Chapter 50:

Declaration of war

Raifurori: My Legendary Weapon is a Loli With a Military Rifle!

The cold eyes turned one last time to the eternally resting man. Although that was the body of her dead father, Elisabella felt no trace of sadness. In fact, the feeling that dominated her heart at that moment was... rage.

The memories of two days ago repeated themselves over and over again. She clearly remembered every detail.

She had just seen the king's body with a hole in his chest. Arriving in her room, her eyes swollen after a crying session, the girl was faced with a demon girl in her bed — ironically, as a child, she claimed to her sister that there was a monster under the bed.

‘Yes, it was me who killed your beloved father!’ Elisabella could only be static at the masked demon's sudden declaration.

There was the culprit — the voice behind the mask was that of a girl — playing with the princess' expensive sheets. But Elisabella could do nothing.

Cold sweat dripped down her back as the demon began to walk towards her. The monster, the embodiment of lust in maid's clothing, whispered:

‘I already took your sister, but she didn't suit me... I want you to come with me, like a good girl, after the burial of the king. I will be patient, so don't keep me waiting.’

By the time Elisabella realized it, the demon girl was gone. Imagination? No! The fear the girl felt was real enough to prove that that conversation happened.

“Princess, it's time for your speech,” A man in white robes called the princess back to reality.

Until that moment Elisabella had been alone with the body of the late king, but the time had come for her pronouncement.

The girl gestured with her hand, ‘You may go ahead’ and the man confirmed, nodding his head.

As the white-robed back disappeared completely, the princess headed for the stairs leading to the upper floor of the cathedral — not before taking one last look at the king's body in a glass coffin and reaffirming her determination.

Slow footsteps echoed off the narrow walls of the staircase as Elisabella climbed. It was a good walk to the top floor, enough time to think hard about how to put her plan of revenge into action.

As she approached the exit of the mausoleum, she heard a cluster of voices echoing through the yellowed walls of the cathedral.

The church was divided into three floors: the mausoleum underground, where members of the royal family, heroes of Andeavor, and religious leaders were buried; the second floor, composed of several doors, and in one of them, a nave stretched more than fifty meters.

Finally, there was the second floor, the meeting place for religious leaders.

In a building attached to the cathedral was the convent of the priestesses of the Great Goddess Annie — several of these women were passing back and forth along the corridor.

Elisabella hurried her steps and made her way to the ajar door. It was difficult to walk very fast because of the length of her red dress.

The crowd inside turned their eyes to the golden haired girl opening the door with a ‘creeeck’.

The princess' beautiful eyes first met those of some unknown noblemen, then it was the turn of Saint Bishop and his troupe of clowns who called themselves ‘religious’.

In the middle of the crowd of more important nobles, seated more in the center, was the Marquise Sophiette and her maid, Noah.

Finally, the girl's field of vision met the boy with the strange fringe and the white cloak: Kurone Nakano, the E.T. pervert.

Kurone was sitting in an almost hidden place on the nave, next to the religious of the Church of the Great Goddess Cecily. That position further away from the crowd was a tease from the Saint Bishop.

As usual, there were two little silver-haired girls beside him; the tan-skinned one was sleeping soundly, with her head resting on the young man's lap, while the other looked at the people with contempt. The coachwoman was also dozing subtly, leaning on the Kurone's shoulder.

From what the coachwoman, Amelia, told them, it had been a while since she had had a decent sleep, and nothing could be more fitting than a nap after so many trips on the shoulder of someone special.

After running her eyes all over the hall, Elisabella went up to the top of the place — that was where the religious leaders preached to the crowd.

A momentary dizziness came over the princess as she looked out over the vast crowd, but she managed to recover quickly.

It took a few minutes before she psychologically prepared herself for what she would say — it was not something easy, but she was prepared for it. She had even more confidence as she looked at the figure of Kurone Nakano, wiping the little grizzled girl's drool from his cloak.

A deep sigh was heard before a voice echoed through the cathedral:

“F-For those who don't know me, my name is Elisabella Andeavor.” The voice began weak and scratchy, but stabilized after a few words. “I am the current regent princess and the only one in the royal line of succession.”

Noticing everyone's silence, the girl continued:

“Now that my father, the king, is unfortunately dead,” she almost failed to pronounce this part, “I will assume the role of queen. I know it's a responsibility…”

“Huh? Can't you read, or are you just stupid?” A rude man interrupted.

He was the kind of rotten-eyed nobleman Elisabella hated so much, if memory serves, his name was Guller.

“According to our dear royal constitution, women in cases like yours can only ascend the throne if they are married or over twenty... I don't see a man next to you, and those lousy breasts give away that you are still a brat.”

“Guller, isn't it?” Realizing that the nobleman affirmed, Elisabella continued: “First of all, I don't remember asking your opinion.” The girl's words made the man squirm in his seat with an ‘ugh!’.

Guller looked around for help, but to no avail. Of course, almost all the nobles who supported Guller's ideas were arrested for belonging to the group called the ‘Crows’. Why didn't this despicable man go too?

“Second, I am the princess regent, I can change the rules as I please, but I don't have to do this, because... I have a fiancé.”

The statement surprised everyone present, especially the girls who studied with Elisabella at the royal academy.

In fact, it was easier to follow the constitution than to try to change it at the last minute.

Seeing that Guller had fallen silent, she continued:

“I don't want to waste my time, much less yours, so I'll get right to the point.” The princess's tone of voice became something close to Rory's usual tone. It was as if she despised everyone around her.

Guller's words were a trigger to make the girl lose what little sanity she had left. She would say everything at once:

“As many of you know, our kingdom remains neutral regarding the fight between the humans and the Demon King's army.”

“Wait, you want to mess with the demons?” Guller interfered again.

“My father, my mother and probably my sister are dead because of the demons, I won't let this go unpunished, so…” Sadness and hatred mingled in the girl's tone of voice, but she forced a yellow smile as she spoke.

“Princess!” The one who stood up in despair was the Saint Avios Bishop, but it was too late.

“I, after much thought with my fiancé, declare here and now our position regarding the demons! From this day on, Andeavor is an enemy kingdom of demons, they must all be killed!!” Elisabella declared in an angry but firm tone.

The shout echoed throughout the cathedral and was repeated a few more times, so that everyone was sure of what they had heard.

A dead silence enveloped the room. Everyone stared unblinkingly at the princess, but one young man in particular was trying to process what had been said after the declaration of war: “Isn't that right, Kurone Nakano, my dear fiancé?”