Chapter 43:

Azazel van Gyl

Raifurori: My Legendary Weapon is a Loli With a Military Rifle!

First, Rory forced Kurone to take off his maid's clothes and put on the white cloak again — it looked ridiculous, well... More ridiculous than usual.

After putting the bandages on the young man's eye and hands, she prepared to begin the plan. It was the key to ending this annoying battle.

The military rifle was something that should not exist in that world, but because of the pact with the boy from another world, she could use it any way she wanted. Even though Rory had the ‘Creation’ skill, it only worked because of the existence of Kurone Nakano.

Rory had the Creation skill and the young man from another world, but she could only have one weapon at a time... That's why the Black Beast was necessary.

The little tan-skinned girl possessed a pact with Kurone — as did she. The plan, although risky, could work... No, there could be no uncertainty at this point. It would have to work.

So Rory gathered a significant amount of mana from her companion's body and compressed everything. It was at least ten minutes before the spell was ready. A magic circle on the ground and some magic words completed the ritual for summoning the thing... a military weapon of about 900 centimeters.

The ritual for summoning a weapon worked and the exhausted Rory fell onto the grass...

“Something is strange.” It had been a few minutes since her companion and the Black Beast had gone to the battlefield. Where was the explosion caused by the RPG? “Ah... There it is.”

Rory, lying on the grass and watching the sky almost hidden by the trees, heard something like a ‘kaboom’ coming from the battlefield.

A cloud of dust formed from where the sound was made and spread throughout the forest. The intensity of the wind blew the thin, tired body of the little girl away. Rory bounced around on the ground, not strong enough to hold on to anything.

A bazooka can really do some damage, but this was an exaggeration. Something of this magnitude could be called a natural disaster.

Trees, rocks, sticks, and even small creatures — like Rory — were thrown.

“What the hell… what the hell did the idiots do?”

The little girl grumbled as she was carried away by the tide of dust. The child's body was far away from the ground. A fall from that height, as much as it wouldn't kill, would hurt — a lot for someone with little mana.

“His plan had worked too well!” Something warm and soft touched the child's body. A shell-shaped hand held the back of her head while a long arm went toward her short legs.

Turning her face away, the little girl came face to face with her companion, affectionately nicknamed ‘stupid dog’ and sometimes ‘useless’, ‘idiot’, ‘pervert’... In short, it was Kurone Nakano.

The young man's face was dirty with dirt and the bandages could fall off at any moment.

Two tanned hands seemed to come out of Kurone's back. The small hands had pointed black fingernails that clung tightly to the young man's body. Was the Black Beast crying? Could it be... fear of heights? It didn't matter!

“The explosion... The explosion was bigger than expected!” Leaping over the fragments of stone and wood, Kurone carried both lolis to the top of a nearby tree.

They couldn't stay there for long, but a few seconds near that unlimited source of mana was enough for Rory to regain his strength.

A ‘crack’ made the young man grab the child body again and jump towards another tree — and he repeated the process three times. When he landed on a branch, he heard the sound of the tree hitting the ground.

Kurone noticed something about his companion. Apparently, the pact with the demon loli had increased his reflexes, because he, who until recently lived quietly, jumped over giant trees very fast, like a ninja.

It was really impressive. Every time Rory saw this useless guy, he was stronger, both physically and psychologically.

“We should be safe here... Ahhh!”


“I'm sorry…”

Before he could apologize for throwing Rory to the ground without realizing it, Kurone was struck by the little girl's clenched hand. The perfect blow hit the unbound eye. Rory never misses a blow.

“Don't do this to Kurone Nakano!”

“Do you want a beating too?”

The little tan skinned girl, who was also thrown by the young man, tried to intervene, but when she saw the other's scary face, she ran and took cover on Kurone's back again — there it would become his trench.

“Argh... Are the others okay?”

The place where it landed was a huge rock. This rock was about the size of the Soul Za mansion, and not even the explosion caused by the bazooka made it move.

Little by little the dust settled and they could see the result of their actions: a completely destroyed forest.

“I think it was too much to use all this to kill Edward…” Kurone said as he put his hand to his head and scratched it, embarrassed.

“He didn't die,” the little tan-skinned girl sniffled, staring at a mountain of rubble ahead.

“What do you mean? There's no way he could have survived this!”

“That's where you're wrong, Mr. Nakano.” The insane voice echoed from the same place the trio stared.

Insanity. The tone of voice was filled with madness.

Despite being seriously wounded — blood dripped all over his expensive clothes and his left arm was missing — Edward kept his bizarrely calm expression that contrasted with the tone of his voice.

His pants were in shreds and the tattoo on his leg became more visible. On the same leg, blood gushed incessantly and something that was probably a bone could be seen in the distance.

The zombie Edward. He was practically dead, but he refused to die. He was like Kurone, but his purpose for staying alive — the fetish on children — was disgusting.

The marquis raised his one hand, bloodied. Kurone braced himself for a bolt of lightning from above... but it didn't come.

A blue light surrounded Edward's tattered body, and within seconds the flesh began to rebuild itself. Horrible wounds closed and a left arm reappeared again.

“Holy shit! What a cheat! This is no good!”

“Tsc, what an annoying human.”

A brand new Edward Soul Za was standing there, as if nothing had happened. How vast was the power of that man?

Although he had no physical strength, he was dangerous when he attacked from a distance. He was a strategist, like a sniper in online games. Any breach could result in the death of the unsuspecting opponent. Luckily, no one there was so slow as to be struck by lightning — with the exception of the Marquise Sophia and her seductive electricity armor.

“You're kidding!” The voice came from the opposite side of the giant rock. Noah and Brain came out of an old log used as shelter. Probably Inri was inside finishing healing Sophia.

“Sorry to disappoint everyone, but unfortunately I stopped being human a long time ago…”

Kurone turned his attention to the insane marquis who was salivating as he shouted:

“Yes! I am graced by the blessing of the demons. I am a human-demon! Someone who serves directly to…”

“Wash your mouth out before you speak ‘her’ name, insolent human.”

The marquis turned his eyes to look for the owner of the voice. From his angle he could not see. In fact, he would never see anything again. There was a hand all across Edward's chest... The hand was that of a girl in a maid's outfit from the Soul Za mansion.

Something strange was the fact that the maid was wearing a white mask on her face. The object was simple and had only one hole on the left side for the wearer to see.

The marquis' heavy body rolled off the mountain of debris and went to the ground as soon as the maid removed her arm from his chest.

Did he die from just that one measly blow? So the real danger was the masked maid?

“Forgive me for being rude, but I lose patience when he speaks ‘her’ name in such a vile way. Look, he didn't even wash his mouth out with soap before he spoke… Oh, sorry again, when I start talking about ‘her’, I get carried away and don't stop.”

The girl put her bloody hand on her almost nonexistent chest and introduced herself:

“My name is Azazel van Gyl.”