Chapter 28:

Fly High Incident: Holmer POV (3)

Wake Up, Lousy Agent

One day later.

Helena and I had still never met his wife. Toby told me she didn't come after she heard I was at his house. She would rather stay in the office than see me in person.

'Women,' I took a sip of my coffee.

It was already an expected result since she and I had a history between us. A bad history.

Our story was a bit complicated, but she still considered me as an enemy, a threat, an enemy.

If we had a spin-off of my story, it would take a lot of chapters before she appeared in the storyline. Thus, I wouldn't share it anyway.

Once it was published as a book, no one would appreciate it. No one would bat an eye at the item. Not only that, it wouldn't receive a recognition or made a profit out of it.

Hence, we stayed at his house like normal guests.

The young lady was fond to play with my niece and treated her like a little sister.

"You know, you are so sweet, sweety. I want to adopt you. You looked like an angel like your big sister, Sis Helena. You know what? Your uncle and I will be glad to adopt you as our child. Oh, no, what am I thinking? Don't worry, sweety. You heard it wrong," Helena corrected her words and laughed it off. "I love big sis!" Latisa embraced her.

I blinked my eyes with a dumbfounded face.

'Did she mentioned 'uncle'? It is not me, right? Oh, who am I kiddin' with? Of course, I'm not she is referring to. Oh, now that I think about it. She is pretty young lady. She's already taken by someone, huh? Good for her and her lucky bastard. As expected, Ms. Adrille is a healthy girl, so it is not a piece of surprising news that she has a lover at her age. Man, I miss my high school days,' I closed my eyes.

I guess I had to say she treated her more than a little sister.

"Wait, I wonder what should I do to make it happen, hehe~," Helena smirked. "Sis?" Latisa's eyes turned blank. "Oh, no, no, don't stare at me like that. I won't kill your parents, though. Believe it, hehe~," Helena giggled, and thankfully the child gladly accepted it as a joke.

'I hope you won't commit a crime, Ms. Adrielle,' I prayed.

"Holmer, are you done packing yourself?" Toby called. "Yeah, I'm heading out now," I answered.

As I was about to hover a hand on the door, someone appeared on my right side. It made me flinch after I saw her face next to me.

She moved a distance. Then, she smiled with her arms behind her waist.

"Whoa, what was that?" I inquired, trying to keep myself calm. "I'm just trying to read your mind through your eyes, my savior. Where are you heading to, my savior?" Helena questioned with her eyes half-opened. "To work," I responded promptly.

"Work? Ah, I see. Is this connected to my mission? Our M-i-s-s-i-o-n?" Helena tilted her face to the side. "No, this is a personal matter. Remember when I told you that I am an OFW, Ms. Adrielle? This is what I was trying to explain to you," I stated with my lips pursed.

The young lady's eyes opened sharply. She folded her arms across her chest.

"Are you done in the bath?" Helena inquired. "Yes, I'm done. I do not even smell like shit before, right? Too bad, you won't be able to tease me again. I'm already done changing my clothes to a formal outfit, you see," I smirked and made a pose in a badass tone.

"Okay, I'll leave it. Your OFW thing is a bit difficult to understand. But, I'll try my best to keep the child company, so you can deal with the 'mission' by yourself. For a while. Do your best to get into it, my savior," Helena excused herself and left me. "Phew, that was close. I feel like she's trying to check someone on my eyes. Never mind," I opened the door and exited the house.

'Wait, why is she heading to the toilet?' I wondered.

"Hey, what took you so long? Is your girlfriend reminding you to avoid talking with other females or something?" Toby jeered with his eyes blinking to tease me. "Dude, c'mon. She's a minor. Do you want me to go to jail?" I feigned no mind and entered his car. He started the engine and coughed once. Then, he looked at me with smiling teeth. "Yeah," Toby replied briefly.

'You son of a bitch. Do you want me to destroy your phone again? I'm going to punch your fucking good-looking face in the face again,' a cord appeared on my neck, and I glared at him with an eye of an angry wolf.

"Do you have the letter of invitation, right?" asked Toby as he kept his eyes peeled at the road. "Yeah, I still have... it," I pulled out the invitation letter for the interview and smiled at him with an assertive tone.

He smiled and snorted it.

"You gotta keep your cool in the interview, Hol. Remember, American companies are strict and very sensitive when it comes to employment. Most of it comes from the hands of human resources. You better memorize what you will go to answer," Toby reminded. "C'mon, who do you think am I? I'm Holmer. I can do anything. I can answer it as long as it is not related to a relationship," I pounded a hand proudly.

My friend shifted his gaze at me for a second before he shifted it back to the road.

"Alright, I believe in your confidence. However, you better avoid stumbling over your words or mixing them with random answers. They will not only make fun of you but also, they might not even considered to hire you again, buddy," Toby advised. "Yeah, I understand. Noted, buddy," I simpered.

Two hours later.

"Hey, buddy, good luck out there. Message me when you need my help. I will assist you, however, I can. By the way, I'll head to the airport," Toby stated, smiling. "Thanks, Toby. I'd appreciate it," I smiled and waved a farewell.

"Oh, hey, why are you heading to the airport?" I screamed out loud so he could hear it. "To pick up my wife! By the way, good luck!" Toby stuck out his head and responded with a thumbs up.

"You idiot. Watch the road!" I worried, but I kind of thankful he was a reliable person.

I turned around and faced the entrance of the Fly High Hotel.

"This is it, Holmer. This is the time to change your life forever. This is what we are waiting for!" I took a long breath and exhaled it all.

'OFW life. Here I come!'

I adjusted my sleeves and fixed my collar to its correct pattern. I carried my backpack on my back. Then, I entered the building.

"Hold up, where are you heading to, sir?" asked the security. "Oh, good morning, my name is Holmer. You can call me, Holmer, I was pa— oh," I was about to finish my introduction, but the security guard interjected between the lines.

"I don't give a shit about your name or your background. Stop beating around the bush. Tell me, where are you heading to?" inquired the security guard who was heavily armed with a pistol. "Umm, uh, here? The Fly High Hotel, sir," I pointed lips at the door.

We made an eye-to-eye contact. He looked at me from my shoes to my face.

"Hey, are you perhaps an applicant?" the security guard folded his arms across his chest. "Yup, you bet. I'm an applicant for this position," I pulled out the letter and handed it over to him.

The guard checked the back of the letter, and he was convinced upon seeing the logo, a Golden Horn of a Dragon.

"You're applying for a job, right?" the security guard inquired. "Yes, sir," I answered promptly.

"Okay, you can come in. But before you move in. Make sure to sign your name on this paper first before you do," the security guard pulled out a book. He handed me a pen to use it. "Okay, here," I signed it with smiling teeth.

From the outside, I looked confident, but deep inside, it was the opposite. I was very scared and nervous at the same time.

The guard turned his radio on and called someone.

"Good morning, Ms. Fredda. I would like to report a person. There's an applicant here who is looking for a job," the security guard stated. "Okay, tell me his name," Fredda quizzed.

"What's your name, homie?" the security guard prodded. "Holmer. Holmer Aldnoa, sir," I responded with smiling teeth.

'Dude, you can just read my name in the paper. Are you dumb?' I raised my left eyebrow up.

"His name is Holver Arnoa," the security guard stated my name incorrectly. "Holver Arnoa? Did you just fuckin' say his name is Holver Arnoa, the SSS-Class Assassin? Oh my gosh, this is wonderful news. I heard the news that he died in his last mission eleven years ago. Ooh, good God. Let him in. The boss will be honored to meet a legend immediately," Fredda overjoyed.

"Wait, he's a thug? Him?" the security guard whispered with a cold sweat. "Well, yeah. He's a legend. He is usually putting on a mask, so technically, he would appear as an ordinary civilian. Hey, Dawg, don't treat him like anybody. He looks like nobody, but he is a dangerous person," Fredda reminded.

He gulped his saliva.

"What would happen to me if I treat him like shit?" asked the security guard as he kept his voice down, so I won't be able to hear it in my position. "Oh, you will never wake up and see the sunrise again, so you better be respectful to the legend. Oh, don't let him sign the book. I heard from the boss that he killed all the guards who tried to make him sign a paper. His signature is his pride. No one has ever seen his signature, but only the victims or civilians who disrespect him," Fredda warned.

The guard's face turned blue, and he shifted his trembling eyes at me.

"What's up?" I tilted my head to the side. "Oh, nothing, sir. It's nothing, sir," the security guard erased my name with a pen.

He was terrified upon seeing my eyes. He gasped and held his breath.

As I was about to ask something, I saw a sign of an 'Always keep on a mask'. So I pulled out a mask and put it on.

'Aaah, no wonder he is too strict. Thank goodness, I have a black mask to cover my mouth. I guess the hotel is very sensitive when it comes to its health protocol. The pandemic of the 2020s is at fault,' I giggled.

The guard flinched when I did that.

'Why are you terrified?' I was confused.

"Should I enter now?" I asked. "Oh, no, you have to wait for Ms. Fredda first, sir," the security guard rubbed his arms together nervously. His lips were trembling for no apparent reason.

Three minutes later, Ms. Fredda came in and opened the door with her two bodyguards in a suit.

'Whoa, they looked like a mafia. Oh well, that's just happening in Hollywood. American suits are very common in the business world, lol,' I smirked.

"Good morning, Mr. Arnoa. Welcome to the [Fly High Institute]," Fredda hung her head down in respect. "Umm, it's not Arnoa. It's —" I was about to correct her, but she interjected.

"My apologies, sir. Let me correct myself. Welcome to [Fly High Institue], Lord Disaster," Fredda knelt on one knee and her two bodyguards did the same thing. But the security guard genuflected and hung his head down on the floor. "Umm, I'm not really—" I was about to clear the misunderstanding, but she interrupted me again.

"You don't have to worry, sir. You have been missing for eleven years after you were running away from the STF men, Lord Disaster," Fredda and her men lifted up their heads and treated me like a master. "I am not really what you are thinking. My name is Holmer Aldnoa, an applicant for the job that I signed for," I handed her the letter.

She opened the letter, but she halted her arms to read the content.

"This is a test. You're trying to do the same thing to the secretaries who tried to stop you from entering your target's place. But I'm sorry, but I won't fall to that trick. This letter is just a trap to lure me to my own death. I am honored you consider me as a test subject, but I don't want to die in this type of game, sir. Please have some mercy on a pitiful servant like me. As a branch secretary, I will tell the boss that Mr. Holver Arnoa, has arrived. We will make sure you will be treated respectfully, Lord Disaster," Fredda stood up and handed over my letter back like a servant offering a gift to her master or something.

My eyes freeze open and blinked twice.

'I'm not... I'm not Lord Disaster you are talking about, miss,' I placed a hand on my forehead and heaved a tiring sigh.