Chapter 0:


Night Lights and Dark Places

Missing Student Found, Interview Pointing To Urban Myth Baffles Law Enforcement

R. H. Erasmus, September 8th, 1989

A new development in a missing persons case surfaced last night along with its only known survivor. Harold Seymour Harris, 23, was reported missing on the 5th of September along with five other classmates when they failed to return from a camping trip south of the University of Grafstad. Authorities say that Harris was discovered by bicyclists on the morning of September 7th in critical condition just outside of the university campus. Harris is reported to have told authorities that his injuries were inflicted by a mythical creature locals refer to as a Night Giant.

After examination of his injuries and psychological state, authorities believe that Harris and his associates had been attacked by a bear. The incident is currently being investigated by the preserve, who insist that the bear in question has been identified and euthanized, but the remains of the other missing students have yet to be located.

"I don't think it was a bear," says Sergeant Deputy Darrell Fulton. "I grew up here, hearing the legend, and the bears up in those woods don't just wipe out whole groups of students. The victim saw something else entirely. But, it's out of my hands."

Harris has declined to comment, but a copy of the forensic sketch was provided by the Grafstad Police Department.