Chapter 1:

Prologue: My Big Sister, Rin


I've already prepared plans for the summer vacation. Yeah, finally tomorrow, the day will start onwards. I smiled having giving a thought of it, while I'm searching some bikinis on web, someone texted me. It rang two times but I don't have the time to look for it, I'm busy chatting with my buddies that will join too in our yearly swimming activity. Rather, bonding of whole class, of course no one will be left out. We are a family after all though I don't treat other girls on my class as a family but as a crush. Bookmark here

"Hehehe, see this bro, this will fit to Elizabeth." I sent a picture of a bikini to my buddy while smiling. He replied with an emoji of laughing and love. I knew it we have the same tastes.Bookmark here

It was when my night was just good, then suddenly I was held by two arms from behind as if it were binding me. I was shocked, I thought it was a ghost cause it's very dark inside my room, only the light of the monitor was the source of bright light. I didn't noticed anyone who came from the door because of I'm wearing headphones with a high volume of music.Bookmark here

I put off the headphones and hang it on my neck. She whispered near my right ear as she brushed her four fingers against my left cheek. "Hee... What's that bikini website? So you have that guts now..." I knew that if someone saw you browsing on this site you'll probably be shy, but I'm not! "Isn't this kind of thing not normal for my age?" Though I knew she was my big sister I replied with coldness as usual. "That cold reply again? Seriously didn't you miss your big sis? I'm here because I thought you'll be lonely for the whole summer break." Bookmark here

That moment when I thought she would give up but... Yes I'm feeling it soft as always, big as always, 'it' pressed against my shoulder. Like my shoulder was in between of her, same as the picture when I buy a hotdog in middle of bun. I wonder how that hotdog feels being in between. Now that I'm snapped from that, I saw myself as an hotdog.Bookmark here

"Yeah... It's true that I missed you big sister." I can't believe it, I said for this year that I won't lie anymore, my new year's resolution, however, I just did now. "What did I taught you back then?" She's asking for it, hah... I sighed thinking that it was the best way to end this.Bookmark here

I dropped her arms off me, I stood from my chair from the PC and goes near her. She sat on my bed, which was near on where my computer and I. She seemed happy because of her cheerful smile as I got closer to her, it was then that I have no choice but to do 'that' one thing.Bookmark here

Her eyes closed slowly as I did it to her. "This is the thing you taught me big sister." Really I can't took it off from my mind of what my big sister injected to my intelligent brain. She was very happy after I did 'it'. I don't know what the details were, just one thing I know was it calms the person doing that thing. Bookmark here

"As always, reminding you all the time to hug your big sister whenever I came home. You know, all my problems and fatigue gone for awhile." So it's just a matter of short time. Hugging has an effect however it has its own duration.Bookmark here

And so that's the night before my summer break starts.Bookmark here


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