Chapter 48:

Do you desire power?

Raifurori: My Legendary Weapon is a Loli With a Military Rifle!

“I still can't believe Raul got away.” Noah had a sad expression on her face. As much as Raul was on Edward's side, he was still someone important to the girl.

Before leaving with Elisabella and Amelia for the capital, the messenger, Holland, reported that Raul had managed to escape from the cell where he had been thrown.

“We will surely find him.” Sophia put her hand on the girl's shoulder.

After thirty minutes, the group left in the direction of Sophiette's land. Amelia was in charge of the task of taking Elisabella and the messenger to the capital. With her driving, it would take less than twenty-four hours to reach the castle.

Noah and Sophia were in charge of transporting the children this time. In the carriage that was eight meters away were Brain, Ana, Inri, Kurone and their lolis. Noah saw that the young man in the white cloak was trying to drive the vehicle with Ana's help.

“Probably…"” Sophia stared at Noah, “probably the king's body will be buried in two days. We will have to go to the capital as soon as possible.”

“You are right…” said Noah.

“Poor Elisabella.”

“She was the king's only relative, wasn't she?”

“Yes. Elisabella's mother died when she was little and her sister ran away from home ten years ago. Now the king is gone…”

“I know how hard it is.” Noah looked vaguely at the sky.

The maid had never been to a royal burial — or any other — but she knew from the books that the body of someone from the royal family was buried and interred in the mausoleum of the church.

At the end, the representative of the family — in this case, Elisabella — would make a speech in front of everyone, assuming the responsibilities of the deceased family member.

“She is only one year younger than you and she will become queen,” Sophia commented.

“If it were me, I would run away from home.”

“Don't say that. If I had died in the fight against Edward, you would assume responsibility for my lands.”

“O-of course! If it were your request, I would take it without thinking, Lady Sophia!”

After the conversation, silence reigned in the carriage. The children had been asleep since they left the ‘slaughterhouse’ and hardly moved. Time and again, Sophia glanced quickly to make sure the girls were all right.

Noah looked up at the slowly turning orange sky and thought of Raul's face, not the one now, but the one with the innocent smile.

Has he really always had the desire for revenge since he was a child? So, that Raul Noah lived with was a lie? Did only Edward know the real Raul?

‘I wonder where you are now, Raul...?’

Just west of where Noah was standing, a young man suddenly sneezed.

Raul, the young man, who was drooling profusely, wiped his nose with the sleeves of his dirty clothes and kept walking.

He managed to escape, but not without damage. There was an arrow that he did not have the courage to remove in his calf.

The young man's elegant clothes were reduced to nothing more than rags — it was the stolen coachman's uniform.

‘Damn it Edward... Where are you...?!’

The vision slowly became blurred. His body was dehydrated, the last time he drank water was two hours ago? He even lost track of time.

He didn't know exactly where he was going, but he needed to keep moving.

“Ahhh!” The next thing he knew, he was lying on the tall grass. Raul struggled to get up again. It was heavy and hot.

There was a steep climb ahead. Was God making fun of his face?

He could no longer turn around, he would die before then.

After a pause, the young man gritted his teeth and dug his nails into the earth. First his left hand and then his right.

At that moment he was crawling like a wounded animal. Edward's voice still echoed in his head: ‘Don't give up, we are going to take this fucking kingdom to the ditch.’

In just three minutes of climbing, the young man's body was drenched in sweat.

He was on the verge of dying of dehydration.

“I have to survive... Damn Sophiette... I'm going to kill everyone” The voice resembled a whisper. His throat was burning.

For some reason, the memories of his younger years were replaying in his head, and that was what kept him going.

No. They were not happy memories of playing with Noah in the vast garden of the Sophiette mansion.

They were hateful memories. Noah, smiling, playing with Sophia. The Marquise gave everything the girl asked for. It was a mother-daughter relationship. How could she forget Ruthy like that? Had she forgotten that the damned Marquise had killed her? Had she never really cared about the woman she called ‘Big sister Ruthy’?

So, to honor her sister's name, Raul would also have to kill Noah! A traitor. He had to kill her. Because of Noah's mother, his sister was not alive. Of course, it wasn't just their fault. It was the damned Sophiette's fault, the fault of Ruthy's damned weak henchmen, the fault of the damned nobles, the fault of the damned villagers of Fallen... No! The fault of the damned villagers of Andeavor... Or rather, the fault of all the traitorous beings in this world. He would have to kill them all so that his sister could rest in peace.

But how?

Would he kill them one by one with his bare hands? First, he would need a weapon like the one the ‘Saint of Heretics’ had...

“Do you wish power?”

‘Ah, I was hallucinating…’ The blurred field of vision caught the silhouette of someone in front of him. It was... a girl, wearing a maid's uniform and a... mask?

Raul tried to move his body. It was probably someone who had been following him since he fled the capital.

Where was his sword? ‘I lost it back there, dammit…’

The dehydrated body had no strength to stand. It needed to run away or attack, but it had no power, just as it had no power to kill its enemies.

“Aren't you going to answer me? How rude! And here I am, wanting to help you.”


Nothing. Nothing at all came out of he throat.

“I will only ask this one more time. Do you want the power to kill your enemies?”

Raul took one last look at the girl. It might just be his impression, but she was speaking in an obscene tone of voice. The young man was about to faint.

‘Sorry, sister, I didn't get our revenge…’

“I'll take that look of yours as a yes....”

Raul was no longer listening. Consciousness was slowly fading, but he felt his body being pulled. The sensation was like touching an anesthetized part of his body.

What would happen from then on? Would he find his sister? With what face would he say he died of dehydration?

No. For some reason, Raul felt that he would not die.