Chapter 44:

It's safe now

Raifurori: My Legendary Weapon is a Loli With a Military Rifle!

Azazel van Gyl.

It was the first time he had heard the name ‘Azazel van’, however, Kurone had until recently been next to a maid named Gyl — the girl thrown from the carriage by Edward.

The maids' uniforms were identical, and the mask concealed their identity, but the body was very similar to the Gyl he knew.

“Azazel van…” Rory said almost inaudibly.

“Gyl! What the hell do you think you are doing?”

“Now, unlike you, dear friend Brain, I owe no obedience to this human. In fact, my time here is over… I'll certainly be punished for being reckless, damn it!”

Rory began to materialize the rifle, but the masked maid disappeared in seconds, leaving only Edward's dead body behind.

“I didn't understand a thing…”

“Neither do I,” Kurone agreed with the Black Beast.


“That doesn't matter now. Let's check if he's dead.”

The trio slid from the stone to the crumbling ground and made their way toward Edward's body, as did the girls on the other side — Inri and Sophia were out of there, and Noah was helping her mistress walk.

Rory remained with her usual expression, but Kurone had been with her long enough to know that she was bothered by the maid's sudden appearance.

Edward died with his eyes and mouth open. The hole in his chest slowly leaked red liquid, and sometimes his body had a few spasms.

There was no longer any doubt. Edward Soul Za was dead.

The intense fight between Kurone's group and the lolicon marquis was decided with a single blow from a masked maid. It was like the end of a novel by an author with no creativity.

“Was that really Gyl?”

“Yes…” Brain confirmed, finishing examining the hole in Edward's chest.

‘It's the demons' fault,’ is what Cecily said. How far were the demons involved with the events of Andeavor?

The court princess, the maids, the pact with Edward, Azazel van Gyl… Anyway, it was too much for a country supposedly removed from the Demon King's influence.

Looking more closely, Kurone noticed that both the black tattoo on Edward’s leg and the small one on his arm were gone.

“Hey, that's strange, he shouldn't…”

“Step back, I want to check something.” Pushing the young man rudely, Rory approached the marquis' body and put her left hand on the spot where there was a hole. “Just as I thought.”

“What's the problem?” Kurone asked, confused.

The little girl with her hand on her chin answered without turning her face away, staring at the corpse: “The pervert died easily because… That maid stole his soul.”

Everyone was silent for a moment until Rory continued to speak:

“If he had a pact with demons then, the maid just charged his soul… But not just any demon can do that… If I had used a similar spell, I would have killed him easily.”

Kurone turned his gaze to the body, or rather the empty shell of what used to be Edward Soul Za. That was the payment for his sins, but Kurone couldn't feel satisfied. Would any normal person feel happy after seeing the way the marquis was killed? He could think of people like Rory and Noah, but they were not normal people.

“I just got to the end of the battle…” Who was approaching was the girl with black hair like Kurone's, hidden almost completely by the girl's giant hat. Ana startled everyone for a moment, Kurone had thought that Gyl had returned, but let his guard down when he saw the familiar face.

“I was in the ‘toilet’ when a landslide almost killed me, luckily I was able to summon a shield.”

“And you managed to wipe your ass?” Rory asked provocatively. The little girl and Ana still didn't get along, and probably never would.

Ana just blushed for a moment and tried to change the subject, pointing at the marquis' body. Brain explained everything briefly to the girl.

“What do we do now?”

“The children!” Kurone suddenly remembered.

“How can we forget!?”

Remembering what his goal was, Kurone ran toward Edward's ‘slaughterhouse’. Would they be safe?

The explosion was very close to the hut, when he put the plan into action, the young man did not consider the possibility of destroying the hut and killing the children.

‘Good…’ he sighed, relieved to see the log cabin still intact.

The ‘slaughterhouse’ was above the land they were on, and with their new speed, they got there quickly. Luckily, they had moved a long way from the hut without realizing it, during the battle.

As he approached the place, he could see a girl cautiously leaving the place, upon seeing Kurone, the girl led the others — who were walking in an Indian line — into the shelter.

This was the second time Kurone had seen this girl. In fact, what he saw the first time was a demon in disguise.

The girl's name was… Isabella? The king shouted a name something like this when he realized that there was a bullet embedded in the girl's forehead.

Kurone would like to forget that terrible scene, but he would probably have to do more things like shoot little girls, so it was best to adapt and hope that his next targets were enemies like Edward — but without the immortality.

“Calm down! I'm an ally!”

Brain and Ana stopped when they saw the young man's gesture. The little girls would be startled to see one of Edward's maids around — if they weren't already startled enough by the bandaged stranger.

To avoid any misunderstanding, Kurone opted to remove the bandages.

“Elisabellla…., that is your name, isn't it?”

No one answered.

“I assure you it's safe now… I… I mean, a scary little girl killed Marquis Soul Za.”

He could feel a threatening look coming from behind his back, but decided to ignore it. Focus. If he looked back, he might end up like Edward.

No one answered again, Kurone thought about shouting again, but…

“Really?” Someone answered him.


“How can you prove it to us? How do I know you're not one of the Edward's employees?”

“You can trust me.” The voice came from the person approaching slowly. It was, in fact, two people: the Marquise Sophia supported by her faithful maid, Noah.

“Sophiette?” From her voice, the girl inside the shelter seemed surprised.

Not surprisingly, because from what Edward had told her, Sophia should be dead by now. However, it was not a ghost that she could see through the window of the cabin.

It was the marquise of Sophiette's house, one of the few nobles she really trusted.

“Girls, we're saved!” she shouted to the little girls beside her.

In a moment, they all changed from a frightened expression to a hopeful smile.

Still in single file, the girls left the cabin — still looking cautiously around — and went to meet the group that had just arrived. Elisabella hesitated when she saw Brain and Noah, but decided to trust the Marquise. She clenched her fists and kept walking. The person she trusted so much would not betray her, of that she was sure.