Chapter 42:

Loli with a military RPG

Raifurori: My Legendary Weapon is a Loli With a Military Rifle!


“Now, don't tell me that's your limit, Marquise Sophiette. You are disgracing the title of Sword Saint.”

“Limit? I don't know that word! I'm just taking a breather…”

There wasn't even time to ‘take a breath of fresh air’, the rain of lightning started again, this time more intense than before.

Sophia's mana was already at its end, as were her borrowed sword and armor. “Come on Ed, fight like a man! Where's the sword, you perverted coward?!”

“I've never been good with swords.”

“That's right... That's why you came back naked that time.”

“YOUR...!” Edward shouted, dropping the calm tone he had used until now.

The furious shout was followed by multicolored lightning. Mercilessly, the attack hit the Marquise. The young woman's beautiful body rolled across the floor while smoking.

“Arf... Argh!”

The armor slowly turned to rubble and the marquise's screams echoed through the forest. Slowly, Edward approached the dying noblewoman on the ground.

“No more jokes? Was that enough to shut her filthy mouth that brings up past events? Come on, answer me!”

The marquis kicked the marquise while shouting insults in his insane tone. Was all this the grudge he had held against Sophia until now?

Kicks and more kicks violently touched Sophia's head and colored the floor red. If it continued, the Marquise would soon die.

“But that's not my goal…” Edward murmured, looking at his enemy's deplorable state. “I want you to witness my revenge, so you can't die until I kill your precious Noah.”

Edward's statement served as a trigger to awaken the young woman's last forces. The last attack of the exhausted Sophia left a deep cut on the marquis' face.

“Argh!” He screamed as he tried to stamp out the blood.


Before he could raise his head to look for where the voice was coming from, Edward was met by a blast of earth spikes — Noah's specialty.

Due to the distance, the spikes hit the marquis only lightly, tearing a few spots on his expensive clothes.

In three jumps, he managed to get away from Sophia and put on a defensive posture. He only survived up to this point because he kept away from people and used the lightning and flames as shields. It wouldn't stand a chance in a hand-to-hand battle. Edward recognized that to have approached Sophia was reckless on his part — this recklessness resulted in a cut that would have been deadly if inflicted on another part of his body.

“No use hiding there!” Three bolts of lightning charred a row of bushes on Edward's back, luckily the girl managed to escape before she turned to ashes.

Brain rolled across the ground and stopped next to Sophia's body. Without wasting any time, she brandished the whip — of reduced size — toward a rock. The weapon caught on the rock and hurled it towards the marquis... only to become debris when struck by lightning.

“Leave the marquise to me.” Inri shook her head at Noah who stared at her with a pleading look.

The reinforcement chariot arrived at a great time. The group had problems with the Saint Avios Bishop, but they managed to work it out for the time being.

The reinforcement consisted of Inri, Noah, Brain and Ana.

“Where is Kurone?” Brain asked Sophia, who answered softly:

“He needs... more time…”

The marquise's body was shrouded in a yellow light and slowly began to be restored. Inri would need time to restore the young woman's health to at least 50%.

Considering the power they had, it would be hard to beat Edward. Noah was good at casting earth spells of the ‘Spike’ and ‘Wall’ type, but that was about it. Brain was not the best at magic and her only weapon had been damaged in the fight against Edgar. And finally, there was Ana... who needed to ‘go to the toilet’ just before she arrived on the battlefield.

If only Edgar, Linda, Orcus or any of the demon maids were available, but Avios Bishop turned out to be a problem that required everyone's participation.

“What's the matter, Brain, don't you wish to fight your master?”


“Let's get this over with…”

“Get out of there!”

Everyone looked in the direction of the owner of the shout. The young man, wearing a white cloak and bandages, was standing in a tree a little way from the battlefield. He was signaling the allies to move away from Edward. But why?

“I'll take Sophia, let's get out of here right away,” Brain said, taking the marquise and running towards Kurone.

“Mr. Nakano,” Edward shouted for the other to hear from where he was standing, “why don't we get this over with. Give me the other children and I will give you my word that I will disappear immediately.”

“Sorry, Edward,” Kurone shouted from the top of the tree, “but you've already lost.”

“Hehhh... What are you going to do? Even Miss Rory's strange weapon doesn't work against my vast power.”

“But will your power be able to protect you from her?”

A little girl with tan skin and white hair jumped up and landed beside the young man. In her small hands was a strange object, a few centimeters smaller than the girl herself. No, it was not the military rifle.

“This is an RPG-7V.” Kurone took the weapon from the girl's hands.

It weighed about seven kilos. It was a military grenade launcher that should not exist in this world.

“It has a dismal mana consumption, according to Rory, but we won't need more than one shot... Hey!!!”

The shout was belated. The Black Beast squeezed the trigger without warning.




Nothing happened... at least until about twenty seconds in.

The weapon was not like the RPG-7V that Kurone knew. This one used mana as ammunition, so it took longer to fire.

‘Klap!’ A black sphere came out of the gun and traveled through the air slowly, everyone stared at the object going towards Edward — even Edward himself was in awe.

The sphere touched the ground and rolled to the marquis' feet. It rolled and rolled and rolled. But nothing happened.

“Nobody moves…” Kurone whispered.

All eyes were on the sphere on the floor.

“It didn't ‘kaboom’,” The Black Beast commented.

The little girl's voice served as a trigger to activate the sphere.

The last thing Edward saw before he was hurled through the air was a black sphere expanding and slowly cracking...