Chapter 26:

Fly High Incident: Helena POV

Wake Up, Lousy Agent

At the women's comfort room, I removed my clothes covered with coal. Since no one was around the place, I washed my sensitive parts with wet towel in front of mirror.

It was cold, but I was already used to it due to my training.

After I finished it, I picked up the brown bag again and selected a few important dress. I chose to put on a pink underwear which I piqued of interesr, and it was later followed by my new pair of clothes for my upper and lower body, one by one.

'Good, will he love a pure white garment? Hehe~' I entoned inside my head.

Next, I opened my blue bag to pick up some feminine products such as facial and body lotion. I applied all of it to keep my skin looked smooth and healthy. I applied a lip gloss on my mouth to keep it moist.

Applying it would reduced the chancea of my mouth to dry due to cold.

'Does he like this kind of color? My daddy and other male classmates always notice me whenever I apply something like this. I don' t need to apply a make up since I am confidenr of my natural beauty, but will he notice me?' I looked at the product with a little concern.

I looked like a young actress in Hollywood due to my good-looking and high quality outfit, a yellow shirt with a brown jacket.

'Will he look enunciate that I'm cute in this outfit?' I looked at the mirror as I tried to adjust something on my chest. My cleavage was revealing too much skin.

My mother always reminded me to keep my appearance in check.

'W-w-wait, why am I being concious about it? Why I wanted to hear his opinion about me? No. No. No. This is wrong. His opinion doesn't matter at all,' I shivered with a shaky lips.

I hung my head down, bent down and covered my blushing face.

I screamed out loud.

'Kyaaaa, what are you thinking Helena? His opinion isn't our immediate concern. What matters the most is our mission. Our mission! Yes, we need to keep our appearance in check during work. This feeling... This is for my self-perseverance! You are not waiting for a compliment. You need to dress up properly since you are the daughter of a prestigious family, Helena. Public image is the essence of a female hunter of the Adrielle crime family!' I raised up my head with a determined look.

I shook my head horizontally multiple times and gathered my strength to stand up on my feet.

But I saw an image of my savior with a suit, and a rose was stuck on his mouth. He looked inviting me to a date. My heart was captivated.

It took me a while to snap back to reality.

'Ku.. Ku... Ku... Kyaaaa!' I subconciously scortched a fire.

My six bags burned into dust by the dark flames [Sunogna], Tier 1 attack spell that could only cause a minimal damage to your environment.

"O-o-o-oh, no. I burn it all. Now, I have to buy a new clothes and pair of underwears in a nearby shopping mall," I shuddered.

Thankfully, my favorite item wasn't next to it. It survived the holocaust that I caused due to my stupid reckless behavior.

I picked my Hermes bag - the survivor- which contained all of my important documents and personal hygiene.

When the mirror reflected an image of my red face, I pulled out something from my bag.

I exited the toilet with my face covered with a mask.

'It is not like I don't want him to say a word of compliment. I might die in embarrassment. I wanted him to say I am cute, though. No, oh God, no. I don' t I... Don't I don't need his utmost reaction and honest opinion because a hunter shouldn't be bothered by this. A female hunter should always act professionally. And... Also. I-I-I-I-m only... only doing this because of the weather. Bad weather. Bad. I am not going to copy a heroine in a romantic novel that I read from the internet. It... It is... It is... A common habit for women. Yes, I just don't want to make me to see me ugly. A female hunter should always looked beautiful with her partner!' I shook my head vertically.

As I was looking around, my savior was zero visibility in the waiting area. Thus, I assumed he was still inside the comfort room.

'I cannot believe that men is more sensitive than women when it comes to our personal hygiene and appearance. To think he take a lot of time for it. Unbelievable. Gosh, don't tell me he is conscious that I might make fun of him,' I smirked.

I couldn't believe he was trying his best to act manly for his companion.

'Oh, Savior, I am looking forward for it,' I placed a hand on my mouth with an anticipating look.

I waited for two minutes. Four and a half minutes.

My savior was still inside.

"Helena, Helena, he didn't abandon you, right? I'm pretty sure he is just checking first what kind of clothes he wanted to show off. Yeah, maybe," I assured myself.

Ten minutes later.

"Helena.... Helena. Stop shaking. He is taking a piss or the call of nature strikes him, so he is in verge of his private world. He and the toilet bowl are now in the middle of a fight. He's releasing all of his stress out of his body, so believe in him. I think I can still wait for half an hour, my savior," I smiled on my face.

Twenty minutes later.

My legs was a bit stiff, so I went to the bench to take a rest. I placed my ladt bag on my lap and shifted my attention at the men's comfort room.

"Helena, believe in him. He didn't abandon you. He promised. He promised it," I pressed a hand on my chest.

I waited again, but I was running out of patience.

'Savior, I know you won't abandon me. I don't care what you will wearing anymore. You are still unattractive, but please get out the toilet room now. I'm dying here. Moooo~ Gosh, you win. I will wait for you!'

An hour and a half later.

I sniffed.

I waited and endured the cold breeze of the wind. I used a dark mantel made of mana to keep me warm.

"Savior!" I cried. "Why are you taking so long in the toilet? Did you have diarrhea or something? Did you lost hope that I won't you a compliment? Don't worry about it. I will accept you. Please show yourself. I'm dying cold here!" I panicked.

At first, I pretended it was nothing and fine. But I couldn't endure it anymore.

It was very wrong for a man to keep a beautiful lady in this park alone. My cute outfit was about to lost it shine because of the weather.

"Savior, this is very unacceptable. You are ruining the date!" I condemned.

My eyes opened wide upon realizing my mistake.

'D-d-d-date? No, no, no, what am I thinking about? Helena, you made a wrong reference. It should be a concept related to waiting for someone, not that forbidden word. Pull yourself together. He's an unattractive and very rude old guy!' I clapped a hand on my cheeks to wake me up.

I bit my lower lips to control my emotion. I looked around for a local resident, but I was thankful that no one heard what I said earlier.

This immature thinking was putting me in a difficult position.

I placed a hand on my chest and took a deep breath with my eyes closed in concentration.

'Mooo~, I will leave you now, my savior. I will leave you really. Come out now!' I called him inside my head.

"For goodness sake, please come out," my cheeks pouted.

'Does he really think he has the right to do it? Keeping a lady like me to wait like this is unforgivable. The daughter of the Adrielle ain't a nobody! It is not like I want to stay here because I want him to accompany or something. Or it is not like I wanted him beside me because of his odor. And it is not like I am not like that. He is a bleak and cruel person, and he is not my type, so I should be the one who has the right to decide whether I stay with him or not, hmph,' I snorted.

I closed my eyes and reminisced something.

'His smell is a bit of my taste. Hehe~. Oh, no, no, no. What am I thinking? That is not correct,' I shook my head horizontally. Trying to erase it from my mind.

"I will go insane if I wait for too long. I have to take action," I declared.

As I opened my eyes, I made a decision to check him through my spell, [Inas].

My eyes glowed yellow as I examined the men's room. I was expecting to see him there, but I found no one inside.

"N-n-n-no way... Savior... S-s-s-savior, don't joke around," my body shuddered out of stress.

'Let's separate,' my savior suggested when I reminisced it.

"No... please... please... Don't abandon me," I shrieked as I stood up from the bench.

My shaky hand pulled out a strand of hair that I got from him secretly.

'Did you abandon... Me?' I sniffed the odor of his hair. Then, I cast a dark spell afterward.

No one had the right to abandon me. I won't allow anyone to disrespect me and tried to escape their responsibility.

If I wanted him to teach me, he needed to teach me. If I wished him to stay by my side at all times, he had priviledged to do it. Therefore, he had take responsibility to stay with me.

Inside my heart, something cracked open that made me think of something inhumane.

I sniffed his hair again and I sensed a warm feeling. It put me in calm demeanor, and whenever I smelled his scent, I sensed a sign of relief.

I couldn't comprehend my mind, but my body wanted more! More!

Savior told me that he won't abandon me. Yeah, he ain't guilty yet.

Did the enemies subdue him whilst I dressing up in the toilet? I wasn't sure yet.

Did a female assassin try to seduce him and then, they went to a hotel to perform what my mother always told me, one night stand? My hands wanted to slice the throats of those enemies.

My mind wanted kill them all. And I wanted to keeo him with me for no apparent reason.

Or.... I was just overthinking bad about it, and I overlooked something very important.

Did he find a clue or something that could link us to the mission? Maybe, that was it. He really found a hint that could assist me.

He didn't want to interrupt me, so he made a decision to chase it after alone.

Or... I was being too positive that I wanted an excuse to overlook his betrayal. He was a man afterall.

'I remember he is going to meet someone, but... He didn't mention the gender of his friend. Is it a woman? Childhood friend in a novel? Why am I feeling my position is being threatened?' I shuddered.

'His friend might be a woman. A beautiful woman than me? Older than me? I have no reason, but I wanted to kill his friend. I think I need a v-valid reason. Maybe his friend is a criminal. My savior got deceived. She is deceiving him. She is a female assassin, huh? Right, she is! T-t-that's why I need to his friend!' I giggled menacingly.

My eyes turned darker than before.

What's this feeling? I had no idea, but it was slowly taking over my mind and body.

I started to breathe heavily.

Going for a childhood friend to meet her? That was wrong. Very wrong.

We were in duty. We need to commit to our work.

'I won't permit it.'

"Savior, that's a no-no," I commented with a maniacal sound.

I quickly escalated and used the spell to track him down.

'Savior, s... savior, where are you? Where are you, my savior?' my eyes opened wide like an owl.

My body was starting to change a bit. My cute outfit turned black as I moved it.

I went out of the park and walked like a corpse.

I was about to cross the road subconsciously, but someone pulled me back on the sidewalk.

"Hey, are you out of your mind?" a familiar voice scolded me.

The darkness covered my body vanished instantly. The dark color of my eyes wiped out and returned back to normal.

I remained quiet and looked at him directly.

The smell... The smell was stink, but I loved it.

His face was normal. He was really a bleak and unattractive, but appearance wasn't matter.

"Hey, I was about to pick you up. Don't stray like a dead cat. I am sorry if I leave you behind. I am thankful that you are still here. You make it easy for me to find you," my savior scratched a hand on his head.

I still remained unresponsive.

"My friend's home is only two blocks away from here. Come with me. You might be... Hey, what's up? Is there... Is there something wrong on my face?" My savior inquired with a worried look. "No, there is nothing wrong," I responded emotionless.

"Good. Man, you must be hungry. By the way, you looked cute in your outfit. They won't suspect us that we blew up a plane earlier, lol. C'mon. Let's go," My savior turned around and signaled me to follow him.

'Cute?' I snapped back to my sanity completely.

My eyes glistered in ecstacy.

I tried to conceal my happiness when he came back for me. But his compliment cracked my locked emotion open. Plus, his golden voice purified the darkness of my heart.

It released out my stress and replaced it with a wonderful memory that I would treasure the most.

This was the first day and his first time he called me 'cute'.

"Savior, thank you!" I embraced him from his back happily.