Chapter 41:

Diabolical plan

Raifurori: My Legendary Weapon is a Loli With a Military Rifle!

Edward jumped into a bush by reflex.

He was surrounded. Kurone and Rory with the rifle were blocking the way to the carriage, the strange little girl with tan skin jumped out of the tree, sealing off any other escape route. And then there was the army of orcs approaching.

Powers unused. He no longer had the help of the demon maids and what was somehow the Black Beast was in front of him.

A real dead end for the average person... but not for Edward Soul Za.

“Hahaha! How exciting!”

Rory frowned as she saw the marquis' bizarre expression.

“I haven't had this much fun in a long time!”

“I'll knock out every one of your teeth, you pervert!” Rory threatened, aiming her rifle at the insane man.

“I'd be in trouble if I didn't have demonic power at my side.”

“What are you talking about? I stole your pact!” Kurone protested.

“And who here is talking about the pact with Miss Dark Beast?”

A devilish smile formed on the marquis's face as he pointed at Kurone.

An inexplicable cold sweat ran down the young man's spine. Rory, standing beside him, realized the shared feeling. “Now,” the little girl announced.

Quickly, a young woman with a medium sword leaped out of the bushes toward Edward.

“Marquise Sophiette... What a pleasure to see you again,” he spoke in a tone not at all concerned about the surprise attack.

“Sophia!” Kurone tried to warn her, but it was too late.

A yellowish ray fell from the sky and narrowly missed the marquise, who dodged it. Sophia could not relax, however, as the deadly rain of lightning continued. It was as if the cloud in the sky was chasing only the young woman.

“I wonder how long you can hold out, Marquise Sophiette…”

Edward tried to tease, but he had to jump away quickly, otherwise he would be hit with a shot from the rifle.

The marquis was fast. He couldn't be compared to Sophia or Rory, but he was faster than most humans.

Following the hand, rays of various colors began to fall in Kurone and Rory's direction.

“We need to get closer!” the young man shouted at the Black Beast.

The little girl moved at unbelievable speed, and within moments was already on the marquis' back.

Compared to everyone else there, Kurone was the slowest, but he could keep up with all the movements thanks to his Body Strengthening.


The little girl's thin leg went into the marquis's back. Edward bounced along the ground and landed on his back against a tree, which slowed him down. Good. It was the first attack.

“Cof, cof... I thought it would be something stronger…”

Edward stood up, still maintaining his calm expression mixed with insanity, and prepared for another attack.

“Don't ignore me!” Sophia swung her blade towards the back of the Marquis's head.


Instead of dodging, the insane man held the sword in both hands and stared at the marquise.

An electric current coursed through the bloody blade and hurled Sophia into an old log.

“Argh! You seem to have improved since last time, Ed.”

“I'd like to say it was thanks to my efforts, but I don't like lies. I heartily thank a certain demon who paid me a visit.” The marquis tore down one side of his pants, revealing a tattoo that covered most of them.

“Tsc! Another pact!” Sophia cursed.

“Yes, this here was made by a special person, it's a pity you don't remember her…” Edward said, looking suggestively at Kurone. “Anyway, I think this power is enough to take on even Miss Rory.”

“You think you're too much.” Rory, mercilessly, fired a volley of twelve shots at the marquis, but these were destroyed halfway through by lightning. “How annoying.”

“A turn-based battle sucks, let's all go together!” Kurone protested, trying to reduce the distance between himself and the marquis.

“Not so fast, Mr. Nakano.”

Realizing he had been imprudent, Kurone prepared to dodge the lightning, but black flames shot straight through him and began to burn his maid's clothes.

“Leave it to me.”

The air changed and a jet of water fell on the burning young man.

“Damn it! The biggest problem here is the distance... No one can get close.”

The group consisting of Sophia, Rory and the Black Beast stood next to Kurone, staring at the marquis who was moving further and further away.

“There!” The Black Beast pointed at the approaching army of orcs.

“Well, well, well... So they were counting as this... It's really a shame.” In a snap of Edward's fingers, all the monsters became nothing but ashes.

It was like the time of the carriage. Yellowish lightning plummeted from the sky and defiled everything it touched, turning them into ashes, now blown away by the wind.


“Ed has gotten pretty strong indeed…” Sophia frowned.

As one of the people who had put as much effort into the Grain Village's struggle as she had at this moment, the marquise was exhausted. Not for nothing. The young woman wore heavy armor and needed to move quickly, she also didn't have an infinite supply of mana like Kurone.

“We don't need to come any closer,” Rory commented in a nonchalant tone, stealing everyone's attention.

“What do you mean?”

“It's simple, if we can't get closer, we just need to increase the strength of the long distance attack.”

“How? The rifle can't get through the energy beams... You…”

Kurone stopped talking when he saw the little girl's face. It was that expression, the expression when a diabolical idea goes through her little head.

“We'll just need a little time, hey, can you still fight?”

“Sure!” Sophia said, clenching her fists.

“Buy yourself some time.”

“And I'll be…”

“No, we'll need you,” Rory scolded the Black Beast.

Following Rory's orders, Sophia ran towards Edward, who was ignored for a few moments.

“So, let's get started…”

“I'm so scared... My stomach feels a little queasy right now,” Kurone remarked.

Probably the little girl had some diabolic idea in her head.