Chapter 27:

Fly High Incident: Holmer POV (2)

Wake Up, Lousy Agent

After I picked up Helena from the park, we headed to Toby's house.

'Crap, my back. It's hurt. Why did she attack me from behind?' I gritted my teeth to endure the pain.

"Savior, savior, where are we going again?" inquired Helena who looked excited. "Didn't I tell you before, did I?" I needled. "Yeah, yeah, I, uh, I know. That's why I want to confirm it. For clarification, my savior," Helena responded defensively.

I gasped upon seeing her empty eyes. It looked like she was angry inside, but she pretended to be okay. She was smiling at me with a sinister gaze.

"W-wait, hold up, are you mad at me?" I quizzed. "No, I'm not mad. Not really mad," Helena shook head horizontally.

Her smiling face was frightening me too much.

'Jeez, she's getting on my nerves. She's really mad at me,' I gulped.

"Hey, look at me. What did I do wrong?" I insisted. "You. Absolutely. Did. Nothing. Wrong. You. Did. Not. Do. Anything. Wrong. Your. Friend. Is. To. Be. Blamed. For. Ruining. Our. Time. Together. My savior," Helena answered with a macabre sound.

'Shit, I really did something!' I shrieked inside my head.

Why women couldn't be honest with men? According to psychologists, females won't give you a hint because we were supposed to find it out by ourselves.

Men were always wrong regardless of our actions to the world. Despite we didn't do anything bad at all, we were always incorrect whilst women were always right.

"Hey, c'mon, I'm sorry, okay? I didn't mean to abandon you, Ms. Adrielle," I hung my head down and apologized. "No, it's okay. It is really fine. I'm okay to wait for two and half hours on that bench, my savior," Helena smiled with a frightening gaze.

'Shit, this is bad. I don't know how to deal with this situation! I need backup! I need backup!' I called for help inside my head.

According to my father, women would eventually forgive us once we gave them something valuable. It should be a priceless gift with an effort, and regardless of the value, we should consider putting our hearts into it with a special meaning.

'But Pa, that only applies when you are in a relationship!' I denounced inside my head.

I had to patronize her feelings.

"Hey, I'm sorry if I keep you waiting for too long. I'm sorry for being late. I'm sorry if I am alive in this world. Man, listen okay? This is not going to go well. You and I have known each other for only a short time, so we better be honest with each other, okay? So, forgive me now. Can we let it go?" I suggested. "What are you talking about, my savior? I'm not mad because you keep me waiting. I'm not really mad," Helena approached me and closed our distance again.

She lifted her head to get closer to my face. Her empty eyes glared at me.

Her eyes was reading something on my pupils.

"Good, I found no woman except a female child in your eyes. If you really are sorry, then tell me something, okay? Is your friend a female?" Helena inquired as she placed her hands behind her waist. "Huh?" I was confused. "As I said before, is your friend a female or not?" Helena insisted. "What on earth are you talking about? Toby ain't a girl. He's a straight man. A straight man," I answered promptly.

She covered her mouth in surprise.

"Oooh, is he really a straight man?" Helena quizzed as she tugged a hand on my jacket. "Yup, he is. Do he look like something else? He is not what you think about. Stop overthinking it," I confirmed briefly and pursuaded her.

She moved closer and closer at my chest. Then, she sniffed something on my outfit.

'Are you a cat or something? Why are smelling me like that?' I asked inside my head.

She covered her nose, but she remained her distance, only an inch away from me.

"You stink. You... You didn't change your clothes either. Jeez, have some class, my savior," Helena heaved a disappointing sigh. "Hey, watch your tone. Don't worry, I will take a bath and change my clothes later," I incensed.

'Shit, I can smell her perfume. Oh, fuck. Pull yourself together, Holmer. She's a minor. A minor,' I held my breath.

"Hmph, is this friend of yours named Toby married?" Helena inquired again. "Yeah, he's married. I guaranteed it. You don't have to worry. He's a trusted man," I assured.

She closed her eyes and sniffed her nose on my jacket.

She heaved a sigh of relief.

"Okay, I trust you. Good to know, this Toby of yours is not an enemy of mine," Helena pushed me gently away and turned around. "Phew, I thought you were going to kill me earlier," I muttered aside that only I could hear.

Behind me, the robot floated down and whispered something in my ears.

"Umm, you should lock the door when you take a bath, human. Or else," advised Baku as he focused his eyes on the young lady. "Huh? Or else what?" I abruptly questioned. "Or else... You are always the same. Pathetic. Never mind. I guess you should learn a valuable lesson again, so you won't ever let it to happen again. There is always a saying, repentance comes later," Baku floated away and giggled.

"Baku, Baku, come back here!" I called him in a low tone, but the robot feigned no mind.

'Fuckin' robot. Tell me what should I worry about? Tell me!' I kept glaring at him to get his attention, but he feigned ignorance.

I heaved a tiring sigh afterward.

Four minutes later.

"Savior, is that the person named Toby?" Helena pointed a finger at my friend. "Yeah, that's the person named Toby," I answered.

She simpered upon seeing him.

"Is Toby a hunter like us?" queried Helena with her lips flattened. "No, he's not. He is a civilian like me. By the way, how many times do I have to tell you this? I'm not a hunter, Ms. Adrielle," I corrected with a tired face.

"Is that a [code], my savior?" Helena tilted her head to the side. "No, I don't know what this [Code] you are referring to, but believe it or not, I'm telling the truth, Ms. Adrielle," I responded briefly.

'C' mon, trust me, will ya? I'm the telling the fuckin' truth!' I bickered inside my head.

"Oh, silly you. Don't play with me again, my savior," Helena waved a foxy hand. "Good grief. I'm tired of this. Just don't kill me once you know the truth. That I am just an OFW. If you want to confirm it, see that guy over there. Ask Toby. He will swear to you that I ain't a hunter after all," I pointed my lips at my friend. Then, I placed a hand on my forehead and surrendered.

Her eyes shifted to him with a grave look. Her lips relaxed a bit.

"Savior, are you sure he's your friend?" Helena tugged a hand on my shirt. Then, I glared at her with a determined look. "He's my friend. I guarantee it. Toby and I are part of the same group. It is a brotherhood. Therefore, he and I are not only friends, we're brothers-in-arms," I reassured, pounding a hand on my chest.

Her ears twitched. She looked at me with an empty gaze.

"Liar, " Helena doubted it. She apprehended my words and believed them as a lie. "Oi, oi, that's kinda rude. Talk to Toby. He will prove it right away," I pointed a finger at my friend this time.

Toby looked confused when I did that.

She and my friend glared at each other. Toby was a bit scared when she intimidated him with a death glare.

"I don't want to talk with him," Helena refused and shifted her gaze at me. She folded her arms across her chest. "But why?" I prodded in a docile tone. "Because I don't want to. Period, hmph," Helena disapproved.

She tugged both of her hands on my shirt, aiming to hug me or something.

'Are you a kid or something? Man, this is getting out of hand. I have to do something about this,' I scratched a head because of her behavior.

"Okay, listen here. What is your demand?" I inquired. Her attention shifted to me with lips pursed. "Tell... Tell me your name," Helena demanded.

'Jeez, she's really persistent woman!' I clicked a tongue.

"Is that it?" I quizzed. "Yes, I want to know it in person. Your name is very important piece of a puzzle, my savior. But to be honest, I don't want to hear your real name from his mouth. He is not allowed to introduce you to me. I am the only one who should know it. No one else. Your friend Toby might spoil your name or nickname, so I don't want it. And I don't like it. That's the reason. I want to know your name before anyone else," Helena tapped a hand on my chest twice.

'Ooh, no wonder she is in a bad mood,' I sighed.

"Nothing else?" I asked again. "Yes," Helena shook her head once vertically.

I extended a hand to be shaken.

"Holmer. Holmer Aldnoa," I stated with a firm tone.

Her eyes opened wide.

Her neck turned red and she immediately covered her mouth in shock.

"OMG. I love your name, my savior!" Helena accepted my hand and shook it up and down multiple times until she was satisfied.

"Now, are you happy now?" I inquired for clarification. She nodded happily. "Yes, I am happy. Very happy, my savior, my Holmer Aldnoa," Helena leaned her chest on my body.

'Did I mishear it as my Holmer or I am just tired that I heard her words got twisted a bit? Maybe, I am wrong,' I perplexed.

Her body heat made me uneasy.

We looked at each other, and she smiled at me wryly.

'I guess this is how females looked at their new friend, right? This is just being friendly, right? I will not going to set my bar to high standard, lol. This is common for them, I guess,' I responded with a smile too.

Later on, Toby proved my innocence to this young lady. And she was happy to learn more about me through this asshole.

Toby introduced her to my niece, and both of them became friends. Maybe because they were both females.

I asked my friend where was his wife, and he told me she would be late to come because of her tight schedule this morning.

"Hey Holmer, why are you here again?" asked Toby. "I heard about your betrayal, so I headed here to make you pay. Joke aside, I just wanna take a break here for a while," I answered brieftly.

"C'mon. Be honest," Toby inquired. "Okay... Fine. You win. I didn't come here for your life. I come here in United States for work. I was selected as a new trainee in the 'Fly High US tech company' that is based here in California," I responded promptly.

"Oh, gosh. What a lucky bastard. That is only a few miles away from my house, buddy. Good for you," Toby congratulated. "Thanks. Don't mention it," I bragged it off.

"So when will you start?" Toby asked. "I think I will pay a visit in their main office tomorrow morning. That's why. You should come with me," I declared, smiling.

My friend laughed upon hearing it.

"Fuck you, man," Toby smiled with a deadpan tone. "Fuck you, too," I responded with a poker smile.

"I don't know how you met her, and why she is jealous whenever I tried to talk with you earlier. But let me ask you something. How old is Ms. Adrielle?" Toby changed the subject. "She is 16 years old," I replied earnestly.

His smile stiffened.

"Sixteen? Are you trying to say your companion is a high school student?" Toby was astonished. "Yes," I nodded.

His face stiffened and his ears twitched.

"You're serious?" Toby's lips flattened. "Yeah, I'm not lying, buddy," I smiled wryly.

His whole body trembled out of stress.

"I don't know anymore. Man, no wonder you have no desire to date the females of the same generation. I cannot believe you will date a minor," Toby shivered. "Huh? C'mon. I ain't that low, you know. Date her? That is impossible. It could be considered as a crime. That's why. No way, buddy," I giggled.

His eyes shifted at the person behind me, and I looked behind and found Helena who was smiling at us.

Toby was terrified when I shifted my attention to him. I could see his eyes was looking at a monster in a horror movie.

But I wasn't the cause of his fear.

'Huh?' I was confused.

"I cannot believe this is happening. To think you will encounter a high school student of a foreign country, a beautiful but scary companion, and not only that, she is 14 years younger than you. Good grief. To think the fortune teller was telling the truth about your future spouse. Man, you're in a worst position than me, buddy," Toby covered his eyes out of pity. "Pardon? What did you say?" I inquired. "You are doomed like me," Toby simpered at me with his hand hovered on his pocket.

'Toby?' I shuddered upon hearing it.

At that moment, my friend pulled out his phone and dialled 911 emergency without hesitation.

"Hello, hello, there is criminal in my house!" Toby called a police. "Bruh, stop!" I cried out loud.