Chapter 8:

"Aegis Draconis I" 4th Movement

Shin X Kyoko: Fallen from Grace, but OUR LEVELS will bring US back to the top!

The resounding cries of the Hordes echoed into the face of the Deep. The clashing of iron, and bashing of shields broke through the firmament high above. Kyoko gripped her Blade of Blood and steeled her resolve once again.

I brandished my scythe and pointed it towards the two chieftains that challenged me with their menacing stances. I stood face to face with 2 behemoths, one was named Uzril-Shoka and the other was named Uzril-Nahjou.

Uzril-Shoka wielded a enormously large battle-axe that was adorned in human skulls, while Uzril-Nahjou waved an iron club arrayed in bloodied spikes from top to bottom.

Smoke and embers emitted from their breath, and a bloodthirsty aura wafted in the air. I knew I was at a major disadvantage against them, so I needed to prepare myself for anything!

"How am I supposed to fight these guys!? They are far beyond what I can handle! If I struggled against some spider hatchlings, then how the hell am I supposed to kill a damn Goblin Chieftain!?"

It's quite obvious that I can't beat these guys with my current strength, there must be a way for me to close the power gap between us, even if it's slight! Nevertheless I shook off my nerves, and prepared for the fight!

In a instant, Kyoko bolted forward in a blink of an eye! I couldn't even follow it! 


A loud and reverbing echo sounded through the Deep, and the next moment I saw that Kyoko had clashed with Malcaborg! She was still midair and they exchanged glances before going into an all out flurry on each other!


The sounds of blood and iron erupted in their wake, the whole battleground was shaking at their at clash! They were moving at a speed beyond my own perception! I couldn't follow their battle at all! It just looked like they were teleporting everywhere!?

"What in Gods name are you Kyoko...?"

I turned to gaze at the 2 behemoths, they were already rallied up for the fight because of their master. I pressed down all my doubt and fear, and converted them to rage and courage!

"HYAAAARGGHHH!" I roared as I sprinted forward!

The Chieftains looked at each other and laughed hysterically, I immediately stopped in my tracks as they did this. Are they making fun of me!?

"Is this some sort of joke to you!?" I shouted out in fury.

They looked at each other and laughed even harder, this just pissed me off more. Soon they exchanged some incomprehensible words to each other, I couldn't make out what they said, it just sounded like grunts and snorts. However though, I held my scythe close to my chest and readied myself for whatever was about to happen.

Soon I saw Uzril-Nahjou step down and kneeled on the battlefield, this perplexed me even more. Uzril-Shoka looked back at me and even dropped his battle-axe! They must be taunting me!

He then walked towards me with a menacing smirk, almost taunting in a way? Looks like it's going to be a one on one type of battle then, maybe I can survive after all..?

In a loud and perturbed shout, I cried out, "Oh you want to mock me huh? Fine! I'll just send both of you to Hell then!"

I dashed forward trying to build up power for my initial strike! The large foe kept his composure and kept approaching in his calm and still demeanor. 

Soon enough, I was within striking range of the beast! And without a moments hesitation, I swung my blade sideways at full force aiming at the gap in his armor!



My blade made impact, however to my surprise, it didn't land where I intended!

Soon I perceived that he blocked my attack wit his iron bracers without so much of a scratch! The monster then gave me a bone-chilling smile, and grabbed hold of my scythe.


He then yanked me violently towards himself, and balled up his free hand. Soon a devastating jab went straight into my stomach, and I felt all the air in my body get knocked out all at once!


I went airborne immediately, and crash landed into some rocks in the way. My body was in abject misery, every bone and fiber was shook to the core! I couldn't even stand up after a blow like that! I felt like vomiting, and so I tried holding it in. I held onto my stomach trying to get my composure back, but it was all in vain.

I felt and heard his loud footsteps grow near me, it sounded like someone was thudding against a wall!

"Damn it! He's coming again!" I tried standing up, but the pain hindered me from staying up for too long. I was dazed and stumbled around like a fool, and I couldn't find my scythe anywhere.

I then looked towards the overpowering chieftain for my scythe, and then I saw it. It was firmly gripped in his right hand and pointed towards me!

"He's trying to kill me with my own weapon!? Damn it!" I violently shook myself off trying to recover my stance! I then pulled out my grimoire in hopes that something good will come from it!

"It's do or die! Either I whip out a miracle spell, or get ripped apart by some demon! I'll be damned if I allowed that to happen!"

I focused on my mana control, I needed a clear head before I unleashed any types of spells. And so I took a deep breath and regained my thoughts. 

"I just need to find a weakness, they have to be weak against something right?"

Soon a steady flow of mana cycled through my body, I felt some of my strength even return through it. Uzril-Shoka saw my intense focus and became curious on what I was cooking up.

I pondered to myself, "Fire seems probably, and so does lightning. I think I'll just go down the list and figure it out."

"Here goes nothing.."

I ignited a ball of fire in my hands, and soon my grimoire began to illuminate in a green light. "What's this? What's happening?" I blurted.

My fireball started to become more potent as if it was reacting to the illuminating grimoire. Uzril-Shoka smirked again, he then saw my resolve and responded arrogantly. He puffed out his chest and stood confident as if he was going to willingly take my spell head on!

"Confidence will be your downfall..." I silently muttered.

I called forth all my mana and enraged the flame within, and in one fatal shot. I launched out a furious projectile!


The raging flame bolted straight for his chest, he stood firm and watched the homing projectile close in! 

In a single moment, the fire exploded and lit up the entire battlefield! The loud boom was probably even heard from the surface itself, and soon there was only smoke left in it's wake. I couldn't see beyond the smokey mass, and only prayed that my shot did something to it.

I was huffing and puffing, that drained a large amount of my mana. I just hope it worked...

"Was that it..? Did I get him?"

The smoke began to clear up, and unfortunately, a large beast stepped through...

Uzril-Shoka was completely unphased, he began cracking his knuckles and even popped his neck. I stepped back in shock, I wasn't entirely surprised at the outcome, but I expected for him to be at least somewhat damaged.

"No way... He just took a direct shot like it was nothing! How am I supposed to win this!?"

The overpowering beast began his approach again, this time I was more dismayed than before! "There has to be something I can do! I won't accept this!"

Suddenly, Kyoko's words soon resounded deep in my heart, "There's only one thing you can do..."

I closed my eyes, and reluctantly took another breath, "Damn it why did I have to remember this now... Why can't I give up in peace!?"

Kyoko's selfish words just kept stirring me up to fight, I can't just leave this battle all to her! Especially after the promise we made, and my vengeance that must be sated! 

I then restated the entire line out loud in my own words, "When the battlefield is stained with Blood and Iron, there's only one thing you can... You must become the Blood and Iron!"

Lightning crackled inside of my palms, and my grimoire began to illuminate once again! I felt a small surge of power course through my veins, I knew this was gonna be something special.

The enormous foe saw my resolve once again, he gave a confident and aggravating smile. Soon he planted himself once again readying himself for another attack, however I'm going to unleash everything so nothing of him will remain!

I channeled my mana throughout my entire body, I felt it even entwine with my very soul. I began to emit static electricity all over my body, it was almost uncontrollable! There was no way he was getting out of this one unharmed. I took a deep breath, focused my mana flow into my palms, and took aim!

"Take this one back to Hell..."

I put my hands together and released the raging thunder built within!

"CHAIN LIGHTNING!" A million volts of electricity shot out from my hands and rushed towards the overpowering chieftain! His eye immediately shot up once he saw the magnitude of the raging blast!

Then he raised up his arms to block, and my bolts made impact!


A loud thunderclap boomed on the battlefield and created an electrical explosion! And soon smaller volts tried jumping to nearby foes, but didn't quite reach.

Static electricity pulsed and ran over his entire body, Uzril-Shoka then let out a painful screech!


The electricity kept running through him without ceasing, almost as if he was a lightning rod! Soon he kneeled down trying to shake off the volts; he squirmed around violently.

"That must be their weakness! I have to kill them with lightning!" 

Then he suddenly stood up again as the voltage died down, his eyes looked super pissed off.

"I need more power, I need to get more power! If I can just kill one of them, I might be able to level up and get stronger!"

However though, the Chieftain wasn't going to let me get another free hit... 

He sounded his war cry once again and rallied up the hordes of goblins behind him. Soon even Kyoko and Malcaborg stopped their clash and just looked at us. I dared to not even gaze in their direction, my sights were only on the enemy before me. 

Uzril-Shoka reeled back my scythe like a tomahawk, I then heard Kyoko call out to me with a loud voice, "SHIN GET DOWN!"

And with one savage throw, my scythe came spinning back towards! And before I knew it, I flew airborne while spinning along with the scythe, and a intangible amount pain followed up on me.


I then crashed through the horde of Goblins that surrounded us and knocked through a great number of them. I began to scream in agonizing pain, "AAAAAAAARCK!", "KYAAAAAAAAARGH!"

My cries continuously echoed and even interrupted Kyoko's fight! She called out to me in a panic, "SHIN! SHI~IN!"

The blade of my scythe went right through my body, in-between my right trapezius and deltoid. Soon a message box followed right after:


Blood was pouring out of me uncontrollably, and I was surrounded by hordes of goblins. I kept wailing out in pain, all I could think about was the pain!

"Help me! Someone get this damn scythe out of me!"

The goblins started closing in on me, they grunted and laughed at my pitiful state. Their eyes were filled with hunger and joy, I fear for what's about to happen.

"Someone... save me..." I painfully called out.

I was crying out for a savior, that's all I could think to do. I need a miracle, and I need it now!

"Stars Above... Please... save me... Please... Don't let it end here..."

My vision began to blur. and my hearing started to muffle. I saw the goblins open a path, and on the other side of that path was the approaching Chieftain. My body was becoming cold, and I was losing feeling throughout my whole body.

"Is this it..? Is this the end of my story...?"

I was then hit with flashbacks of all my other failures; From letting my Master die, to almost getting eaten alive but some spiders. All the memories started clashing against one another, and soon I was hit with one specific memory that permeated through the clash.

"Do you accept your second chance?"

"My second chance huh? Am I really about to let it go so easily..?"

My vision was completely darkened, and my vigor was depleted. I felt so sleepy, and so cold at the same time. I just wanted to take a really long nap by a fire, and snuggle inside my old bed again.

"This is it. My final moments..."

"If only I had one more chance... One more chance to make things right... One more chance to rethink my strategy and do something different. One more chance to maybe even run away..."

"If only I had one more chance..."

"However... My last chance has already passed, death draws near... I evaded it long enough, it was only a matter of time..."

"Kyoko... I'm sorry that I failed you. I'm sorry that I couldn't keep our promise... I'm sorry that I left you alone... And I'm sorry that I couldn't be the warrior you hoped for me to be..."

"Maybe someday you'll find someone more qualified than me... Someone who will go even further beyond me... Take care Kyoko, and be safe. I'm so glad to have met you..."

"If only we had more time together..."

"If only I had one more chance..."

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