beast?” Kurone joked, showing Edward his wrist.


It was identical. The mark on Kurone's hand was identical to Edward's mark, but his was blue and snaked from wrist to left elbow… How was it possible?

“Hello, human Edward.” The voice from up in the tree caught the marquis' attention. It was a childish voice, with horrible diction, but even so, it caused indescribable terror in the soul.

Could it be...