Chapter 25:

Fly High Incident: Toby POV

Wake Up, Lousy Agent

I was strolling around in the park with my beloved daughter, Latisa.

She's really an adorable child, and she's undeniably the cutest thing that God gave me.

We were heading back to our house. It was only two blocks away from the park.

Then, I suddenly sensed something odd behind my back. I shifted my gaze on my back slowly, but I found nothing.

I carried my daughter tightly on my chest. Then, I started to move again.

But the sensation of being followed was giving me an odd vibe.

'This feeling... I don't think I should feign ignorance for it. I am feeling a sense of hatred behind me. But to whom?' I turned around my body to check it again. But I found a zero visible presence of any human being. I narrowed my eyes from left to right, but I couldn't find anything.

I gulped my saliva in fear.

"Hmm, what's wrong, daddy?" inquired Latisa with a confused gaze. "I, uh, I, uh, eh, I'm sorry, my dear. It is nothing. Let's go on, now," I replied with smiling teeth. But deep inside, I was starting to feel frightened.

As we approached the pedestrian line, I was about to check something on my phone when I inadvertently saw a reflection at the bus of a middle age man on his jacket, looking at me with a sinister smile.

I was stunned a bit. My heart was pounding fast that I almost exploded out of stress.

I shifted my face to his location, but I found no one.

'A-a-am I being haunted? Is that a ghost? Why his face looked familiar?' I narrowed my gaze from left to right again, trying to find the person. However, his presence was no longer visible.

"Daddy, daddy, look, look. It's a green light. Look, let's go, daddy," Latisa tapped a hand on my face to get my attention. It snapped me back to my sanity. "Aah, yes, my bad," I crossed the pedestrian line without looking back.

My legs were starting to shake too much. I was almost losing my strength because of this stranger who was following us from behind.

'This feeling... I already experienced this. This is a familiar feeling when my wife followed me from my house... Shit, who the fuck is this now?' I gritted my teeth in worry.

My daughter tapped a hand on my face again. She's pointing a finger at someone behind me.

"Daddy, daddy, who's that person? Who's that man on the jacket?" quizzed Latisa with a curious gaze. Due to the sudden question, I placed a hand on my daughter to cover her face and pressed her head on my shoulder at a rapid speed. "Latisa, my dear, please don't point a finger at the stranger. Please don't look at him," I rushed my feet to the next block.

This situation resembled the horror movie where the protagonist was being chased by a killer.

I had no recollection that I messed up with somebody. Ever since I got married to my wife, I decided to avoid more women. But my daughter identified him as a man like what I saw earlier, so it might be safe to say I won't get killed by my wife.

As I was about to reach the block, he appeared on our right side. A sound of sinister classical music crossed my ears.

His sinister eyes glared at me with bloodlust.

"Hiiiek, I'm sorry. Please excuse me," I ran away in panic. "Daddy, I cannot breathe," Latisa tried to release her head from my shoulder.

"Please bear with it, my dear. Bear with it," I crossed the pedestrian line before the light turned red.

I turned around my body to look at the stranger.

'W-w-w-who the fuck are you?' my face turned blue after I glimpsed at his unattractive and creepy face.

As the vehicles started to move, he disappeared after a bus blocked my view from my angle.

I panted. I was really scared about this person.

"Daddy?" Latisa placed a hand on my cheeks with a worried face. I held my daughter's hand and smiled at her. "It's okay. It is nothing, my dear," I assured. I turned around again and moved forward.

Unbeknownst to me, the man was smiling menacingly whilst watching me from his position.

Two minutes later, we arrived to our house.

I looked around a bit to make sure we weren't followed. Then, I put down my daughter on the surface and opened the gate.

As we were about to reach the door, someone rang a bell at the gate.

"Oh, daddy, daddy, a man, a man," Latisa tugged my sleeves multiple times as she pointed a finger at the stranger. However, my face was overwhelmed with fear. I quickly pulled out the main key and unlock the door. Then, I opened it quickly and pushed my daughter inside. "Latisa, whoever is on the gate, and whoever knocks on the door. Don't open it, got it?" I instructed promptly. "Yes, daddy," Latisa nodded her head with an innocent look.

The bell kept ringing, but I feigned no interest.

I grabbed the hand on my daughter and pulled her to the living room. I needed to distract the attention of my daughter.

I faced my daughter and knelt down on one knee.

"Latisa, play Mr. Teddy for a while. Whatever you do, don't ever get out of your room without my permission. Daddy has some business to take care of, okay?" I instructed, smiling. "Okay, daddy, Latisa will go play with Mr. Teddy," Latisa obediently followed without a question, and she headed to her room upstairs alone.

'Good girl,' I simpered.

I shifted my gaze to the door and pulled out my phone.

From that moment, I contacted the police, but for an unknown reason, no one was responding. I tried to call them again, but it went in vain.

'Oh, God, please. Please, please answer the goddamn phone,' I clicked the call button multiple times, but I still received zero responses.

As I was about to throw it away, I noticed the signal bar was empty.

My eyes trembled out of stress. This sensation had the same vibes in the horror movie.

'Aaaaah, oh God, please have mercy on us!' I panicked.

I headed to the basement and opened the door with open arms. Then, I rushed to search for a crate inside.

After I found it, I lifted it up on the table. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes.

'Violence is gratuitous. But I have to protect my family!' I opened the weapon crate and picked up two wooden batons called 'arnis'.

I opened my eyes ready for combat.


I heard a sound of a door opening slowly. Then, the sound of heavy footsteps stepped on the floor.

My plan was very simple. I would slowly move up and attacked him from behind. However, something forced me to change my tactic.

"Daddy?" the voice of my beloved child made me delirious.

'Oh, shit. My daughter!'

I quickly slammed open the door of the basement and went out to check her room upstairs.

"No, no, it can't be!" I opened the door of her room, but I found zero presence of my child.

I subconsciously ran downstairs and looked for her.

"Daddy?" my daughter called me.

I placed a hand on my chest and heaved a sigh of relief.

"Good grief, my dear. Didn't I tell you to stay in your room? Okay, let's go back — oooh, mamma mia," I was about to say something, but the back of the stranger was holding a picture frame on the table.

A piece of sinister classical music crossed my ears.

"Well... Well... Well, how's your family, Toby?" inquired the stranger who was standing still without turning back. "H-h-how did you know my name? Who are you?" I demanded, holding my stick in my hands tightly. "Tsk, tsk, tsk. You're no in a position to demand asking those questions when the person in front of you is asking you a simple and genuine question, though," the stranger placed the picture frame back to its original position on the shelf. The photo illustrated my younger self with my four comrades-in-arms during my high school days.

I was about to attack him, but my daughter looked happy whenever she looked at him.

"Daddy, look, look. He looks like someone in your picture," Latisa pointed a finger at his face. Then, I noticed the amber eyes of my acquiantance. "W-w-wait, no-no-no way, are you perhaps... Hol? I... I can't believe it," I gulped my saliva.

It's my brother-in-arms. We're not blood-related, but we pledged an eternal brotherhood during our primetime.

He turned around and his unattractive face appeared in my sight.

"Hello, Toby," Holmer pronounced in a lip-pursing tone. "Hol!" I embraced him immediately.

"Daddy?" Latisa was surprised. "Oh, my goodness. I'm so happy to see you again, Hol!" I lifted his body barely and put him down.

Even though it was our unexpected reunion, he was unhappy to see me like this.

"Toby, explain yourself. Who is this child?" Holmer pointed his lips at my child. "Oh, I haven't introduced you to my beloved daughter. This is Latisa Cementez Rualdez, my eldest daughter. Isn't she cute?" I introduced my child with smiling teeth. "Yeah, kinda cute. She really resembles your natural face, Toby," Holmer folded his arms across his chest as he looked at my daughter.

"Daddy, do you know who he is?" asked Latisa whilst she was tugging my shirt. "Oh, sweety, this is your uncle. His name is Holmer. Say hello to your uncle, my dear," I petted her head and my cute daughter nodded once as a sign of greeting.

"Toby, can I have a word with you? You and me. Only. Tell my niece to go back to her room," Holmer requested. "No problem. Sweety, please go back to your room. Your uncle and I have something to talk about," I instructed, smiling. "Okay!" Latisa obediently followed.

I clutched together my hands and shifted my attention to my old friend.

"So.... what now?" I quizzed. "Give me a drink for now. I'm thirsty," Holmer closed his eyes as he remained standing still in his position.

I immediately rushed to the kitchen and opened the fridge to get two cans of beer.

I handed him one of a can and both of us cracked open our beers at the same time.

We took a sip and breath out.

"Phew, you fuckin' asshole. You scared me too much. If you just introduced yourself earlier, I won't pee on my pants in the basement," I caterwauled. "Hmph, it is way better than I killed you on the spot, you fuckin' traitor," Holmer approached me with killing intent.

"C'mon, don't call me like that, buddy," I complained. "What do you want me to call you, huh? A fuckin' rat who run away from his responsibilities and betrayed the creed? You son of a bitch. Do you know how hard it is for me? You guys appointed me as the 'Executioner. For what? To kill the traitors! But since both of us have known each other, I'll give you a chance. A chance to redeem yourself," Holmer tapped a hand on my chest multiple times as he scolded me.

'This is bad. My secret marriage life has been busted by this son of a gun. I'm screwed. This guy is really devoted to his duty as a virgin executioner. Good grief, it's not my fault, you know. I'm fuckin' innocent! But my corpse might be hanging upside down in a cross because of this!' I shuddered.

"C-c-c'mon, do I have to do that? We're no longer kids, buddy. I... I don't know why you are so considerate about my current status. But thank you for giving me a chance, though," "I know you have no guts to defy the law of our brotherhood, and you are the stupid bastard who added this type of role, you know!" Holmer condemned.

I closed my eyes in dismay.

"I-I-I'm sorry. There is a reason for this. But hear me out, will ya?" I inquired. "Go on, explain," Holmer permitted.

I knew from the start that I might get busted by one of my friends.

I knew I might fucked up really hard after this. But who cares? At least, the burden of this guilt had been lifted a bit.

"I... I... I was set up," I covered my mouth and cried. "D-d-d-don't tell me," Holmer's eyes trembled as he withdraw his feet two steps away from me.

"Yes... she finally succeed," I closed my eyes and knelt down on my knees on the floor. "Toby, it must be hard," Holmer comforted me.

"She... She keeps doing it over and over again. Until one day, she announced our marriage in front of her parents. I was only going there as her attendant. But to think she will announce it without my knowledge. You.. you know what? I tried to deny it, but there are some guns pointed at my face! I have no way to run, man. No path to escape. And now the ending is this. We're now happily married for two years!" I cried again. "Susmaryosep, you must be really afraid, huh. Condolence and congratulations," Holmer placed a hand on his forehead and heaved a tiring sigh.

All of it was true. I was unable to get away from her love and affection. She still loved me despite she was a foreigner!

'I'm sorry, man. I'm so sorry, my brothers!' I sniffed.

As number 5, I already died in combat when I lose my virginity.

But my wife gave me a lot of unforgettable memories that was even better than our fun times together, guys.

All I could say was, 'My bad'.