Chapter 29:

Fly High Incident: Holmer POV (4)

Wake Up, Lousy Agent

I tried to find an open opportunity to tell her my real name. That I wasn't, particularly who they were looking after.

I was treated like an honorable and respectable man. But deep inside, I could feel the person named Holver Arnoa was a universally feared man in their organization. However, all of the attempts to point out my side had always backfired due to their misunderstanding.

When I was about to show her the letter, she kept avoiding reading it. Even her bodyguards were afraid to look at it.

'Is this letter a curse or something? This is not a horrifying item, you know!' I condemned.

Ms. Fredda guided me to a secret elevator, exclusively for VIP guests.

This time, I wanted to clear the situation before it turned into a disaster, so I took the courage to speak again.

"Ms. Fredda, I would like to clear this up. I am not really Holver Arnoa. The guard incorrectly pronounced my name, so we shouldn't jump into a pit like this," I enunciated as I pronounced the syllables in each word. But it only made them shiver in fear. "W-w-w-were almost there, sir. Please I apologize if we unintentionally offended you somehow, and about earlier, we apologize on behalf of the guard who showed a disrespectful behavior, please forgive him. He is only doing his job. We assure you. We will make sure he will pay the right compensation later," Ms. Fredda was terrified and her shaky eyes were trying to avoid looking at me.

I shifted my gaze at her bodyguards, but they were also trembling nervously.

The secretary looked up at the number on the floor and pushed the open button.

'Ms. Fredda and these two men are really idiots. Can't they even tell the difference between me and the original? My gosh, this is not good for my life,' I placed a hand on my hand and heaved a tiring sigh.

The viewers would definitely drop this due to these people for their stupid and nonsensical misunderstanding, if this was a series of a comedy.

'I guess I will talk with their boss about this matter. I just wish he or she will still accept me as a customer service provider after I clear the misunderstanding,' I commented inside my head.

I headed for America to become an employee of this US Tech company, you see.

'I guess, I have to ask her where we should go first,' I thought it was a bad idea, but there was nothing to lose anyway.

"Ms. Fredda, where are we heading again?" I inquired. "To the conference room, sir. The boss and the five families are currently at the virtual meeting, Lord Disaster," Ms. Fredda responded politely.

The elevator was about to reach the lobby where we were right now.

"Don't you think it is about you start thinking properly, Ms. Fredda," I mumbled. "Pardon? I don't understand, Lord Disaster," Ms. Fredda shifted her face at my position.

I placed my hands behind my waist. Then, I simply made a look of a serious person.

"Have you ever seen my face, Ms. Fredda?" I pronounced. She and her bodyguards were bewildered upon seeing my eyes. "N, N, No, sir. We have not. Or we have no intention to remember it. We will make sure your face will never appear in the CCTV recording section. P-p-p-please don't kill us to offer our lives as a monetary gift to the boss, L-L-Lord Disaster," stammered Ms. Fredda as she subconsciously pushed the open button multiple times out of fear.

'Fuck, I'm sorry if I look like a thug or something. But I ain't what you thinking about. I ain't Holver Arnoa or Lord Disaster,' I clicked a tongue.

When they heard it, they withdrew two steps away from me. They kept their guard up and readied to defend themselves.

"By the way, you are making a big mistake, Ms. Fredda," I lifted up my head with my brows pulled together. She and her men were about to withdraw again. "P-p-please Lord Disaster. Please don't make us do this. Have mercy on us," Ms. Fredda piped.

I hung my head down and surrendered.

"Okay, you won. You can take it easy. Chill down and relax. I won't do anything to you or do something terrible in this building," I raised up my hands to convince them. "Thank you very much. Thank you for sparing our lives, Lord Disaster!" Ms. Fredda and her minions knelt down on one knee and paid their respects.

'Oi, Holver Arnoa, what the fuck did you do in this company? Man, this is getting out of hand,' I heaved a tiring sigh again.

The elevator opened its door. All of us entered it.

The secretary pushed the number 51 button where the conference room was located.

Since the elevator was made of transparent glass, the surroundings were visible to the passengers.

I was astonished at how advanced the technology of this hotel was.

'I gotta clear this misunderstanding. Man, I can't wait to sign a contract to become an employee of this company!' I smirked.

"Don't worry, sir. It will take a few minutes before we reached the location. Bear with it, Lord Disaster," Ms. Fredda advised politely. "Stop callin' me that name, Ms. Fredda," I responded promptly.

"But milord, this is how we treated a valuable guest. Please don't test me too much, L-L-L-Lord Disaster," Ms. Fredda shuddered as she kept holding her body to protect it.

'Gosh, stop callin' me Lord Disaster. It's too lame to hear, you know,' I complained.

I was about to say something, but something made me stop.

I pressed a hand on my stomach.

'S-s-shit, not again! My stomachache is back!' I gritted my teeth in pain.

"Hmm, milord?" Ms. Fredda noticed my condition. "I'm sorry, but this is an emergency," I apologized.

Everyone inside the elevator was surprised.

"Emergency? Wait, what do you mean, milord?" Ms. Fredda was alarmed. She pulled out her tabloid and hovered a finger on an emergency button. "Umm, it is just a common and natural disaster for a human being, so you don't have to be alarmed, Ms. Fredda," I reassured as I kept pressing my hand on my stomach to hold my fart.

"Common and natural disaster? Is an assassination attempt currently occurring right now? N-n-n-n-no way, this is bad. Boys, prepare yourself for combat!" Ms. Fredda commanded. Her two bodyguards pulled their pistol guns out of their chest pockets. "W-wait, this is wrong. I just want to take out a shit," I tried to calm them down.

"Thank you very much, milord. We will follow your instruction. But please let us handle this. We will give them a shit," Ms. Fredda pressed the emergency button and a large explosion shook the elevator where we were currently riding in. "Shit, Lord Disaster is right!" one of the bodyguards stuttered.

The secretary shifted her gaze at me.

"As expected of a veteran assassin, you have a sharp mind to sense an upcoming disaster," Ms. Fredda hung her head in respect. "Umm, this is just a coincidence," I slurred.

"D-d-d-don't tell us that you were expecting this attack? Unbelievable. You are a really omnipotent human being, milord!" Ms. Fredda was astonished. "W-w-wait, are you fuckin' kiddin' me right now? You are saying nonsense," I mumbled.

Her tabloid started to vibrate and all of the signals were gone. I also did the same thing and I found zero bars on the phone too.

"Shit, the communication has been jammed. We're blind. Blind against the enemies," Ms. Fredda was horrified. "Stay calm. In this situation, you shouldn't fear the unknown. Take it easy. We're almost there to our destination anyway," I pointed my lips at the number sign.

The floor was about to reach our destination, two floors away.

"Who on earth is brave enough to do this ridiculous plot against the organization?" Ms. Fredda gritted her teeth angrily. "Oh, well. I wonder who might it be," I leaned my back on the transparent wall. I could see a lot of tiny dots of people running away from the building.

"Is the United Nation Special Task Force department discovered our hideout?" Ms. Fredda shuddered. "I don't know. But I don't think they will attack a hotel owned by a capitalist, right? You know, companies who paid taxes will simply be pardoned by the court. I already read the background and history of this company, so there is no way it is the world government. By the way, why the world government will do a stupid and horrifying thing against your boss? We shouldn't jump to that conclusion yet. Think first for possible enemies below them like a terrorist group for example, Ms. Fredda," I advised with an assertive tone.

"Indeed, you are right, milord. Your incredible advice opens my mind to looking for the right assumptions. It might be an excommunicated or a pretender or a powerful rival from another organization. STF won't even know about our secret yet," Ms. Fredda agreed.

'Secret?' I worried.

"Milord, the enemies might already be expecting us to arrive. They are waiting for the right time to arrest us. In other words, we're about to become their hostages!" Ms. Fredda worried. Her words made me smile out of fear. "Yeah, that might happen. Man, we're really screwed," I replied with a blank face.

'Why the fuck did I even go here? Just to suffer again? Man, I'm losing hope for a bright future!' I cried inside my head.

"Milord. This is not the right time to smile. Are you confident that we can survive the upcoming clash against the possible ambush?" Ms. Fredda looked at me with expectation. "No, I don't think so," I shook my head horizontally.

'No way, fag. I won't sacrifice my life for a suicide attack! Who would even face a terrorist or bandits? I'm no member of the lethal authority or member of a voluntary heroes guild. I'm an OFW. A philanthropist OFW!' I wheezed inside my head.

If they were expecting us to come, then we should prepare to call for negotiation.

Or we should just push the 50th floor!

I immediately push the number 50, however, the system was overridden.

"Fuck, this is bad. They already hacked the system!" Ms. Fredda was bewildered. "Yeah, we're fucked. Very fuck," I nodded, smiling.

I was very scared that I curled my lips like a crescent moon. I finally surrendered to my fate.

The elevator hit the 51st floor.

'If you can't beat them, don't resist.' I gave in.

"Everyone dropped down, now," I instructed, and everyone followed quickly. "Yes, sir!" they responded and their bodies touched the floor.

As they dropped down, the door opened widely.

I made a run outside of the elevator and genuflected. But I bumped into the bodies of six armed men who were waiting for me. Then, all of them were pushed back and fell on the floor, four steps away from me.

The impact of my action made one of them accidentally release the grenade in the direction of his comrades, four meters away from us. His comrades were terrified upon seeing it coming closer to them. They were about to run away, but unfortunately the floor was slippery, so they slid down on the floor.

The grenade dropped down, rolled over and exploded in their area, killing four people in their position simultaneously.

The six men tried to stand up, but the two bodyguards shot them before they could pull a trigger.

'Oh, fuck,' I was about to withdraw back on the elevator, but I was astonished when one of the wounded armed thugs tried to stab me with his throwing knife.

I sneezed and tried to slap the knife away to block it, but unexpectedly, my little finger touched the handle smoothly. It rolled over on my finger like small wheel. Then, it gave me the idea to spin my body and tried to release it on a random side.

But instead of falling on the floor, the speed of the knife made me throw it back at the owner like you were shooting a gun in a quickshot.

The owner died when it hit his heart. Ms. Fredda and her bodyguards dropped their jaws in astonishment.

"Oh, fuck. That's an accident," I wretched. 

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